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Aerobic Spank 3

2022-05-27 00:00:04

At Hope’s direction, my wife crawled over to where I was seated on the sofa, took my hard penis in her mouth and began to lick and suck me. Hope sat down behind her and began to lick Sonia’s pussy as she pleasured me. Sonia reached behind her and began to rub Hope’s pussy.

And suddenly there was a knock on the door.

Hope jumped up, peeked out the curtain and then opened the door. In walked Sonia’s daughter, Molly, and her best friend Bridgette. Both girls were 19 years old and in their first year of college.

“Well, what’s going on here?” Molli exclaimed.

Hope laughed, “Oh, just a little payback session for your mom. She needed a good spanking on her little butt to get her straightened out.”

“Oh, I see,” Molly replied. All I can say is she’s had it coming for a long time!”

“Molly!” Sonia exclaimed, her face beet red.

“Well, you DO deserve it,” Molli retorted. “You have a great husband now, but you sure don’t appreciate him, and the way you talk to him sometimes isn’t very nice! So, please just go right on ahead; don’t mind us.” She grinned.

“Oh, no!” said Sonia! “You two young ladies just march right on back out the door!”

“No, they’re staying!” Hope interjected. In fact, I called and invited them! I think they need to see what happens to women who don’t treat their husbands right.” With that, Hope walked over, took Sonia by the hand and helped her to her feet. Then she sat down on an ottoman and pulled Sonia face down over her lap. Sonia’s pink bottom was once again on display for all of us to see. Hope began to spank her again, alternately slapping each cheek slowly and firmly. The girls moved closer, where they could watch the spanking from close quarters. Molly’s friend, Bridgette, who hadn’t uttered a word as yet, watched with especially rapt attention as Sonia’s bottom was spanked again and again.

I had put a throw pillow over my privates as soon as the girls walked in and Sonia released me from her mouth. Now Molly looked at me and grinned, “You weren’t quite quick enough; I’ve been wanting to see that thing ever since you and Mom got together. God, she wasn’t exaggerating a bit when she told me how big it is!”

“Well, it really is none of your business,” I replied. “Maybe you need a bit of what your mom is getting right now, to teach you some manners.”

Hope glanced over at me with a smile on her face. “I’d be happy to take care of Molly, if you’d like to take over for me for a while.” she offered.

I nodded my assent, and Hope quickly transferred Sonia to my lap. I started again where Hope left off, slapping Sonia’s gorgeous bottom vigorously. This elicited an occasional squeal from time to time and a few tears, but I was not exerting a tremendous amount of force. In fact, between spanks I rubbed her cheeks and slipped my hand between her legs to rub her pussy, which was still dripping with moisture.

In the meantime, Bridgette had switched position again, so she could see exactly what I was doing to Sonia’s bottom. Finally she leaned over and whispered in my ear asking if she could rub Sonia’s bottom. I smiled at her and nodded, and she began to rub Sonia’s bottom gently between each smack I landed on it. I don’t believe I have ever seen anyone focus with such intensity as Bridgette did. She seemed totally oblivious to everything else in the room except Sonia’s body. As she continued to touch Sonia and I continued to spank, Bridgette’s ministrations became more and more intimate. She reached around and fondled Sonia’s small breasts and her fingers played, longer and longer each time, tickling Sonia’s pussy and anus. By now, Sonia was moaning and writhing on my lap as the spanking and the fondling continued. Eventually, Bridgette’s fingers moved slowly, but relentlessly, in and out of Sonia’s wet pussy and her other hand rubbed circles on Sonia’s clit as I continued to spank her bottom with a slow, steady pace. Suddenly, Sonia groaned mightily as she came on Bridgette’s hand.

While Bridgette and I worked on Sonia, Hope had made Molly remove every stitch of her clothing and get down on all fours on the living room floor. She was spanking Molly’s bottom in time with the spanking I was giving her mother. As Hope turned Molly’s bottom cheeks pink, I could see the smile on Molly’s lips and the passion in her face. She was being spanked as she watched her mother get spanked, and she was enjoying it immensely. Hope paused between spanks, as I did, and licked Molly’s pussy and bottom as Bridgette played with Sonia.

Just seconds after Sonia spent, Molly had a very loud, very intense orgasm of her own.

Hope stopped spanking Molly’s bottom for a moment and answered the door. In walked Robin, another one of the girls from the afternoon’s gym session.

“Well, I figured it was the more the merrier,” Hope grinned at me.

“Absolutely!” was the best response I could muster. This was an absolute dream come true.

Robin was already taking her clothes off, and Hope walked back to Molly, who had maintained her doggie-style position on the floor.

“I have an idea,” Hope said brightly. Let’s have a little show here! Molly, you turn around so we can all see your pretty bottom, and Sonia, you get right here next to her so we can see yours. These have to be two of the sweetest tushies in California right here!”

As Sonia and Molly rearranged themselves on the floor, Robin came over, plopped herself on the couch next to me and snuggled up. She was very affectionate and always gave me a hug whenever she saw me and she always looked terrific in her leotards, but this was truly phenomenal: she was completely naked and pressed tightly against my side. On the other side, Bridgette was sitting, with one hand down the front of her pants and the other playing under her blouse.

Oh, my God, she murmured, would you look at that!” I was only too happy to look. My wife and her daughter were now kneeling side by side, their elbows on the floor and their butts facing those of us on the couch, and let me tell you, there was absolutely nothing left to the imagination. Hope had arranged them so that everything was on display.

Sonia’s pussy had been shaved earlier that day at the aerobic studio. Her pussy was wet from her earlier orgasms and the smooth white lips were puffy and slightly parted, revealing the pink and beige inner lips. Her anus was also visible, a puckered brown little hole that, I knew from experience, had the ability to stretch considerably. Her buttocks were smooth and taut and muscular, not a dimple or a wrinkle, and bright pink from the spankings she had been receiving.

Right next to her, Molly’s privates were similarly displayed. Molly had naturally auburn hair. She had shaved her pussy, leaving just a small thatch of auburn above it. Her pussy was light pink, and somewhat smaller than her mother’s. Molly had obviously enjoyed her spanking and Hope’s sucking and licking; a bead of clear fluid trickled from her pussy and ran down the lips toward her pink clit. She reached back between her legs and spread the moisture around the little pink bump. Hope smacked her bottom and told her to wait. Molly’s bottom hole was a gorgeous, bright pink color, a meaty little rosebud. Her bottom was not as muscular as
Sonia’s, but was full and round, without an ounce of excess fat. It was also quite pink from Hope’s spanking it. As we watched, Hope moved from one to the other and spread their pussy lips apart so we could see up inside and then spread their bottom cheeks open, which had the effect of opening both holes wider at once.

“Do you guys have a ruler around here?” Hope asked. “I think we need to get a little more color in these cheeks!”

I replied that there was one on Sonia’s desk in the corner of the living room. Hope went over, picked up the one-foot wooden ruler and returned to the two women kneeling in front of us. She started spanking each of the four cheeks, lightly at first, one smack to each buttock, and then back to the first to repeat the sequence. Smack, smack, smack, smack went the ruler. As she continued to spank their upturned bottoms, Hope increased the intensity of the strokes and then the frequency, going from one smack to two and then to three. This elicited squeals from mother and daughter as the blows landed and then they began to sniffle and cry, Sonia first and then Molly. Their buttocks progressed from a light pink color to bright pink and finally to bright red. As the women began to cry, Hope stopped spanking their bottoms and moved from one to the other, spanking their exposed, wet pussies with her hand. She didn’t spank hard, just light little spanks, repeated at a quick cadence. These brought impassioned moans from the two.

Bridgette, in the meantime, had slid her jeans down past her knees, and I could see her hand moving rapidly under her panties as she patted her own pussy, mimicking Hope’s technique. Her eyes were wide open, taking in the scene of her friend and her friend’s mother getting their pussy spankings. Suddenly, her body stiffened and she moaned as she came.

On my other side, Robin had stretched out so she could fondle herself as she watched. I was caressing her breasts and tweaking her pink nipples as she rubbed her pussy. “Oh, God, I am so wet and so excited!” she exclaimed.

Hope stopped spanking Molly’s puss and left the room for a moment. She returned with a small bottle of oil from our bedroom and began to spread it on Sonia and Molly’s assholes. As we watched intently, Hope pressed her index fingers into the two exposed anuses and began to move her fingers in and out. She dipped her fingers into the women’s bottoms four or five times and then pulled them out to smack their cheeks several times each. Then her fingers were re-inserted and the asshole fucking commenced again. This seemed to especially excite Molly, who once again reached back between her legs to play with her pussy as Hope spanked her and probed her anus.

After an intense orgasm of her own, Robin had started playing with my cock. She was such a tease. She would manipulate it gently and then stop so I wouldn’t get excited enough to come. Bridgette, her hand still in her pants, was breathing heavily as she alternately watched Hope doing the women and Robin’s hand fondling my hard penis.

After a while, Robin said, “Hey! How come Bridgette still has her clothes on? Come on, girl, you’re the only one who isn’t naked around here!”

“N-n-no, it’s OK, Bridgette stammered nervously. I’ll just keep them on.”

“Like hell!” said Robin. You can take them off or I’ll do it for you.”

“Why don’t you do it then,” Bridgette replied, her face bright red.

Robin let go of my cock (just in time once again) and pulled Bridgette to her feet. Off came the shoes, pants, blouse, bra and panties, leaving Bridgette as nude as the rest of us. There was a collective gasp from all of us. Hope stopped what she was doing, and Sonia and Molly both turned around to look. Standing before us was one of the most beautiful bodies we had ever seen. Bridgette had always taken care to dress to hide her beauty, and none of us, except Molly, had a clue as to what was hidden under the somewhat frumpy clothes. Bridgette was tall, statuesque, with large breasts, brownish nipples with reddish tips and the most luscious ass you’ve ever seen. She was not cut and muscular like the others, but just gorgeous all the same.

“Hey, Molly, you ever get to mess with that?” Hope queried.

“Sure, we’re roommates!” Molly exclaimed.

“Well,” Hope replied, “I think you two should show us what happens after the lights go out in the dorm!”

Molly glanced at Bridgette, the question unspoken, but obvious. Bridgette’s face was once again bright red as she murmured, “I will if you will, Molly.”

And suddenly, there was a knock on the door. What now? (Another chapter?)