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crazy night at the gay sauna (boilerhouse) better

2022-08-07 00:00:02

1st story be kind its 100% true

i live in dublin ireland. I was 19 fit slim smooth body 5,11 , 10stone. iv had a girlfriend for 5 years so was experienced with sex but i always had a craving for cock. i split up with my girl and during this time in ireland there was these head shops that sold legal highs, their gone now though.But one of the highs was like a powder that was to be taken like coke , that i used to always get. but as soon as i sniffed it , i wanted my ass fucked ASAP i couldnt explain it i just had to get fucked . i could feel my ass open up and this feeling to fill it with a hot cock.
After doing this drug again one night i couldnt take it i had to have a cock quick. i seen on the internet gay saunas and there was one in dublin called the boilerhouse. i looked up their website got their address and decided it fuck it il give it a try. i took a bag of my drug went in about 10pm. i was walking down the alley to the boilerhouse and it looked well bogey but i didnt care i took a lot of my drug sniffed a good bit before i went in and the craving was too bad. i walked up to the door their was a guy behind glass i gave him 20 euro and he opened the door for me. I didnt know what to do next . once inside he gave me a towel a key comdom and a black packet , which was lube. walking through the place i seen one or two older men in towels on the ground floor walking around. so i guessed that i had to get into a towel. so i went to the locker room stripped naked put the towel around me took , my locker key , comdom and lube and my drug and a note to sniff and went walking upstairs.
it was bout 10:30 on a thursday which i was to find out wasnt their most busy times. when i got the first floor out of four, it was dark with small cubicles which were for gloryholes and their was also a cinema room on this floor with porn on it. the guys were all older 30s 40s 50s no one i say in their 20s . they were all looking at me with a look of shock and desire, i guess they couldnt believe someone so young and hot would be in a place like this. with all this attention i went to the next floor which was brighter it had a Jacuzzi a sauna showers and one or two private rooms i liked the rooms cause i wanted to get a room get more then have some cock. i went to the third floor at this time i noticed i was kind of been followed by a few guys , i felt like a hot girl in a club that everybody wanted to fuck , it was turning me on bug time. this room was more to my liking it had loads of rooms not the most biggest rooms but they had a bed a lock some a tvs with porn on , i went to the top floor which was dark again but the rooms were the same but bigger . perfect i thought so i went in left the guys who were following me got onto the bed. i took out my drug made a load of lines and sniffed them. then i hid all the stuff under the pillow. i opened the door layed on the bed in this hot sticky room , i felt very feminine i was on my stomach legs bent feet in the air looking sexy and cute. a guy walked in i say in his late thirtys and locked the door behind him .
i got up knelled in front of him and took his helmet in my mouth. after years of crummy blowjobs from my girlfriend i knew how i wanted my cock sucked . for my first cock in my mouth i was really good he got hard straight away his cock was about 7 inches smooth , his pubes were grey but trimmed . he oozed some precum in my mouth i kept on sucking wetter and deeper . he started to slowly fuck my mouth. i got brave and tried to deepthroat him but could only do it for like 2 seconds . he waas loving this and started fucking my mouth harder he had his hand then at the back of my head pushing it in rhythm with his thrusting. he was getting rough i should of been thinking what am i doing here it was crazy , but i didnt care i was so high i was a sissy bitch that needed to get fucked. i stoped sucking him got on to the bed naked . he got up behind him i heard him open stuff up and then i felt it. he tried to fit in but damn i was tight a virgin he must of thought i was always taking cock to be in a place like this. i then felt his finger in my ass , he was lubing it and opening it. he tried again my ass always widened on this drug , he sliped it in just his helmet . it was that painful and when then i relaxed my ass muscles that was the key he was in side me fully. god was this good what i needed! he was fucking me with a steady pace i open my legs and let him devour me. he flipped me grabbed my ankles lifted my legs high and again entered me . i felt him a lot deeper it was such a feeling he was so good. he fucked for about 5 ten mins then he grunted louder and slowly stopped. a side affect of the drug was that i couldnt get hard but i didnt care i enjoyed being the bottom girl sissy slut.

after he left the room straight away a asian guy came in. i sucked him off again got him hard but he was small i didnt mind. he was laying on the bed and i was sucking him. the drugs took full effect of me now and i was reckless. i asked him if he was "clean" he said yes. i lubed his cock which was maybe 5 inch and got on top of him. i eased my self down onto his cock bareback he slid inside my hot wet ass pussy. i grinded him hear and fast he was in excatsy. i felt unreal bareback was so much better i could feel the natural heat of his cock . his cock swelling up inside me hitting my prostate i was in heaven. i turned around and bounced up and down on his cock reverse cowgirl. i was possesed he grabed my ass and was pressing it up and down on his cock in time with my movment he didnt last long. then i felt it a hot feeling that was incredible . he shot his load up inside and his cock twitched in me about 4 times . 4 hot spurts of cum filled me this satisfied my lust i knew now what i wanted. he slaped my ass and was on his way

he left the door open and i put on my towel sat on my bed legs crossed eyeing up guys, i was looking like a hot bitch. some of the guys must of felt imtimitaded cause their was no rush to come in with this new attitude i had. i noticed another room on this floor it walls was covered in mirrors and looked cool so i thought i would check it out. before though a old guy came into my room he was 50 maybe 60 already hard. so i sucked him and he blewhis load very quick in my mouth i swollowed , it all he said could he suck me and i said i was not into that . so he left i took all my stuff and walked to the other room very sexy like cause i knew they were all checking me out.

this room was unreal it was square , its walls and ceiling were mirrored and there was no bed just a high skinny smaller bed thing with hand cuff tied to the wall behind it. yup im staying here i thought, i got "ready" lubed up and finished the rest of my sniff, the door was locked and i checked my self out in the mirror. damn i was not fit with a slender feminine body who wouldnt want to fuck me no wonder i was so popular here. i open the door wide to the room sat legs crossed with a come fuck me look and a wide door open to anyone to fuck me

guys would walk past the room check me out before working up their courage to come in. the first guy just came straight in he looked quite fit . maybe he was bi he was semi hard and had a fat 8 inch cock i. i took him in my mouth and got him hard as a rock. but i needed him in me , i turned around standing up and arched my back hinting for him to fuck my pussy. he put on a comdomn and fucked me hard and rough like a tramp. he fucked me in every postion you can think off all the time wathing my self in the mirrors was so hot too. i wanted more bareback sex so i told him to wank onto my face he shot his thick hot creamy load all over my face and hair. i licked what i could and he was on his way.

i wanted bare back so i took it to the next level i fully removed my towel and was naked in this high bed legs open like a porn star fingering my ass and moaning like a girl would with the door wide open. guys flooded into the room and fucked me senseless all nigh most bareback summing in my ass face and mouth. i was so out of it i didnt care. all older guys too at one point i was getting fucked on my back legs high up two guys either side of me i was switching in between, sucking and wanking them both. i was doubled team too , all the time with the door wide open with a crowed either just watching or waiting for their next turn. i got into the place about ten left at 4am i must of been with over 30 guys virgin to slut in one night!!!

i continued to go to the boilerhouse for a few months during the 2009 period , but when the legal high shops closed i stopped going , iv been tested for hiv and have been clean thank god i was reckless so be safe people , il post more of my stories during this time soon k bye xxxxx