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Craving for Dog Meat: It Runs in the Family (continued)

2022-10-20 00:50:13

Young Joy spent the whole week looking forward to getting fucked by her family's German Shepherd, Rusty. The thought of her mom's cunt inundated with dog sperm was etched in her mind. She kept repeating bestial scenes in her head and masturbating herself several times a day in the school bathroom to the thought of big dogs fucking petite women. Each day of the school week she spent with a dildo in her pussy, stuffing it in her cunt before she got on the bus and keeping it secured in her white cotton panties for the entire day at school. Her parents wanted her to watch her mom fuck the dog some more before she did it herself so she knew exactly what to expect herself. Joy got a good idea of what she'd be getting when she finally got to fuck the dog -- lots and lots of dog cum!

Thirteen year old Joy, who'd just lost her virginity to her dad the past weekend, had her heart set on finally screwing the family pet after the school week was over. Her dad turned out to be an excellent lover, which she expected after seeing him fuck her mom on many occasions. Her mom encouraged the extremely perverse family activities. Joy had fucked her dad a few more times since she lost her virginity to him, and she enjoyed herself immensely each time. They were experimenting with different sexual positions, but had thus far concentrated on doggystyle, as Joy wanted to get fucked like a bitch and badly! She loved the feeling of her dad's pulsing cock releasing sperm into her womb, and longed for the feeling of the German Shepherd releasing all his sperm into her hole.

Aside from fucking her dad and watching her mom fuck the dog, Joy was also becoming addicted to Rusty's tongue on her wet gash. The animal was talented -- Joy's mom, Marissa, had taught the dog to be an expert cunnilinguist! Joy could cum several times in the span of just a few minutes of the dog's tongue licking her sensitive slit from clit to asshole. She had gotten hooked on her parents' dog sex videos, and knew to expect the dog cock to expand and knot once inside her pussy. Joy looked forward to it -- especially getting knotted and spermed in!

The weekend finally came. As soon as Joy awoke, she started watching bestiality porn involving women and horses, a video her parents let her borrow, and set to teasing her cunt for almost an hour before she let herself have the first orgasm of the day. When she finally did cum for the first time on that beautiful Saturday morning, it was incredibly intense and shook her petite little body. Her bed-springs squeaked as she fucked herself with a large blue vibrator and her parents listened through the door, smiling at each other as they heard their daughter's moans of pleasure. Rusty was sitting patiently nearby, looking up at his horny masters.

Marissa cracked her daughter's bedroom door ever so slightly, standing back, and commanded Rusty to slip inside. She and her husband Tom listened as their daughter's moans got louder -- they knew the dog was most likely starting to lick out Joy's cunt. Joy's moans grew to loud, long wails, filling the house. Her parents peeked in and could see her taut legs spread-eagle, the dog's nose in her crotch, its tongue lapping the moist girl slit. Joy was pulling on her small nipples, her tits only little budding mounds on her chest. Her flat belly quivered with the dog's attention on her sensitive clitoral nub. Joy threw her head back, a long moan of ecstasy escaping her lips.

The moans grew louder as Joy shouted out that she was cumming. Her body shook and writhed on the bed, but Rusty didn't miss a beat. Joy's parents smiled, knowing their dog was going to be a great fuck for their teen daughter. They left the doorway, the animal continuing to lap up Joy's cunt, to make her a hearty breakfast in bed. Bearing pancakes with whipped cream and strawberries, orange juice, and some sausage links, Marissa and Tom opened the door to greet Joy happily, making her jump slightly and gasp while Rusty still lapped her delicate moist folds of private flesh. The morning sun was streaming upon Joy's lithe young body, covered with goosebumps from the dog's attentions on her cunt.

"Morning, honey!" said Marissa cheerfully.

"Hello darling," said her dad. "How many orgasms have you had so far today?"

"Oh! Hi Mom and Dad, good morning. Uh, I'm up to 5 now, I think," said Joy, breathless. "I've just been letting Rusty eat the hell out of my pussy!"

"We can see that, honey," said Tom, his eyes on his daughter's engorged, glistening cunt meat in the bright morning sunlight. His cock was stirring to life knowing that his daughter was ready to get dog-fucked. Marissa, herself an avid dog-fucker, was eager to see her daughter taking the dog prick, knot, and sperm.

"Why don't you come out in the living room to play when you and Rusty are done eating, sweetie," said Joy's mom. Joy smiled and her parents left her to eat her breakfast. When she was finished, she shakily rose to her feet to join them in the living room. The dog panted happily at her side. Out in the living room Tom put a bestiality video in the DVD player. Soon a dog sex compilation video was playing on the big TV. Joy's eyes were glued to the screen as she laid back on the couch and spread her legs for her own beloved pet to dive back into her cunt. She shrieked at his cold nose on her warm, swollen cuntlips. Joy rubbed her clitty hard as the dog eagerly lapped up her slit, coating her with saliva.

Tom and Marissa sat down on the loveseat and watched their daughter getting eaten by the family dog. Their eyes moved from Joy writhing on the couch to the scene of a knotted girl on the TV. Tom's prick was almost completely hard and aching for freedom. Marissa saw her husband's bulge and attended to him, pulling it free of his boxers and beginning to rub and suck on him while he watched his daughter getting eaten out by the big German Shepherd.

Joy's moans filled the room as Rusty ate her pussy with abandon. She was about to cum again, her legs shaking now as she held them wide open. Joy was in need of some cock in her cunt, and soon! Her eyes were affixed to the TV, staring at a young, petite girl with a huge dog draped over her back and knotted in her cunt. Joy knew she too would soon be filled with dog meat and sperm! She shuddered, her orgasm surging throughout her entire body. Joy's moans grew louder as her climax exploded inside of her as the dog licked her delicate, sensitive cunt meat from clit to asshole.

The next dog sex scene showed a woman taking a dog cock up the asshole. Joy wanted to feel Rusty in her pussy, and was slightly nervous that the dog might get in her asshole by accident. She knew once Rusty got excited it would be hard to control him. But she also knew her loving, perverted parents would be there to help her with her first foray into dog sex!

"Mommy, Daddy... I'm ready... I want to fuck Rusty now..." moaned Joy as her climax subsided. Her arms and legs were covered in goosebumps from the intense orgasm she'd just had. Her cunt was oozing pussy juices that the dog continued to lap up. Marissa and Tom smiled, knowing their young daughter would soon be just as hooked on bestiality as they were!

Marissa left the room to get a few things in preparation for her daughter's dog fucking. She came back with a towel, a small vibrator, and some socks that she began to place on Rusty's forepaws. The towel was laid out on the living room floor in front of the TV so Joy could get on her hands and knees to get fucked like a bitch while still watching the dog sex video. Joy's heart beat fast as her eyes remained glued to the TV, now showing a girl getting fucked by a Great Dane while sucking a man's cock. She'd never felt so excited!

Marissa told Joy to get on her hands and knees on the towel. The teen complied, waving her ass in the air in anticipation with her eyes raised up to the TV screen watching as the Great Dane plowed into its bitch with a fury unmatched by man. Joy shuddered as the dog went still over the woman, and moments later some cum could be seen dribbling out of the woman's pussy, leaking down over her clit and dripping to the floor. The dog was knotted and sealed up inside the woman's pussy, huge furry balls swinging to a stop as its cum flooded the human bitch.

Rusty got excited when he saw Joy get on her hands and knees; he was well trained to fuck women. Tom had to hold him by the collar to keep the animal under control as he lunged to get on top of Joy. Once she was ready, he led the dog over to Joy and let him at her. Joy gasped as Rusty jumped on top of her back, instantly weighing her down. Tom watched as the large animal covered his petite daughter's slender body. Joy wasn't even a hundred pounds soaking wet, and he knew the dog was going to give her the pounding of her life.

He watched as Rusty began humping at his daughter's ass while Joy cried out. Marissa walked up next to her husband and watched as the family dog got in place over their teen daughter, ready to give her a hard fucking. Joy could feel the dog's hard prickhead poking at her butt as he humped at her, trying to find a hole. The dog wrapped its forepaws tightly around Joy's waist and she moaned again as the hard prickhead poked at her asscrack. She knew he was ready to get inside her.

Tom helped position the dog's hips lower to get into his daughter's cunthole, knowing she wasn't ready to take the dog cock up the asshole just yet. Joy moaned louder, eyes on the knotted woman on the TV in front of her while her own dog's cock danced around near the entrance to her cunthole. Any moment now, Joy knew the dog was going to penetrate her teen hole! She was craving for the dog meat, her hips gyrating in an effort to give the dog better access to her bitch hole.

Suddenly, Rusty lunged forward and began slamming his hips hard at Joy's ass -- Joy shrieked, and Tom and Marissa knew the animal had found its target. Joy began crying out as Rusty began pushing her off the towel almost instantly, forcing her around on the living room floor. She could feel the living room carpet burning her knees as the dog humped her furiously.

Joy's moans filled the entire house as the German Shepherd fucked her intensely, its balls slamming into her with its powerful thrusts. Rusty's cock began growing in her cunt, and Tom shuddered as he heard the animal's prick begin squelching inside his teenage daughter's wet cunthole. Joy was nearly delirious with the pleasure of the dog cock fucking the hell out of her pussy. She was no longer paying any attention to the dog sex video as she got her own hard dog fucking. Rusty's prick continued growing in her cunt, feeling hard as steel inside her velvety depths. The animal's prick reached ever further inside of her, reaching for her womb to deposit its seed.

Tom's prick was hard as a rock at the sight of his daughter getting pushed around on her hands and knees by the big German Shepherd. Marissa knew her husband was ready to fuck, and she bent over for him as she stood in front of him so that he could start fucking her from behind while watching Joy get screwed by the dog. Tom eagerly slammed his cock inside his sexy wife as Rusty fucked Joy like a jackhammer right in front of him. Joy's strawberry blond hair was getting matted with sweat from intense beast sex. The dog's prick had extended nearly to its full length inside her, reaching into the young girl's cervix.

Joy began wailing as she felt the animal's knot start filling her up. It pressed against her pussy walls, starting to seal the dog cock up inside her pussy. Joy could feel the dog's nuts still slapping at her as she was fucked furiously on her hands and knees like a bitch, the sounds of the dog cock in her cunt adding to the sexy sight of her getting stuffed. Tom continued fucking his wife from behind as she stood in front of him; they were both getting an excellent dog sex show! He reached under Marissa's belly to rub her stuffed pussy mound and sensitive clit, making her cry out. After a few minutes of rubbing, Marissa was cumming as her husband fucked her hard from behind while they both enjoyed watching the family dog pound their teenage daughter.

The dog's cock reached deep inside of Joy, and its knot began stuffing her. She started to feel more full than ever before as the knot plugged her up. The dog had been fucking her like a jackhammer for awhile when she felt it finally go still on top of her, its prick securely lodged in her cunthole. Nadia felt Rusty's nuts swing to a stop. Suddenly she felt the dog prick begin erupting inside of her, feeling like a warm hose of sperm was being unleashed inside of her. Joy cried out as the dog kept unleashing its seed in her womb. The sperm was plugged up inside of her by the dog knot. Rusty laid his head against her back, as his prick continued to erupt, still holding her waist tight.

"Is he cumming in you, honey?" asked Marissa. Tom had stopped fucking his wife, his prick hard and still inside Marissa's cunt while they watched Joy getting knotted by the dog.

"Oh, ohhh, ohh, ahhh, yes, yes he is, oh my God, yes... He is filling me with sperm, he's still sperming in me! Oh, yes, oh it feels so good, his sperm is so hot, there's so much of it, I feel so full!" cried Joy. Rusty panted in her ear, his cock still pulsing jets of hot cum into Joy's cervix. She was nearly delirious with the feeling of the knotted dog cock exploding inside of her teen cunt.

Marissa stepped away from her husband, Tom's cock releasing from her cunt with a sucking sound, and picked up the vibrator. She started rubbing Joy's stuffed cunt while the dog stayed still inside its human bitch. Joy moaned and writhed as her mother rubbed the vibrator all over her hard clit and stuffed cunt gash. The dog panted hard, its cock lodged firmly inside Joy's pussy. Some cum started dripping out of Joy's cunt down to the carpet.

Joy moaned louder as her orgasm approached. The feeling of the dog meat inside of her, with what felt like gallons of sperm inside of her, and her mom rubbing on her clit was encouraging her climax to erupt within her. Tom stepped in front of her, jacking his dick in his daughter's face. Joy looked up at him as she moaned and wailed out that she was cumming, her eyes meeting her father's in a heated gaze. Joy's cunt squeezed the dog cock and knot hard as her orgasm surged throughout her. It was a powerful climax, leaving her entire body shaking until she collapsed weakly onto her face and chest on the floor, her ass still raised up with her cunt locked to the dog's meat.

After Joy was done cumming, the dog began to grow restless and tried to jump off of her. Joy shrieked, feeling the huge knot pulling on her. The dog turned so that he was ass to ass with her and tried pulling off of Joy again. Marissa and Tom kept the dog calm as the knot stayed locked inside their daughter's pussy. Joy was breathless, sore, and tired as she remained on her hands and knees on the floor. She could feel some dog cum leaking out of her stuffed cunt and she shivered.

Rusty tried to pull off her again and Joy cried out and then moaned as she felt another orgasm growing inside of her. As the dog's cock and knot pulled on her cunt meat, Joy cried out weakly that she was cumming again. Her pussy clamped down hard on the dog knot, and Rusty again whined and struggled to withdrawal. Joy nearly passed out as her orgasm surged from head to toe, making her whole body tingle. It was nearly overwhelming for her senses to comprehend the situation. Her mind was delirious with pleasure, her breathing out of control, her body shaking.

Marissa tended to Rusty as he stay stuck ass to ass with his bitch. Tom walked in front of Joy's face, his stiff cock still in hand. He looked down at his spent daughter as she lay lewdly tied to the big German Shepherd. She was face down in her own drool in the carpet, her ass in the air as she was locked to the dog, her blond hair and body sweaty. Sperm leaked out of her cunt, down her slit, some droplets reaching the floor. Marissa kept one hand soothingly on the dog's head and reached the other down below Joy's belly to rub her stuffed, bald mound. Tom jacked his cock to the sight of debauchery. He needed to cum soon, his prickhead was so engorged it was shiny and purple, and his nuts ached for release.

Joy looked up at her dad's cock as he jerked it in her face. It was so hard, with veins bulging throughout its length. She moaned as her mother rubbed on her bald, stuffed cunt. Suddenly, Rusty struggled once more to pull free from his human bitch and finally succeeded, making Joy wail out as the huge knot and prick was finally released from her insides with a lewd sucking sound. She looked at the dog meat that had just been inside of her -- the cock was at least 8" long, the knot the size of a man's fist!

Tom walked behind his daughter and spread her ass cheeks open while Marissa patted Joy's cunt, encouraging the dog cum to flow out of her. Joy moaned as the sperm leaked out of her cunthole and dripped to the floor. Marissa got underneath of Joy so that her pussy was directly beneath her daughter as the cum ran out of her and leaked into Marissa's hole. Marissa rubbed the dog cum that had flowed out of her daughter's pussy into her own pussy. The dog was licking its deflating meat. Joy weakly laid on top of her mother, grinding her pussy into her mother's pussymound so that both women's cunts were covered with dog sperm.

Tom shuddered at the sight. His cock was ready to explode! He needed a hole, but which one? He looked down at his daughter who was laying covered with dog cum on top of his naked wife. Joy's cunt continued to ooze dog semen onto her mother's pussy. It started dripping down Marissa's asscrack. Joy raised herself up so that she was sitting straddling her mother, her cunt leaking dog juices onto her mom's abdomen now. Marissa laughed and rubbed the dog cum all over her flat belly and ample tits, making her nipples hard. Joy reached down and grabbed some dog sperm, rubbing it all over her own body. They both giggled, both slick with dog cum. Marissa and Joy looked up at Tom, who was jacking his prick furiously, wanting badly to cum.

"Aw, honey, I think your father needs to get inside a hole, too!" said Marissa, staring up at her husband. Joy laid flat against her mother so that they were chest to chest, and raised her ass in the air. Tom walked up and grabbed his daughter by the hips from behind, taking his prick in hand. He was so ready to burst!

Tom pressed his cockhead against Joy's wet, stretched pussyhole, coating his dick with the dog sperm that flowed out of her. Joy moaned and began passionately kissing Marissa as her father stuck his prick in her well-fucked cunt. Tom fucked Joy for a few minutes from behind, his nuts getting covered with the cum that flowed out of her. More dog semen leaked down onto Marissa's pussy below.

After a few minutes inside Joy's inundated cunthole, he pulled his slick cock out of her and repositioned her so that her cunt was right over Marissa's face. Marissa eagerly licked her daughter's freshly fucked cunt meat while Tom spread Marissa's legs wide. Joy rode her mother's face, her own cunt juice as well as the dog cum leaking out of her hole and onto Marissa's tongue.

Marissa moaned into her daughter's pussy as she felt Tom's cock entering her. His cock and her pussy were both slick with dog cum and he slammed balls deep inside of her in a single stroke. The entire family, coated with dog sperm, moaned and writhed together on the living room floor. Tom built up a fast, hard pace inside Marissa's pussy, his balls tightening as his orgasm neared. He rubbed Marissa's cunt, and her moans intensified as an orgasm grew inside of her.

Joy was riding her mother's face, squeezing her budding titties while doing so. Her mother moaned into her pussy, her moans vibrating throughout Joy's tender cunt walls. Marissa gasped, her chest heaving, nearly choking on Joy's pussy while orgasming with her husband's hard cock in her cunthole. Tom felt Marissa's pussy spasming around his hard pole and could hold back no longer. He cried out as his cum erupted inside Marissa's womb, jets of cum filling her hole. Marissa moaned as her husband flooded her cunthole with sperm. Joy continued grinding against her mother's face, feeling yet another orgasm growing inside of her. Marissa kept lapping up her daughter's pussy once her own orgasm began subsiding. She licked Joy from clit nearly to asshole and started squeezing Joy's sensitive clit with her finger.

Tom stayed still inside his wife's cunt, his cock still pulsating after his powerful orgasm. He watched as his daughter threw her head back in ecstasy while being eaten out by her mother. Joy cried out that she was cumming, and Tom saw her shudder and writhe against Marissa's mouth as her orgasm washed over her. They were all breathless and covered with cum.

Tom pulled his prick out of Marissa's hole, and his prick and balls were coated with sperm. Joy finally got off her mother's face and lay on her back next to her, legs wide open. Tom commanded the dog to lick the cunts clean, and Rusty happily obliged. Marissa and Joy were both licked to orgasm by the dog, and by the time they were clean not only were they all ready to fuck again, but so was the dog!

And so Joy, just like her mother, was hooked on dog meat. She began to crave it constantly, in addition to her dad's big prick. The family threesomes mixed with bestiality were definitely a lot of fun. Marissa began to think of ways to push Joy's dog fucking experiences further, though, and she knew just the friends to help -- the neighbors down the street, Rachel and Paul, and hopefully Rachel's niece who had a huge woman-fucking Great Dane!

To be continued...