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My Bathroom parts 1-3

2022-08-04 00:00:03

My bathroom


It was the end of summer; a 16 year old boy I just spent a month on the seaside relaxing and enjoying the view.

When I came home the house was very silent, no one was in but I wasn't very surprised; my mom usually was pretty busy with work.

I felt the urge to pee; have felt it since the airport...
I ran to my bathroom and quickly opened the door to rush to the toilet.

"aaaah", what a lovely feeling to be finally at peace with my bladder.

Shaking the last drops from my cock, I started to look around the bathroom...

I was speechless; the bathroom had been redone !

Where there used to be moldy tiles there was now shiny new red tiles. The toilet itself, althought in my rush I hadn't noticed, had turned into a sparkly clean luxury toilet.

The shower turned into one of those fancy multijet showers and there was now also a bidet... This was odd...

Everything in the room was shiny and very clean and luxurious; like some 5 star hotel.

In a corner there even was a shiny red leather couch. I sat on it it was very comfortable.

I kept looking around, marvelling at the place.

However, two things caught my eye. The first was that the bathroom door was now made of glazed glass.

And, the second, who made my heart jump, was a shelf near the luxurious sink and mirror.

The shelf was filled with big shiny dildos of all sizes and shapes. There must have been 20 or so of them; from the basic black buttplug to monsters as big as my arm.

I shook in disbelief. I walked over to them hesitantly and with a shaking hand I couldn't resist touching a few of them.

Their shape and rubbery texture were starting to excite me.

"Hello, I see you made it back in one piece"

I jumped and froze still.

"Yes mom, I only just got here"

"As you can see, I have redone the bathroom, I trust you'll enjoy spending some time in it"

"Yes yes, thank you mom" I didn't know what to do or say.

"By the way, there are some fresh clothes in the laundry bag"


"Well make yourself at home; I'll leave you to getting settled now"

She walked out of the room with a smile and closed the door.

My heart was racing. What did she think? What went through her head?

Obviously she must have read my journal while I was away. She obviously now knew everything about my fantasy world...

I was confused and breathless. I sat down on the leather couch again and pulled the laundry bag to have a look at its contents.

I almost fainted.

In the bag was a collection of items of latex clothing; all of them in bright and shiny colors. The sort of thing only a very depraved fetish slut would wear.

I was shaking in fear and excitment. I always liked the look the latex. I considered it to be some of the most arousing clothing, at least on women...

She obviously had read the part of my journal where I detailed my fantasy about being a sissy slut to some horny old man...

I felt dizzy.

I went over to the sink to splash my face with cold water; perhaps this was just some odd but very arousing dream.

I didn't wake up !

I did, however find a collection of girly razors and some hair-be-gone sort of cream.

I found a note with them; in my mother's handwritting "for a good smooth skin"

I got the idea... What was my mother imagining? What was her plan ?

The fantasies in my journal were just fantasies I would never have thought being able to act them out; and there I was in a shiny new bathroom, filled with some extremely exciting stuff.

I felt quite dizzy with lust. My cock had progressively become erect.

I heard a knock on the door.

"I am going to bed; early start tomorrow. Have a good night" said my mom behind the door.

"Yes hmm goodnight mom" I said with an obviously shaking voice.


I decided to take a shower. It was late and I was tired; perhaps the shower would help me settle a bit.

I removed my clothes and put them in the laundry bag after removing the latex clothes.

In the shower I couldn't stop caressing myself, especially my ass, while glancing at the collection of dildos and the latex clothes.

I was loosing touch with reality.

I was getting so horny, I decided to step out of the shower to get the razors.

Back in the shower, I thought it would be nice to have a smooth body; after all if I was to wear the girly latex clothes I'll have to get rid of body hair.

I started carefuly shaving my body hair; after a little while I was all smooth.

I marvelled at how smooth I was; my skin felt soft and delicate, like a woman's.

I stepped out of the shower and looked at my handy work in the mirror.

I stunned myself; I really looked like a sissy now.

I turned around abit, looked at my smooth round ass and spread it abit; caught a glimpse of my hairless asshole.

I was satisfied that I looked like a horny girl now; with a hard cock.

Some body oil was near the sink; I sat on the couch and started rubbing it on my body.

My skin now looked shiny, smooth and just overall sexy. The couch got a good coat of oil too as I poured it; it made the leather a bit slippery and even more shiny.

Here I was a shiny sissy boy on a shiny leather couch, losing all grip of normality and decency.

I very lightly fingered my boyhole; the oil was an excellent lube, alot better than my saliva, which is what I used when I fingered myself in the past.

I was horny like hell. I fingered myself in wider and wider circles, whimpering lightly.

"Relax there is so much more fun to be had, dont cum just yet" I thought.

I got up, picked out some nice latex clothes.

I chose shiny red thigh high high heels, and an equally red thong.

I slipped the red thong on, it was very tight, extremely tight even.

The back of it was firmly pressed against my boyhole between my shiny smooth asscheeks.

The front was holding my hard cock firmly so that only a small bulge could be seen; if I hadn't been hard as hell it would have managed to hide most of my boygear.

I looked at myself in the mirror, slapped my ass and got even more excited. It was now clear I was shaking only in sexual excitement.

I sat down on the couch to put the boots on and stood up again to admire myself in the mirror.

The high heels resonated on the floor tiles and I was afraid the sound may have woken my mother up.

I stood around abit, not moving, to see if I could hear her. Nothing, the house was very quiet.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I was now the slutty sissy I had been fantasizing about.

I was making myself hot.

Thoughts of men lining up to fuck me started blooming in my head.

I admired myself further and glanced at the shelf of dildos.

My slutty ass deserved to have its craving satisfied I decided.


I had a good long look at the dildos. I touched each of them for texture, size and flexibility.

Even though the huge arm-sized ones where quite a turn on I knew they just wouldn't fit.

After much mouth-watering I decided on a simple buttplug. It seemed of a reasonable size for my virgin hole.

I took the buttplug in my shaking hand, my heart leaping out of my chest and put a good coat oil on it.

I pulled the thong aside forcefully to expose my hole and held the buttplug up on the couch. I carefully and slowly sat down on it.

The tip of it tickled my hole and slowly it pushed in, sliding with ease, gently stretching my hole open.

"oh yeah" I moan silently as I felt slide all the way smoothly and gently as my ass was resting on the leathery surface of the couch.

My heart was beating hard with excitement as the small buttplug brought delightful sensations in my boyhole.

My brain was in a lustful daze as I started moving my hips around slightly to make the buttplug stir slightly inside me.

I glanced at one of the realistic dildos, way too big for my ass but not for my mouth.

I stood up from the couch, put the thong back in place to very firmly hold the buttplug in and picked up the clear blue realistic dildo.

It looked amazing, with big bulgy veins and most importantly a big head.

I stood in front of my mirror and admired myself as I started licking it and sucking it.

I imagined it was a cock, a big thick cock just fucking my horny sissy mouth.

My cock was begging for attention at this point but I decided to ignore it because I had better plans.

I kept moaning silently even though I was quite tired by my trip; I decided to lay down on the couch and just relax and enjoy the delightful sensation of my asshole being filled by something more than my finger.

Here I was, a sissy bitch in heat, dressed with shiny red thigh high boots and shiny red thong on the shiny red leather couch, with a buttplug lodged firmly up my tight ass and lazily licking a rubber cock as I daydreamed about my new sexy self being courted by horny men.

I started to drift to sleep. It was all too nice and dreamy.