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Mt. Kangchenjunga {Complete}

2022-09-23 00:07:52

Authors Note: As this is my first story please forgive me if I violate you feelings in any ways. As there are many on this site who just type some non-related comments or Insults, I have limited comments. As always Constructive feedback are helpful. If any Theme violates your thinking then please leave, as i am not here to hurt others...I have taken much of your precious time... Thank you and enjoy this story...


Hi there, I am writing this story of the biggest event in my life *which I consider* and to share it with you all. Well life as an Alpinist is always full of adventure and fun. You get to see the world from new highest man!

Well let me introduce myself, I am Peter Clifton, not an average looking 26 years old guy. Well I am pretty much 6’5” tall and weigh about 190 pounds. I usually don’t go to gym as most of my muscles are build due to climbing but when I am not climbing any peak I spend some time in gym. Well my body is not over muscular but pretty much decent amount of muscle *what you can expect when you lift 80 pound sand bag in gym, not much*.

As I already said I am an Alpinist and most of my time is spend in climbing. I just love mountains and the feel you get after climbing the peak of the mountain is indescribable. Well I have pretty much stories to tell but this particular story is something different, absolutely inconceivable for me which changed my life forever...

It all started about a few month ago, I have just returned with my team *as I work for Unoix which is private tour agency* from Mount Logan in Canada to my hometown Seattle. My family and friends were there to greet me at airport. It is really wonderful to reunite with your family and friends. All the way to home they just kept me asking about my experience on field. It is really great when you share your experience to someone.

I was just enjoying my time with my friends as I get hardly few days after a tour. I was not expecting a call from my company telling me that I and my team are assigned for a new trip. He said we are assigned take University Students to Mt. Kangchenjunga which is third highest mountain in world and first highest for me. He told other experienced teams were already assigned and only my team was free at this time being so we were to be assigned for it. I was already at ninth cloud as it was really one time assignment. You don’t get to go some highest peak and get paid for it…

Chapter 1

I was to take plain from Seattle to India as our base was near Darjeeling. I met with my team mates who were already there with students. I noticed there were total of five students amongst whom two were girls and three were boys and there sir. The first boy whom they called Jay was pretty tall approx. 5’8” or something, with dirty-blond hair and pretty much build body * but nowhere near to mine*. Other one was Harry who was bit small in height compared to Jay but not very much you can notice, he was also pretty build like Jay and had pitch black hair. The other one was bit shy but he was maybe 5’6” and light brown haired. Their teacher was Mr Richard Coks, who was well maybe around 45-50 years old having brownish red hairs and about 6 feet tall.

Amongst the two girls, one was called Cindy. She was 5’2” tall with athletic build having Ash blond hair. She had medium size breasts maybe around 34B or something. The other girl was Ava. She was 5’5” tall also having athletic build having Platinum Blond hairs. She was having noticeable firm breast of size 36C approx. She was the only one whose face looked cute, for me at least. She had actually looked at me and smiled at me.

We all decided we will start out hiking early in morning, as it will give enough time for us to cover more distance before weather gets worst, and setup a camp in midway. We decided to climb till 1300 meters height for first camp if possible and from there to next 1600 meter height to set our second camp site which was pretty high. Third Camp was at 1750 meter and fourth was at 1850 meters further. Our last Camp will be at 1000 meter and from there we will return. It was all set. We had GPS to track our location so that we will not get lost *as it is the major danger while climbing mountains*. Though we were thinking it like that, it can possible never go like that.

We began out hike early at 5 a.m. to our first camp site. Mike was leading our team with Billy as they were well more experienced than us. All the students were in the middle and I and Carl were at the end so that students should not get lost. We were walking in the formation of line as a single cable was connected from Mike to Carl and everyone else was in between. The starting of our journey was noisy, noisy in the sense everyone chit-chatting and laughing. The shy boy back down there, whose name was Carter, was also involved in chatting.

We made it to our first destination at 1300 meters well before 3 in noon and decided to camp as weather was starting to get worst. There was not much happen at night as we all were deadly tired and sleep over took us instantly. Mike woke us all. It was well 5:30 and the visibility was still not as clear as day. So we decided to pack our things first and proceed with our work as first ray of sun is visible. It was around 6:45 a.m. when we started our journey again. This time also Mike and Billy were leading us and I and Carl were at the back. But this time the girls had come at end as first they were in middle of boys and their teacher. Ava was somewhat shy type girl as not much talking but Cindy was unbearable. She even tried to flirt with me.

We were at our destination which was 1600 meters approx., from our first camp site. The storm was getting stronger but it was bearable. Like the last night it was quit and nothing much happen. Though I was tired, I was not feeling sleepy but feeling something was wrong. I pushed that thought aside and surrendered myself to sleep.

Next morning, the storm was still going on but its intensity had increased a bit. We decided to stick as close to each other as possible. Our line was same as yesterday, but today not much chatting was there. But Cindy was trying to be close to me more than necessary, first sign of flirting. He were unable to move with the speed we had yesterday, storm was really getting through us. We decided to make our camp as it was getting late, though we were not 1750 meters we were approx., 1550 meters up. The night was sleepless as the intensity of storm had increased. At some point in night I felt asleep.

Next morning, the storm had reduced to much extent and we could feel the difference. We started our journey again, though the cheerfulness had decreased to greater extent, they were enjoying themselves. The walk was silent and no one said anything, especially Cindy, it was hard to believe. It was maybe 3:30 or something when the storm started taking it yesterday’s course. We had to forcefully make our camp though Mr. Richard was asking for some more hiking. I think we were at 1650 meters when we had our camp.

Next day, the storm had taken its limits as we were unable to move forward. Everybody was struggling to keep there next step. Winds were running at 175mph. We were maybe half distance from our camp site when the snow in front of Mike slipped. Due to winds and heaving snowfall, the snow was not well settled. We all managed to help ourselves and others but it was the first sign.

Chapter 2

I was starting to get some bad feeling when it happened. Maybe Mike had not observed but we were crossing the big crack which was there on surface. The snow on it had made it impossible to see. We were off it but when Carl stepped on it, the snow was gone and there was 300+ feet crack below. The cable joining all of us had saved us from falling but when I came to senses, I was hanging. Above me was Ava, probably unconscious. Mike and others were up but as it was extendable rope, we were at least 50 feet below.

I looked down and saw that Carl had his head pretty hard as blood oozing from his forehead. He too was unconscious. I grabbed the nearest stone started to pull myself to it as there was a cavity in it. The others had started to pull us up when the rope break due to friction against the sharp stones. It was good that I had grabbed the nearest stone as both unconscious Carl and Ava were hanging by the rope attached to me. The hanging force was much greater as my muscles were getting tired. I started to descend to nearest cave (cavity) which I had saw. The floor of cave (cavity) had extended one to two feet outside, so I slowly laid Carls body and then Ava’s body and jumped in the cavity.

Up there everyone were calling our name but I ignored them. The rope around both of them was so tight that it was hard to breath. So I set them free of their roped and bags and started too checked on them. The cavity was small as it was just sufficient to hold three of them. I checked Ava, no major hit, just scratched here and there. So I started to check Carl, he had hit his head pretty hard and maybe the cut was deep. This type of injuries were sometimes dangerous.

I looked up and said “We need to take him out of here… Quick…”

Everyone started to check their bags only three ropes were there but were very short. The long one was now to its half size so it was out of the question. They came up with the plan, they tied the four ropes end to end and holding one end they released to the rope down here. I quickly tied Carl to it, by now both Carl and Ava had started to have some consciousness. I tied Carl to the rope and said “You are going to be Ok buddy…”

Everyone started to quickly pull him up. Half way through the distance, the ropes started to lose due to wetness and improper tie. Carl war maybe 10 feet up when suddenly ropes were free and started to free fall. And soon he was out of sight. After few seconds there was bone shattering sound which confirmed that Carl was no longer amongst us. Everyone was looking down, even Ava had come to her senses some time ago was staring down. Looking up I saw everyone face was pale, I don’t know whether due to Storm or due to Carl’s death.

“Hang on their guys… we will bring some help…” Billy now spoke who was quite whole time.

“I will stay with them…” Mr Richard spoke.

“Me too…” Jay and Cindy said in unison.

“No… it is not safe to stay here… not if such a storm is going on… you all should come with us…” Mike spoke in his military tone.

“But…” Jay was starting to argue when Billy cut in between “You all should listen to him… and Peter can take care of both of them… He is trained Alpinist…”

“Yeah guys you all should not waste the time… start moving before this storm gets any worst…” I said as I was unable to think of anything at this particular moment. I looked over Ava and she was also nodding in agreement.

After few moment Harry spoke” You two, just don’t die down there…” and they all started to move. And within few minutes everything was quite. Only sound which was coming was of Storm and wind. I sat looking up for few moments until cold scratched my skin. I picked up all three bags and went to the wall of the cave. I started to search for my mini heating equipment which I had recently brought. Ava was looking up but after sometime she also came and sat near the lamp.

Chapter 3

I don’t know how much time we sat there staring at the lamp but maybe after 4-5 hours *as the sun was already down* the lamp was going out of energy and suddenly the cave was dark. We both dig into our bags and found torches. But the warmth in the cave was slowly starting fade and was been replaced by cold breezes. So we started to take out our warm clothes out. The first night was little weird as only two of us were there and night was sleepless.

I don’t know when I felt asleep but next thing in the morning I noticed was Ava had creep up next to me. Her breasts were pressing through the dressing and I was able to feel them through it. Her face was really beautiful. Her lips, her eyes, her hair and everything about her was beautiful. As I was thinking of her my cock started to rise as if it was giving respect to the beautiful creature on this earth.

Not having any courage to wake her up from peace I just stayed like that until I was again asleep. I was woke up by the shivering sound, I look and saw Ava was sitting and vigour sly shivering. Concerned I look touch her shoulder but her cloths were wet, she suddenly swung around. I asked “Why are your cloths wet?”

“The water… Iee…It spilled o…on them…” she replied in her shivering voice.

I reached and opened her wet coat and pulled her in my coat which was way too big for someone like me. She first thought for sec but moved close in. She pressed herself against me, her soft icy cold skin was now touching me. As cold as she was, she had greater risk of hyperthermia or Cold water Immersion and both were fatal. “You need to come some more close as you need some body-warmth or else you are at risk of hyperthermia.” I suggested. Considering my suggestion she pressed herself into me. Her breasts were now pressing through the thin material. I could feel her getting warm and I myself was getting arose from it.

Her face was only an inch from me, her breath was warmer and it smell strawberry. She was directly looking in my eyes, not with rage or hatter but something new, something different which I had only heard about in stories. There was love in her eyes. I approach for her lips but stopped as I realized if I do it she might never look at me and at this situation we both needed each other.

She reduced the distance between us and our lips touched each other. Her lips were soft as if they were made up of silk. At first it was just a brief kiss but suddenly there was a kind of passion in it. I slowly moved my tongue only to meet with her lips but soon they parted, inviting my tongue. My tongue was invading her mouth, her saliva tasted sweet like sugar. We were kissing like that for few hours *or I felt it like that* only stopping to catch our breath.

My hands were roaming over her body partially making her body warm. I rubbed her back and side of her body but avoided touching her breasts. It went on for a while and then suddenly she grabbed my pam and directed them towards her breasts. I felt warmth from my hand being absorbed in her body. She might have felt the same as she gasped when I touched her. The nipples were pretty hard and I was able to feel them through the thin material of shirt. I played with her nipples slightly twisting then in between my fingers. She let a low moan in between our kiss. This all had definitely aroused her. I groped her breasts in both the hands and slightly squeezed them, the response was immediate as she let out a low moan. All this time she had kept rubbing me over my biceps, my chest and my back.

She led her hands down my chest, tracing my abs and lowering further she touched my cock and paused for brief moment but again started to rub it. I was caressing her breasts, kissing her cold cheek, moving down I kissed her icy cold neck and let a soft and low moan letting me know about my progress. I kissed further down her upper chest region and back to her lips tracing the whole path. Her touching at my crouch was leading me to the edge. The pre-cum was already oozing from my cock making a wet spot on my pants visible. I let my one hand free left breast and traced along her body down near her pussy. When I touched her jeans and she let go of my crouch. I thought it was the end of our adventure but she just opened her jeans never breaking our kiss.

After giving me small passage for her treasure she returned to rubbing my cock. I laid on her on her back and I was on top of her. I touched her cotton panties and her crouch and a small gasp escape her mouth. I proceeded down towards her treasure. As I touched her, she let escape soft moan of pleasure. Her pussy was already wet. I was feeling my balls burning and my own orgasm building up. I wanted her to cum first for me, so I started to rub her pussy lips through her panties. I let my one finger rub the valley made by her labia’s and slightly rub her clitoris. At first the speed was very slow but slightly I increased the speed. Simultaneously I twisted her nipples in between my fingers.

I rubbed her clitoris as her moan were starting to get louder. Her panties were getting wet by every second. I slipped my hand in her panties and rubbed her hole. She let a soft and load moans. I knew she was also on edge and I was also on the edge. I have to finish her first because now she was the centre of my universe now. I slowly pushed a finger in her pussy and her pussy muscles griped my finger as she let out a loud and soft moan, which was loud and clear message for me that she had cum and it might have been pretty intense. At this point I had just held my orgasm but now I let it flush over my body. My own pleasure was intense and I felt like I was on beyond ninth cloud if there was one. She pulled me into another deep and passionate kiss. I was on top of her so I rolled and she was on top of me.

We again started kissing each other, neither of us saying anything as there was no need to say we were sharing our feeling with each other. She started to pull my shirt, at first it was difficult due to coat which was covering us, but her magic worked here also and my shirt was off. I also proceeded and removed her shirt and simultaneously we pulled our pants down but were not completely off. Her breasts were firm even without bra and they were perky. I lowered my head and gently sucked her left breast. She let a low moan and her back had arc. At this point, my cock was throbbing hard and she had started to rock on my cock through pant. My cock was oozing pre-cum in my already wet shorts.

She reached under and started to slide her panties so it was my cue what was to come so I also reached under and started to slide my shorts. My cock which was already throbbing hard was having a massage from Ava’s pussy. She was moving back and front and her shaven pussy was just adding to my fantasy.

“I want you to be my first…” Ava whispered in my ear with a smile which could melt a metal but not my metal. She took my seven inches cock in her hand. Hearing that I was her first was making me feel special and wanted her first time to be special. So I rolled her over and I was above her. She guides my cock at her entrance and held it there.

“It will hurt first…” I said almost as a whisper.

“I know… but I want it to be you…” she said in his ear and blowing hot breath in his ear which send shiver in his body.

“Just tell me if it starts to hurt… I don’t want you to be hurt…” I said “…ever…”

She just nodded in approval. So I gently pressed against her pussy hole which made her to whimper in pain as her never penetrated hole, was stretching. I just stopped so she just nodded to let me know that I can proceed. I was just one-fourth when I met with thin layer of flesh. I just looked at Ava and she just nodded in approval. I just thrusted with a gentle push and took her innocence. She closed her eye and a tear drop appeared at the corner of her eye. I just wanted to pull out so that I will not hurt her anymore but when I was about to pull out she stopped me and said to give her some time to adjust.

After some time have passed she just nodded to let me know and I started to thrust forward. And slowly withdraw. I was just giving long and slow strokes as I wanted her to enjoy it. Her pleasure mattered more to me then my pleasure. I reached down and kissed her lips. I just took her lower lip in my mouth and sucked it. She let a low moan. I rubbed my tongue and it just tasted like strawberry. I reached down her tits and sucked them gently. Her moans began to intensify as she was experiencing pleasure from her first sexual intercourse. I could feel her vagina muscles contract which indicated that she just had her first real orgasm.

I just stopped my moment so that she could come back to her senses from her orgasm. When her breathing was normal I returned my motion again and this time I could feel the same heat in my balls as my orgasm was nearing. I reached down and kissed her, and said “I am close…”

“Cum inside me… I want to feel you inside me… I want you to give everything you have to me… Ah…Ah…” she said chanting.

“Ah…I am Cumming…Ah…Ah… I Love You… Ah” I said as my own orgasm took over me. I have never cum rope after rope in my whole life. I could feel her vagina muscles tightening as I was Cumming in her as her second orgasm took over her.

I reached down and kissed her lips gently and rolled her over. He let her sleepy head rest on my chest. In dizzy voice she said “I Love You” and I replied by gently kissing her on his forehead and whispered “I Love you too…forever…” with that my eyes were close.

Chapter 4

I don’t know but I woke up to some pleasant sensation, I opened my eyes to see Ava had turned to 69 position and was sucking my cock. Right in front of me was her shaven pussy. It looked so perfect, so delicious that I reached for it and just gave it a lick. Ava jumped by this little surprise but continued her sucking one again. I could taste some salty ness due to my dried cum but her sweet juices soon took over saltiness. I was sucking her and licking her clean. I was so aroused that I could feel my own orgasm nearing and same burning sensation in my balls but I wanted to make her cum first so I started to tongue fuck her. I gently sucked her clitoris and licking her pussy till her hole and inserted my tongue. Simultaneously I massaged her clit with other hand. Soon I was rewarded with her sweet juices as she had cum and the juices were not stopping event though I was sucking them. It was as if I have opened dam gates.

As I she came back to her conscience, she started to suck me harder. I could feel my orgasm nearing and before I can warn her I had deposited my cum in her throat. She did not spit it but instead swallowed it all. I was feeling some dizzy as sleep took over me.

It was Ava who woke me up. When I opened my eyes, she had changed into her shirt and blue jeans. She was saying something but I was unable to get what she said. After sometime I heard her say that rescue team was here.

“You must get dressed… You don’t want them to think you died naked…” she said as she was looking up and waving at them.

I quickly got up and started to dress up. I saw a man climbing down. I thought it was now or never so I turned towards Ava and said “I Love You Ava… always will… forever…” there were tears in her eyes. She hugged me and gave a one passionate kiss.

The rescue team had come for us after three day *what I guess as I was busy* and successfully rescued us. We were hospitalized soon after for full check-up. They had given me some anaesthesia drugs and I was out of consciousness for a whole day. When I woke up first thing I wanted to know was about Ava but I got informed that she and her friends had left hospital few hours ago. I was upset at a whole new level.

I just did not wanted any other adventure that I took my bag and went directly to my home Seattle. Upon reaching home I pulled my bag and lied on my bed, thinking the time with Ava. As first thing I usually do is clean my bay so I got up and started to clean it when I found a bit of paper and something written on it…


Well now, now I am at Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park with my wife Ava enjoying our honeymoon. Yes the bit of paper was left by Ava in which there was her house address. It has been a week since we married. If it was not that trip to Mt. Kangchenjunga, I would have not met with Ava and would have never got any chance to know her better.

Though I have lost one of my friend, but we still remember him but once visiting Mt. Kangchenjunga… Oh no…no… not climbing it just a visit at the base where we have a stoned named for Carl amongst who died there.

Good news is Ava is pregnant with our child as she was already fertile when we first made love. But she is something for which I will never regret…

Thank You…