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The Transsexual Rapist - Part 2

2022-10-21 00:41:20

(This is the second part of "The Transsexual Rapist"; read the first part to gain a better grasp of the story; Enjoy!)

There were about 30 other texts, with the same theme of rape, was he raping my mom? Was she into this?...

I didn't know the answers to these questions, but I would later find out....

I went to see if there were any new pictures on my moms phone, in fact there was; there was a picture of her surrounded by big, masculine guys, she was being fucked in all of her holes, while she was jerking two cocks off with her hands.

Another had shown her asshole with two cocks in it, then another with her pussy being stuffed with two meaty dicks. There was one video of her on the phone; she was naked on her knees, with guys jerking their cock over her face.

"Open your eyes slut! I want them to see me shoot my cum all over your slut face" one guy said

"Ahh, Fuck yeah!" Another said

One guy blew his load, he shot a straight line of cum, one going down the middle of her face, to about the middle of the top of her head.

By the time everyone had cum on her face, she was dripping with it, running down her face and onto her clothes, in her hair, it was everywhere! The video had gotten me so horny, I needed to fuck something! and quick!

I unbuttoned Rachel's jeans, and slid them down a little. Her flaccid cock laid there waiting for someone to help it; that helper would be me.

I took her flaccid cock into my mouth, I gave it a few sleek licks and she started to grow in my mouth. Her cock moved farther and farther down my throat, I was now at the point to where I was deepthroating her cock.

I gagged a little, which caused her to grow to full length, going down the length of my throat. I pulled my head back, I started bobbing my head on her cock, lubing it up for my fucking. Her honey-like precum started leaking, and being the cum-hungry whore Rachel has made me, I gobbled up as much as what would come out. Rachel thrusted her sleeping hips up, I squeezed her cock and gobbled up more of her precum.

I pulled my head off of her cock and pulled myself onto the top of her body. I directed her cock to my pussy with my hand, her cock head pushed into my pussy, and I let myself drop onto it, balls deep into my pussy, I thrusted up and down on it, pushing my ass backwards to get more in, my orgasm was surely approaching, it was going to be a big one; with a few more thrusts from me I started cumming.

My walls contracted around Rachel's cock and that caused her to cum, her hot cum in my pussy made my orgasm stronger, I squirmed and Rachel's eyes fluttered open, she gave me a satisfied smile; we made a passionate kiss; my mom walked in.

"Oh fuck! I'm sorry! Call me when your dressed" May said

"Thank god my body was covering Rachel's cock" I thought to myself.

I got dressed, I called my mom back out, she acted like she didn't see anything. Rachel and I went out on our date as she said she would.

- A Week Later -

I had been fatigued quite easily lately, as well as some nausea, today I noticed my period was late. I remembered Rachel has cum in me multiple times since the time she had first 'raped' me. I drove down to the local CVS/Walgreens (it was a jointed store here for some reason) and picked up a pregnancy test.

I walked up to the counter, where the clerk looked at the pregnancy test box. She looked at me with a 'your far to young to be pregnant' type look.

"It's for my sister" I said

"I'm sure it is" the old clerk said with sarcastic grin.

I paid and left, I literally ran out the door of the store and to my car, where I hopped in and sped off back home, I left my car in front of the garage, and ran inside to my bathroom.

I was breathing heavily from the running and nervousness, I pulled the stick out of the box, my hand was shaky as well as the rest of my body; I pee'd on the stick, it was hard to keep it there, being that it was my first time doing this and the nervousness of actually being pregnant!

What would my mom say? How would I explain this? Rachel was a 'girl' to everyone and being pregnant by her would be impossible! Bleh! I just told myself to think about it later.

I waited for the stick to give me a response, seconds seemed like minutes, minutes seemed like hours, hours seemed like days, days seemed like weeks; yeah...you get the point, it felt it was taking forever, and yada, yada, yada.


It was done, I slowly walked over, slowly as I possibly could. I picked the stick up with my eyes closed, my eyes, almost slow-motion-like opened; it had a + and said "P0SITIVE" right next to it.

I sat back down on the toilet, hands over my face, I didn't know what to think at this point. How would Rachel feel about it? Would we keep it? A tear of mixed emotions journeyed down my face.


I threw the test and its container in the garbage, and walked through the hallway to the front door, I turned the knob and opened the door; it was my girlfriend, Rachel.

"Come in" I said the happiest I could at this point and time.

"Nyx, have you been crying?" Rachel asked

"No! Why would you ask that?" I replied

"Because your mascara is running" Rachel said

"Oh" I said trying to wipe it off

"Tell me what's wrong!" Rachel said

"Nothing is wrong" I said

Rachel looked at me, her eyes glistened with concern and curiosity, she gave me a long, wet kiss, that told me she was there, and I could tell her anything.

"Can you please tell me Nyx?" Rachel asked

"Ok" I paused, gulped, and took a deep breath.

"I'm-er-I'm pre-pregnant" I said sputtering my words.

"Really? How do you know?!" Rachel replied

"I just took that damn test" I said

I rested my head on Rachel's shoulder, the curve between her head and shoulder caressed me, like I was floating on a cloud in the clear blue sky.

"Nyx, are you sure?" Rachel asked

"According to that, yes" I replied.

"let me take you to the doctor, just to be sure" Rachel said

We went to the doctor who did his shit, and we waited about 30 minutes for him to return. He returned and sat down on his computer chair and slid over to Rachel and I with a cream colored folder; he opened the folder.

"Well, Nicole, I don't really know if this is good news or bad news, but...your results are positive" the doctor said

"Ok...thank you, doctor" I said

We soon left after filling out papers, when we got to Rachel's car, that's when I broke down. I didn't know what to do, I didn't know what to say.

"Nyx, baby, everything is going to be all right, I'm not going anywhere"

"Te amo, bebe" Rachel lightly said repetitively

What she said had cheered me up quite a bit, we drove home. When we got I home we sat on the couch watching a movie, some horror movie about a necro chick that was addicted to blood; like some real life vampire shit.

"Nyx, want to go rape someone tonight?" Rachel asked

"Umm, I guess, who?" I replied

"I was thinking that we should go rape that cunt of a PE teacher" Rachel said

"She's fat" I replied

"The bitch needs to be taught a lesson" Rachel said

"Fine!" I replied

We went on to her house, the cunt was single, lived alone, and never did anything outside of her class, I figured that was why she was such a bitch.

We jumped through an open window in her backyard, we put our ski masks on, and ran up the stairs. We got upstairs and the bitch was masturbating to some porno; Rachel smashed the T.V. screen with her gun.

"Lay on your fucking stomach!" Rachel yelled

"Just bend the cunt over the bed" I added

Rachel did exactly that, and then she spread her legs. Rachel stuck two fingers in her ass, and a whole fist in her pussy, she pushed her fist farther in, soon half of Rachel's arm was in her pussy.

"Please stop! You're hurting me!" Ashley said (PE teacher)

"Do you think I'm here to be gentle with you?" Rachel said

Rachel pulled her limbs out of Ashley, and slapped her ass, literally everything on her body sloshed like the waves of an ocean.

"I'm going to steal your anal cherry!" Rachel said followed by an evil chuckle.

She rammed balls deep into her ass, and slowly pulled out, prolonging the pain Ashley was going through, then pumped back in at full force. She was crying; it honestly looked like she was being ripped in two, her ass cheeks looked like they were being ripped apart.

"Haha look at the bitch cry!" Rachel yelled again

All I could hear was a constant slapping, moaning from Rachel and quiet sobs from Ashley. Rachel slapped Ashley's now red-as-a-beet right asscheek, followed by a sobbish yell.

I got onto the bed, and sat in front of Ashley's face. I pulled her up by her hair, and spit in her face, I pulled her face onto my pussy and rubbed against her face.

"Lick it cunt!" I yelled

She ran her tounge along my pussy, up and down, I put my hand on the back of her head, and thrusted myself forward against her face, I rubbed my pussy violently everywhere on her face, I came and let my juices flow all over her face, I wrapped my legs around her head, probably to the point of where she couldn't breathe, but I didn't give a fuck.

Rachel was fucking her pussy now, slamming her pussy with a earthquake-like force, she was moaning something fierce. Ashley was hitting my leg for air, I pushed back a little and let her breathe.

I remembered when we raped Krystal, I pissed in her mouth, and how great it felt, I would take it farther this time, I knew I would.

"Put her on her back" I said

"All right" Rachel replied

Rachel flipped her over, and continued fucking her. I sat on her mouth, I felt a warmess come down my body and out of my pussy, then into her mouth, she started crying again, I leaked like a waterfall to her mouth.

After that, I stood up and got off of the bed, I lit one of Rachel's cigarettes, and we shared it as she raped Ashley. I touched the cigarette cherry against Ashley's left nipple, then the right; I dropped the cigarette into her mouth and plugged her nose until she swallowed it.

I sat on her face again, and put my asshole against her mouth, she started licking like the whore she was, easing up my asshole for the brownie she was going to eat.

I pushed a little and I felt the tip of my shit come out, I pushed some more and more came out. The log went straight into her mouth like a cock that was choking her to death. She wiggled her nose against my cunt, that brought me to a orgasm; forcing the shit out faster.

"Swallow it!" I said slapping her on the side of her head.

"Pleasth, dinth, itsth grossth!" she muttered and sobbed out of her shit infested mouth

I slapped her again, and plugged her nose, she swallowed slowly, gagging and sobbing were consistent. I lifted off of her face, and got dressed.

Rachel came in her mouth, forcing her whole cock down Ashley's throat, blasting her whole load down her throat, she swallowed like a good whore.

"Don't even think about calling the cops, bitch!" Rachel said

She nodded with agreement as the barrel of Rachel's 45' was right in front of her face. Rachel got dressed, making me hold the gun at Ashley while she did so.

We ran down the stairs and hopped out the window, then the fence of the backyard, we jumped into the car and sped off. We drove to Rachel's house. I slept over there, we fucked and then went to sleep.

I came home the next morning with Rachel, my mom was home. My mom was on the couch, playing with her phone... I saw something on the table.

"Hey Nyx, we need to talk" May said

"Rachel, you can stay" she added

My mom looked at me, then at Rachel, she took a deep breath. She twirled her hair in her fingers, she then licked her lips, as if they were candy

"I found a test in the garbage, which one of yours is it?" May asked.

"It's mine, mom" I replied

"Why were you cheating on Rachel?! I didn't raise you that way!" May yelled

"May" Rachel interrupted

"Yes?" May replied

"Your daughter didn't cheat on me...I'm the one who got her pregnant" Rachel said

My mom looked like she had just lived through a tornado. She had this look that said she was 'confused as fuck'. Rachel took a breath and continued.

"How is that humanly possible?" May asked

"With this..." Rachel said

Rachel slowly unbuttoned her jeans, and slowly pulled them down, she inserted her thumbs on the side of her panties; she pulled them down.

Her flaccid cock hung there, right between her legs. Her cock was completely shaved, as well as everything around it; my jaw dropped.

"Oh" May said

The room got dead silent, you could hear the A.C. going, as well as some crickets. Rachel loomed with her head down, it was overall pretty awkward; Rachel put her clothes back on.

"You won't tell anyone will you?" Rachel asked

"Not if you don't want me to, your secret is safe with me" May replied.

"Thank you" Rachel replied

Rachel and my mom hugged.

"I guess I won't have to blow your brains out" Rachel said

My mom laughed, then went into the kitchen to cook dinner. Rachel and I shared a bottle of white of wine, we turned on the news to see Krystal, one of our rapee's, she still looked like shit even though she had cleaned up since then.

*News Segment*
Karen: Do you have any remembrance of what the person was like?
Krystal: There was two, a woman, and I'm not sure what the other was like. It looked like a girl, but she had a penis.
Karen: A penis? And two people?
Krystal: Yes
Karen: Well, we have exclusive breaking news! There are two rapists now! A female and a currently unknown gender!
Krystal: They told me not to clean up, and to go too school the same way they left me after they raped me. They said they were going to watch me (Krystal broke down and started crying)
Karen: This is Karen Anderson reporting for for Channel 7: Alexandria News. (She was holding Krystal's shoulder, then the camera faded out and went to commercial).
*End Of Segment*

Rachel looked at me then the T.V., then me again. She picked up her backpack, she then pulled me up by my hand. I gave her a questioning look.

"I told the stupid cunt to keep her mouth shut, now she's going to pay" Rachel said

Later that night, we broke into her house for a second time, then we put on our ski masks. Rachel broke a vase, waking up everyone in the house; she pulled out a sawed-off double barrel shotgun. The whole family came down, her mom and dad, her two other sisters, and last but not least; Krystal.

"All of you sit on the fucking couch! Now!" Rachel yelled

They all slowly walked and sat onto the couch, Krystal and her mom were trembling, the sisters were quiet but obviously scared, the dad was in shock.

"What do you want?! I can give you anything you want!" The dad pleaded.

"I don't need anything" Rachel pauses

"But someone in this room couldn't keep her fucking mouth shut" Rachel added

"We made her do it" Krystal's mom said

"Shut the fuck up you cock gobbing whore!" Rachel screamed in her face

"Someone is going to pay! Who will it be?" Rachel asked

"Kill me" the mom said

"No, that would be too easy" I said walking out of the kitchen.

"Kill the youngest, make them suffer!" I added with a evil chuckle

Rachel walked up to the 9 year old girl, and put the gun on the bridge of her nose, Rachel laughed, then looked at the dad. Rachel pulled the trigger.


Blood was all over the couch, wall, and her other sister and Krystal. She wiggled around for a minute, then flopped, her eyes went lifeless, and her body went limp.

"Nooo!" The mom yelled breaking into tears

"Fuck! how many times do I have to tell you to shut the fuck up!" Rachel yelled


Rachel shot the wife, half of her head was off, blood soaked the couch and walls again, her body fell onto the floor lifeless-ly. Rachel walked over to the dad.

"I want you to rape your dead daughter's body, and don't do anything stupid" Rachel said calmly on one knee.

"No!" He said

"I'm going to count to five and if you don't stand up, I'll kill your other kid." Rachel said


"Fine!" He said

Rachel pulled the lifeless body over to the dad, then spit on her pussy and rubbed it in. She pulled the dad off the couch and took his cock out, she spit on his cock and jerked him off til' he was hard.

"Go on, fuck her!" Rachel said

The dad stuck his cock in the dead, lifeless body, the body had shit and pissed all over the floor, he went past the dead girls cherry and pumped as fast as he could, he was crying, looking down at his dead daughter's head with a big whole in it. He moaned lightly trying to hide the pleasure of fucking a tight virgin pussy. The slapping of their two bodies made it obvious that he was close to busting a nut; he went rigid...


Rachel shot him in the back of the head right when he was spewing his cum into his dead daughter's pussy, he laid limp on top of her. Rachel shot the other daughter; all that was left was Krystal.

"Should I kill you and put you out of this misery?" Rachel asked

Krystal nodded.

"Well, I'm not going to do that" Rachel said


Rachel shot Krystal in both of her knees. Krystal screamed in agony and pain, Rachel pulled out her cock, and rammed it down Krystal's throat. As fast as Rachel put it in her throat, she came.

"I already called the cops for you"

"Let's go!" Rachel added

We ran off to the car and sped off, sirens faintly being heard as we left through an alternate route. We flew down the road going at least 40 miles over the speed limit....


"SHIT!" Rachel yelled

The cop, with a power trip, walked towards us with his straight-up/no slouch posture. He wore glasses, short, almost bald hair, probably stood around 6'5 and was pretty damn big.

"License and registration please?" The cop asked

"Yeah, hold on" Rachel replied

"Do you girls know how fast you were going?" The cops asked while waiting for Rachel

"No, but we were going to be late for a reservation at a restaurant" I said for an excuse.

"That is no excuse, you could kill yourself or other people, not to mention; completely total a sweet car" the cop said.

"Sorry officer, here it is" Rachel said

"You know what? You seem like nice girls so I'll let you go, but take this as a warning!"

*5869 West Auburn Street, back up immediately!*

"Gotta go girls"

"Hold on officer" I yelled

"What ma'am?" The officer asked

"Just a thank you for letting us go!" I said

I pulled up my shirt and let my tits fall out, baring it all for his eyes. He smiled and then tipped his hat towards me.

"Thank you! That brightened my night! I hope you girls have a good time on your date!" The officer said followed by him running off for his call.

He ran off to his patrol car and sped off in the other direction. We drove a little less recklessly, I lit a joint, to relieve the nerves of what happened earlier. I passed the joint to Rachel, then gave her some 'road head'.

"I think I'm going to puke" I said

I popped my head out of the window, and blew chunks everywhere. I sat back in, and took another hit of the joint.

"You alright?" Rachel asked

"Yeah, I think so" I replied

We finally got home, my mom was sitting on the couch watching the local news. It was that reporter Karen, I thought she was always a bitch off-screen, but a great reporter on-screen.


Today, there was a four person homicide, at the home of Krystal, who was just raped weeks ago. Her mom was shot in the head, as well as two of her daughters, the husband was appearantley forced to rape one of his daughters, he was shot in the back of the head.

Krystal, however, had a worse fate than her family; she was shot in both of her knees, and not killed. The condition of Krystal is yet to be released from the hospital.

There have been tire tracks found, which may help the detectives solve the Alexandria chain rapes, we hope there will not be more murders, and we give our hearts to the loved ones of the deceased.

*End Of Segment*

Over the next few days, the murder case went worldwide, all kinds of new stations were reporting on it, our town was the most populated it has been since...forever?

Over the next few months Rachel and I took a raping break, my stomach grew, I was now obviously pregnant, or just weirdly fat. I was still going to school. News stations had started wondering if it was finally over, by all means; it was far from over.

Rachel and I walked down the hallway of the school, late to class, when our fatass principal walked out of his office and motioned us to come over. We went into his office.

"So, Nicole, I notice your pregnant" Ray said.

"And?" I asked

"I have a rule when pregnant women attend my school" Ray said

"What is it?" Rachel asked

"They must come by every morning and jerk me off, so I can cum on their stomach" Ray replied

Rachel got up, pulled out a pistol, and put it under Ray's jaw, Ray went wide-eyed, his voice and breathing got a little shaky, Rachel shoved the gun deeper into his jaw; trying to rip through the skin and into his mouth.

"She's my girl! Don't think I'm not afraid either!" Rachel said

"You wouldn't! Your in the middle of a school!" Ray replied


Rachel shot him, blood soaked the walls, brains on his desk. He laid there brainless, head on his desk. She put the gun in Ray's hand. Rachel and I ran, and ran to our first class.

"Sorry were late" Rachel said

We both sat down, the teacher continued, Rachel and I talked through class, until a cop came in, it was the same one from months back. He talked to the teacher outside the class, for about 10 minutes.

"Nyx, he's here for us, I can get us out of it." Rachel whispered

The cop came in, he looked around the class, then said he didn't recognize anyone. Before he walked out the door, he looked at me and then winked. Did he know?! Was he covering our ass's?! Jason tapped on my shoulder; Jason is an old ex-boyfriend from the 8th grade, I turned around and looked at him.

"Hey, Nyx, that cop just winked at you!" He whispered

"No he didn't!" I replied

"I know when your lying Nicole, and I saw what I saw"

"Is he the guy that got you pregs'?" Jason added

"No, asshole!" I replied.

The bell rung, Rachel and I got up, and left the classroom. Jason followed us outside to the smoking area outside of the school; it was deserted.

"What the fuck do you want?" Rachel yelled

"I know something odd is up, especially with Nicole and the cop" Jason said

"Nothing is going on! I just showed him my tits because he let us go" I said

"Whatever you guys got going on, I don't care, and I'll keep my mouth shut if Nicole gives me head" Jason replied

"You got balls kid, I like it" Rachel said

"Fine, come on!" I added

Jason pulled out his cock, he grew, he definitely grew; he was hung like a horse. He was at least 10-inches long, and the thickness was almost inhuman. I went down to my knees, and took his cock into my mouth.

I licked up and down the shaft of his cock, I kissed and licked his head while jerking him, I wrapped my lips around his cock, I went a quarter of the way down on it, it was already stretching my mouth and throat, I pulled back and gave it a kiss, I went back down on his cock about halfway, which was as far as I could get.

"Ahh! Ouchh!!" Jason grunted

Rachel stuck her cock in his ass, she started fucking him at full force. Every time Rachel rammed forward his cock went farther into my throat, I guess Rachel hit his guy g-spot, Jason busted his nut into my throat, Jason kept cumming, his cum pouring down my throat, blasting the back of my throat.

Rachel pushed balls deep into Jason, and went rigid. She kept pumping into Jason while cumming prolonging her orgasm in his tight ass; Jason fell onto the grass.

"What the fuck was-" Jason paused

Jason looked at Rachel's cock wide-eyed, her cock was still semi-hard poking out of her jeans. She gave it a jerk and put it away.

"Ack! Ack! Ack!" I was choking on Jason's cum. But it finally stopped.

"Jason, you keep your mouth shut or I'll stick my 45' up your ass" Rachel said threateningly.

"Ok, ok" Jason said

"Wait a minute..." Jason added

"You guys ran out here after the cop came in, you have a dick, and one of the rapists is an unknown gender" Jason paused

"You guys are the rapists!" Jason exclaimed

"Great job!" Rachel said clapping

"I want in, or...I could just tell the cops!" Jason replied

"Sorry, kid, I liked you, but this is not going to work" Rachel replied pulling out her 45'

"Shit!" Jason said as he started running off


Rachel and I ran for her car, we jumped in and does off to her house, we pulled up to her house slightly, and it was surrounded by cops, and had caution tape around everything; she turned around and we went to my house. We walked in the front door.

"Hey! They found one of the rapists houses!" May said

*Breaking News!*

We have found the alleged rapists' house, this house directly behind me reportedly belongs to Jacob Stiles, a son of the famous sports car dealer Barry Stiles, Jacob has yet to be found, but we have a recent picture here (picture shows on screen)

Today, there was two more shootings at the local high school. Two males were killed, the principal Mike Ray and a teenage male student; Jason Bledain. We presume that Jacob and his unknown partner are hiding somewhere in Alexandria, but may be planning on fleeing the country.

If you have any kind of information on these two criminals, please call 1-600-444-COPS.

I am Karen reporting for Alexandria News.

*End Of Segment*

"It looks like they are going to be caught soon" May said

"It depends on how smart they want to be" Rachel said

I drove to the store and picked up some hair bleach, pink and platinum blonde hair dye and a mask for the chemicals, then drove back home, I gave the stuff to Rachel.

"You were super hot when you were a guy" I said while spreading the bleach throughout her hair

"I don't want to talk about it" Rachel replied

"Ok, just know that I'm here if you want to" I said finishing the bleach spreading.

We waited for the bleach to set and do its thing, Rachel got into the shower and washed the bleach out, I then started on the pink dye that would be highlights. Again, after waiting she got in the shower and did her thing. Then we put in the platinum dye, and washed out her hair again.

She got out and dried her hair, I trimmed the split ends and layered her hair some. I straightened her hair, and we were done.

She looked great, her hair was down past her shoulders with extensions, and covered half of her right eye. She did her make-up and we walked out of the bathroom.

"Looks great, Rachel" my mom said walking past us and into her room.

"Hey, let's go rape her! I know she wants it!" Rachel said

"Ok, I'm down" I said

We opened the door violently smashing a whole in the wall with the doorknob. We walked over to my already naked mom, I groped her tits while Rachel spread her legs.

"What are you girls doing?!" May yelled

"You know you like this! Now shut the fuck up!" Rachel yelled

I bit down onto her nipple and roughly groped her other tit. Rachel had her mouth on her pussy, I went into a half-69 position and rubbed her clit while Rachel licked her cunt; my mom expertly licked my pregnant cunt, spreading my lips and invading me with her tounge.

Rachel entered May's pussy, her cock was halfway in and then Rachel slammed full force into her. When Rachel was pumping into my mom, I would lick along her cock every time she went in and out, my mom started cumming, she arched her back throwing me into the air. She gave me a face full of cum.

My mom continued to lick my cunt, sending me into an orgasm of my own, my pussy grinded her face, soaking her with my sweet juices that came from my rigid orgasm-ridden body.

Rachel pulled out of my mom and blew her load onto my face, cum ran down from my forehead, and down the rest of my face. I dragged my finger along my face and scooped up any cum that would come along with my finger, I then inserted my finger into my mouth and sucked on it until it was clean. We laid down, temporarily exhausted.

"That was fantastic!" May said

"You like being raped don't you May?!" Rachel said

"Mmm, maybe" May replied

Rachel and my mom fell asleep, I couldn't sleep for some reason so I went outside and had a cigarette, Rachel came out soon after, I don't know why.

"Hey, bebe" Rachel said

"Hey" I said

"Rachel, we need to talk" I added

"Go ahead, Nyx" Rachel replied curiously.

"I think we should stop this" I paused

"All the murdering, raping, and everything. We are coming dangerously close to getting caught, we have a child on the way, I wouldn't want our baby to not know who its parents are" I added

"Nyx, are you sure? I completely understand if you don't want to anymore" Rachel said

"Yeah, and thank you for understanding Rachel" I replied

"I love you" I said while in a tight embrace with her.

"Te amaré por siempre" Rachel replied...


*Two Years Later*

Rachel and I are still together, our baby girl was born, she is the cutest thing! Rachel and I are now engaged, and planning to get married sometime next year.

We have quit raping people, except for the occasional slips we had. But hey, who's perfect? I'm a stay at home mom, while Rachel is currently going to law school.

Today, I called over officer Jones (the cop I showed my tits to) for a couple reasons, he came over when he was off duty. He knocked on the door and I let him in

"Hey Nicole, can I talk to you for a minute, alone?" David said

"Sure" I said

We walked outside-

"I know you and your 'girlfriend' are the murderers and rapists. I'm not going to be the stitch who rats you out though" he said with a smile

"Thank you!" I said, and gave him a hug

"So, why did you call me over?" David asked

"It's my mom, I've noticed she's been kind of lonely lately, so I was wondering if you could take her on a date or something" I said

"Gladly!" David said

"MOM!" I yelled

She walked out in a long skirt, and tight fitting black shirt, she looked like she was going to work, or in her case, apply for work.
She looked at me.

"What Nyx?" May said

"Someone's here for you" I said walking to the baby's room.

"Hello, ma'am! I was wondering if I could be honored enough to take you on a date?" David asked

"This is a little out of the blue, sure, how about later tonight?" May replied.

"That would be great ma'lady; I'll see you tonight at 8" David said.

They went out and hit it off, a year and a half later, they were engaged to, Rachel and I moved to Louisiana, to start a new life there, our second kid is on the way, and they made a movie about Rachel and I.

"The Alexandria Town Rapist(s)"

We went to see the movie, it was not factual, totally off on everything. It just sucked overall; it was more of a comedy than anything else.

The rest of our life is up to your imagination...


Thank you for reading!

Constructive critique only.