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Special indoctrination unit-captive women

2022-01-21 02:00:04

The Special Indoctrination Unit is a unique sexual training facility located adjacent to a large male prison. The unit was created to imprison and indoctrinate specifically chosen women...those who are uncooperative in fulfilling a dictator's vast carnal needs. The project is known covertly, and to an exclusive few as:


The women are almost exclusively from the higher aristocratic levels...women used to money and power, and to having their own way. The leader changed all this upon taking control several years ago... and vowed to make all these women his personal sex slaves.

Many of the sophisticated ladies, proud and recalcitrant in their manner, had refused to accept this...and risked punishment, flinging their insults at their captors, enduring abuse at the hands of the leader's helpers, those in charge of the state harem. This, however accomplished nothing...and some of the most beautiful and proudest specimens of feminine creation were spoiled, and embittered, and were inevitably placed in one of the many female prisons, useless to the leaders endless sexual needs.

After a careful study by experts, it was decided to create a small addition to the largest male correctional complex...a special training prison funded of course, by the leader's endless resources...and designed to completely break, and retrain the proud and attractive women who passed through the large state harem, and were found to be unsuitable because of their intractable resistance.

These units would be run and staffed by uniquely selected individuals...who would use the latest, most effective scientific means to mold the women there into sex slaves...without the use of severe and destructive means. The women who undergo this indoctrination..will be docile and completely agreeable to any and all sexual demands made of them once they have finished their 'training', and the leader will honor them by allowing them to serve him, satisfying his most obscene sexual cravings.

In truth it was thought that these female prisoners would come to embrace their intense sexual usage, once they were broken completely in spirit, and self esteem...and shown the deep carnal gratification available to them. To this end, drugs, hypnosis, and exactly applied corporal pursuasion would be utilized, along with a comprehensive program of constant humiliation and degradation to break their will to resist.

I had been given this assignment, after having served the country as warden of several female prisons. Though I had dreamed of a position in charge of the large male prison facility to which I was now attached...I found that my position here as warden in charge of the special indoctrination operation was quite rewarding, and afforded me the chance to test my theories concerning mind altering persuasion techniques, without the use of brutal or damaging treatment, and to relieve my own natural sexual pressures.

I had a unique understanding of incarcerated women, and the small group of beautiful female prisoners here would be far less demanding in many respects...and would allow me much more time to devote to their special usage.

I was in charge of a staff of twenty female employees...I insisted on women as guards and as treatment therapists...I knew that my efforts would be far more fruitful devoid of the intimidating presence of male personnel.

The women were expert in all the skills needed, and would be invaluable in molding the captive women into the sexual servants that the leader invisioned.

I had made it clear to my staff when I arrived that there would be no cruelty, or corporal methods used that were beyond the exact amount needed for optimum effect. The prisoners were not to be tortured or damaged by harsh treatment. Perfectly applied corporal means such as caning, non damaging electric shock application, and other such physical methods were to be used...as well as special psycological techniques and drugs to maintain the prisoner in the correct mode of attitude change at all times.

I also insisted on the use of a special, and very rare drug, that has the effect of scrambling the speech center when ingested, and therefore the female prisoners are not able to speak, even when greatly agitated. This drug has no lasting side effects, but has to be taken every four days to maintain complete vocal immobility. This allows an inhanced degree of control that is invaluable in the training process.

There were now twenty female prisoners located here, and the capacity for more if the need arose.

I had begun to subject the proud, attractive women to very unique kinds of humiliation, and spent a great deal of time personally attending to them in this regard. I initiated a very special method of treatment in which the prisoners were given substantial doses of vitamin supplements each day, and all desired water, of course, but were deprived of all nutrition except for large quantities of fresh male semen offered them three times each day.

I was able obtain large amounts of safe and tested ejaculate from the large male population next door, and their efforts increased dramatically as they understood the purpose of their donated fluid.

The male prison housed nearly five thousand inmates, and after testing, almost four thousand were found to be acceptable as donors of fresh seminal fluid each day.

This, of course, was always rejected with great fury for a few days by the female prisoners in my facility, but within five days or so, the women, weakened greatly in their will and body, and realizing the they would have to eat the semen to survive, one by one gave in and accepted the inevitable. I would never, of course, allow their starvation to a dangerous level...but they had no idea of this and were convinced otherwise.

My capable female staff were quite efficient at their collection duties, and brought full, carefully sealed beakers of fresh male seminal fluid to the cell block three times each day.

Needless to say the female prisoners became nauseaous the first several times they were forced to drink the warm donated life fluid, but eventually became adjusted to the smell and taste of cum, and were able to drink it down without difficulty after two weeks.

My innovative staff had begun to plant deep post hypnotic suggestions into the minds of the prisoner slaves, telling them of the delicious flavor and great nutritive value of the male life cream, and the nasty liquid food was swilled down with greater efficiency owing to this clever technique.

The captives are also obliged to suck cock and eat fresh ejaculate each day by use of a section of the building fitted with twenty glory holes, to be used by selected male prisoners on the other side of the wall in a large, restricted, men's bathroom. Each glory hole is located in a men's toilet stall, so that the men may relieve themselves in private after taking care of their other needs.

This, of course, is met with great revulsion and anger by the female prisoners, but is accepted, in time, as a substantial nutrition source, necessary for survival. They are also fitted with special rubber dental covers while being used, that will not allow the mouth to close fully, and possibly inflict pain or damage to the male enjoying his fellatio service.

Any resistance is punished by a combination of the corporal, and other appropriate, persuasion techniques mentioned earlier...until the prisoner slave has come to realize the futility of disobedience.

I make sure that the women are in a constant state of sexual arousal...craving release constantly...and this enhances their intense sexual indoctrination and usage.


I entered the training room and closed the door lightly. Two training assistants were waiting for me...and we all looked at the beautiful prisoner slave kneeling doggie style in a restraint fixture. My assistants stood nearby, ready to help in any way necessary, at the descretion of my handling.

I sat in a comfortable chair in front of the gorgeous brunette...and lifted her head to the level of my crouch. Her eyes were filled with hatred, but also, inevitably, the beginnings of a kind of acceptance, but she was far from what she must be to leave here ready to serve our glorious leader.

The woman was obviously quite aroused sexually...and I knew that she was prime for training. "I need my cock sucked," I said quietly..."and I need you to swallow my cum." She stiffened at this, and looked at me with blazing eyes as I stood and removed my trousers and shorts. I stood with my rising dick a few inches from her mouth and sat, spreading my legs widely. My pecker was hard by now, and the thought of her mouth on my dick was incredibly erotic to me.

I pulled the woman's head to my penis and tried to shove it in her mouth, but she twisted in anger and would not allow it. My assistants grabbed her head and held it firmly so that I could complete my mission, and pulled her oral cavity fully open for me. The soft rubber dental cover would not allow her to close her mouth or bite and inflict damage, and with the help of my able helpers, I shoved my long hard dick in and held her head firmly.

She grunted and struggled fiercely as I forced my pecker in and out of her mouth, and my balls rubbed her chin as I started to enjoy my blowjob. At one point it was necessary for an assistant to lash her exposed ass with a cane, several times to produce a measure of cooperation. I looked at her dark eyes as I fucked her mouth and humped my hips deeply forcing my dick near the entrance to her throat.

She was livid with fury and would not look me in the eyes while being so degraded. I conveyed this omisson to my assistants, and a few well aimed lashes with the cane persuaded the woman to maintain eye contact with me.

"You're a born cocksucker!", I grunted, "you eat dick real good!" She tried to clamp down on my cock but was unable to, and after that merely looked at me with consumate loathing as I continued fucking her mouth.

"You've been drinking cum everyday from a hundred men, so one more wad of dicksnot shouldn't be a problem for you." "You're a dirty cocksucker aren't you," I moaned as I force fucked her wonderful mouth...I grinned down slyly at her as I neared orgasm, and shoved my prick in fully as I began to unload my large wad of cum.

She looked at me with unbridled rage as I squirted hot scum into her mouth...and would not swallow until receiving several more lashes with a cane. She gulped now...her eyes blurred with humiliation...and though much of my load dribbled down her chin...she mangaged to eat several globs of it...swilling down the obscene mess with teared eyes.

I forced out the last streamers of hot slime into her mouth, and she looked up at me in consummate degradation. I looked down at her in a very condescending manner..."Good fucking blowjob you little cocksucker...I'll be feeding you lunch quite often, so it will be better for you if you come over to my side and prove to me that you enjoy eating your meal." I grinned down at her as I put my shorts and pants back on...

"Get this fucking slut back to her cell...I'll have another session with her tomorrow." I left and went back to my office to take care of some paperwork.

I was due for another training session in an hour, and took time to use the bathroom first...relieving myself with a good bowel movement. I always showered at the end of the day but didn't clean myself otherwise from one session the next so that the prisoners were forced to endure additional humiliation when they satisfyed my carnal needs during an indoctrination appointment. After a short nap I resumed my duties for the day.


I entered another 'treatment' room and two of my assistants were waiting, as usual. My subject was a redhead, with long, beautiful hair, and she was secured in a kneeling position so that her face was at cock level. She looked at me with a great loathing and tried desperately to speak, though this was impossible for her.

She struggled against the straps and flung her head from side to side expressing her supressed rage. I stripped off and sat in a comfortable easy chair in front of her and spread my legs widely.

Sitting back I moved my ass upward so that her face was a few inches away. My assistants were one each side, and held her head firmly. I stroked my cock and brought it to full erection, and spoke to her, smiling wickedly. "Ok, you red headed cocksucker, you're going to lick my ass clean, and then I'm going to fuck your mouth and you're going to swallow my cum."

She grunted loudly and put her head to the side pulling against the restraints and one of my gifted assistants moved to her rear and delivered several painful lashes to the woman's bare ass. She bucked against the straps and groaned loudly as she looked at me with consumate contempt.

"Now you dick sucking bitch...lick my asshole." The residue from my recent bowel movement covered my asscrack, and as the helpers forced her head downward she grimaced and grunted but allowed her face to be buried between my stained buttcheeks.

She hesitated again and one of the assistants moved rapidly behind her and delivered several more very painful whacks to her glowing ass.

She grunted in pain and finally allowed her nose to be rubbed all over my smelly butthole. "Lick it, fuckface, and I mean now!," I said firmly, and pushed her mouth over my fragrant rear opening. "Look at me while you do it you fucking whore!"

She shook her head feebly and looked up at me, a bitter hatred in her eyes, but she slowly stuck out her tongue and licked the brown stained area around my anus.

She scrunched up her face in revulsion but continued as my capable staff held her firmly in position. She looked up at me in desperation and disgust, but continued to lick around my swampy anal opening.

"Lick my ass clean and swallow it you filthy cunt...that's it...how does it smell...uh huh...you like that smell don't you?" She began to develop a slight brown covering around her lips as she stared at me in revulsion and bitterness, and frowned as she swallowed the residue on her tongue.

"Good job...girl...you're such a talented little ass licker...now you be a good cunt and suck my crap hole!"

She grunted and pulled back against the strong hands of the helpers and once again my skilled assistant delivered more excruciating lashs with the thin cane.

I forced her mouth over my raw asshole and she looked at me with a mindless and confused expression. "Suck my farthole you toilet mouth bitch!", I demanded, rubbing my obscene anus against her lips.

She suddenly began to suck very hard on my open rear hole, in anger, attempting to create a painful hickie on my sensitive oriface. Just as she did so I pushed against her mouth and farted loudly, holding her beautiful face immobile. She struggled violently as she was forced to ingest my gas, and finally relaxed, and slumped a bit as I erupted several more times into her captured oral opening.

She gagged, and retched, but resigned herself, for the moment, to this incredibly nasty insult to her dignity.

At that point I pulled her head up and began to jackoff near her mouth and pulled down firmly and shoved my hard, dripping meat into her open gullet. She seemed exhausted by now and just looked up at me with a blank expression as I held her head and pumped upward fucking her tight, warm suckhole.

Her mouth was warm and wet and I went into a frenzy fucking her beautful face, as she looked at me with glazed eyes.

"Now you dirty cocksucker, eat your lunch!" I grunted and jerked upward, forcing a large amount of thick seminal fluid near the opening to her throat. The nasty paste began to backflow, and bubbled out from around her lips as she looked at me incredulously, and pushed on by a solid slap of the cane on her raw ass, she gulped and took the mess down her gullet...gagging slightly as she swilled down the thick white scum.

I refilled her warm toilet hole with hot slime, and she automatically swallowed the salty glue, taking it down into her stomach as globs of it ran down her chin and dripped in a streamer into my pubic hair.

I looked at her with contempt and grinned widely..."Good fucking blowjob you ignorant bitch!, you're a good little cocksucker aren't you?" I dressed and left as the stunned red head kneeled there, semen running from her mouth. She was beyond feeling contempt, and was incapable of a normal reaction at this point.

The mind altering drugs were very helpful in training sessions like this, along with corporal punishment and other co-assistive elements...and I was pleased with the progress that had been made today.


The project was taking on a distinct form and purpose, and each of my capable and attractive staff seemed to enjoy the work also...they were beginning to find some very tangible rewards in their dedicated work, and a feeling of accomplishment permeated the entire area. They were extremely well paid by a greatful leader, as was I...and we had all enbarked upon a mission of quality personality rebuilding in which we all participated, by virtue of our creative input. I looked forward to the coming months...and the pleasure that time would bring to us all.