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Mom fucked by my friends father

2022-01-16 02:00:03

Hi guys I am Sheela I'm an Indian girl I'm interested in sex fantasy.My father is in abroad he comes every 3yrs.My mom Velamma is a gorgeous typical Indian women.She is 38 years old she has a great figures 38-34-42 and has long haired her tits a so big in size every men around the street make a look at my mom's breasts as she may be fantasy for many men around the street.When I go out with her many men stare at her body so may grope her but mom doesn't consider them.Mom has less sex with dad ad I was grown up.I have an fantasy thought about my mom that she was getting fucked hard by any of those men around the street.But it's not happening mom has no affair ad she is more devoted wife to my father.I have a friend named vaishali her father is a businessman .we share things about sex more frequently and I told her about my fantasy about my mom.She told that her father is a good fucker he tricks women and then fucks them till he gets bored I think he is the right man for your mom.Will your father accept about this .Ya sure but how about your mom.she is innocent women ...that's right u sent a photo of her to me in whtttsapp.The next day I sent photos of mom to her and waiting for her reply.She told about the things to her dad and he was wandering to see the photos then I sent the photos and he is ready to fuck my mom any time.But we must trick mom to get fucked by him.Next day Vaishali told me to come to her home with mom for dinner next day and the next day I told mom about dinner and she got up to get ready she wore an white coloured saree showing her navel and bulging boobs looked hot and we went to vaishali home .by auto.Vaishali invited us and we went into their house and it's a pretty big house.Vaishsli mom died of cancer and then on her father went on fucking other women who got into his trap.T hen came her father Mr.balaji he is an tall man broad shouldered ,big mostake,black coloured he wore lungi(traditional dress) he has a great body like body builders strong biceps,big chest and flat six packed abs.Any women could fall for him he is an black beauty.He welcomed us and I watched him that he is staring at my mom's melons and he started talking with my mom.V vaishali asked me to come upstairs so that they can chit chat and we can see some necklace collections.Uncle started chatting with my mom about her life snd he is an absolute flirt that he commented jokes with her and mom got good company with him.Later we had our dinner and that was a delicious food we have ever had.T one passed by cracking jokes and gossips and mom told that we are getting late andwe can catch up another day and we steeped out and it's raining heavy so uncle told us to wait for a while we waited for hours and it rained very heavy and uncle told us to stay tonight and go after morning and we said ok.we had our food and after that vaishali and I went to her room so that her dad can flirt with mom.and uncle asked mom to come upstairs and they went to his room and is a double bed room so uncle told to stay there but mom refused that she can sleep in vaishali room but uncle smartly told her that room is single bed and is not comfortable for you .They went inside and uncle closed the door and we peep through the window what is happening there.They sat and uncle started flirting jokes and he just attracted mom attention towards him he asked mom about my father and she told that he comes every 3 year once . And he asked about there sex life and mom told that 1month he stays home and fucks me.N ow uncle had other flirting idea that he told mom Velamma u r so gorgeous and I haven't seen such a beauty like you I think it husband is useless I would never leave a wife like you and fuck throughout my lifetime.Mom smiled .uncle told mom that vela I love u first time I saw I lost my heart but replied mom sorry Mr bslaji I m married woman and my daughter is in next room.please Velamma I love u and I want to fuck u and satisfy your all needs.M on smiled hah how can u satisfy me .uncle replied that I will fuck your pussy till it gets sore if u let me to fuck u.I saw mom she was smiling and don't expect from mom she let uncle to fuck her.now uncle came near mom and started kissing her lips started smooching very hot he liplocked her and sucked her pink list till it got red.Now uncle removed her saree and he was shocked to see the 38g big melons of mom it was beauty to see an huge cleavage of mom now uncle pressed her boobs with the blouse and mom started moaning ahahaoh shsh now he removed blouse and mom was wearing a back bra now he unbuttonedbra and mom's huge melons got relief and pooped out her nipple is very dark and areola is also big circular and very nice to see it nipples got hard on uncle touch.now uncle started sucking her breasts and tested hard as ever mom had ever got this feel she moaned ahahaoh shsh uncle pressed her boobs very hard and bite those nipples and sucked like a baby he caressed mom's breasts and manhandled very hard as ever mom had experienced.mom started moaning in pleasure ahahshshsohihshshya yayashahahahah then he pressed and hardly her hips and licked her umbilicus.now he removed her Skirt and now mom is wearing a pink underwear and be removed it and said wow yes mom's pussy is pink and is cleanly shaved her clitoris points out and now he licked her milky thighs and sexy legs which made mom aroused and now he went into thighs of my mom and he smelled her pussy juice and it made him hard. 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