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The Veterinarian's Assistant

2022-10-01 00:35:31

Her baby kicked; he didn’t like the cold air of the open freezer door. It had malfunctioned overnight but was still as cold as a refrigerator and Maya was only halfway through the hundreds of sperm samples she had to take care of.

The young brunette had always relied on her looks to bunt life’s curveballs. In the aftermath of a one-night stand with some random ‘don’t worry, I’ll pull out’ college guy, she was still as beautiful as ever, with her hypnotic blue eyes and naturally plump lips. Some would argue the pregnancy had only enhanced her glow (perhaps meaning her breasts).

She could even fool you from behind, having worked to retain her thin, athletic figure during the past 8 months, but her stupid dreams of professional cheerleading could not survive the bad timing of this giant balloon preceding her. Maya had to leave her aspirations in the trash along with the positive pregnancy test. And so, for the sake of little Brice, Maya grabbed the first zero-experience-required opportunity that presented itself: being a veterinarian’s assistant for her already successful friend Skyler.

The rural clinic she worked at was more than cats and dogs. There were so many farms and ranches nearby that even the center’s logo was a horse running in front of a red cross. By being the only medical center for miles, it had taken on some heavily specialized services.

Maya’s full-time job was related to one such specialized service: artificial insemination. Prized semen was big business and they were double-dipping by getting a fee for the extraction and a cut of the sale. A dose from a champion stallion could sell for over a thousand dollars. Of course, sale value didn’t mean every 50ml vial was precious. A single ejaculation contained enough sperm for several samples and most of what was collected just sat in the vast assortment of underground freezers until they ‘expired,’ which was the term used when an unsold batch was just taking shelf space that could be used to hold the new hotness.

And that’s where Maya came in. She thought as a vet’s assistant she would hold down dogs while they were getting their shots, but no, she had never even interacted with an animal so far. It was just her in the basement, and tens of thousands of semen samples, and a clangorous robot programmed to know which batch was considered expired and bring them to the swallower.

She had the city council of this farming community to thank for the existence of her position. A year ago, some bored crackpot started a rumor that went viral with all the soccer moms: semen from the clinic was poisoning the town’s water supply. An ordinance had passed classifying all sperm (frozen or otherwise) collected by a business as a hazardous substance that could not be disposed of through city drain or directly to the ground. So, you either paid a private company thousands of dollars to come collect unwanted samples, risked a fine in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, or you circumvented this idiotic law by hiring a Maya and paying her minimum wage.

The professional cum swallower’s first few days consisted of a morning of pulling out samples listed in an auto-generated list, then an afternoon of drinking them once they thawed. Things changed last month when a local stallion and local dog respectively won the Pennsylvania Derby and Westminster Best in Show in the same week. Sperm value from the blessed town skyrocketed and interested buyers doubled. This sent everyone into a white-gold rush of milking any male with four legs for a quick buck.

Supply outpaced demand and a daily surplus in the gallons flooded the freezer shelves. When the vet’s assistant learned she was getting her own assistant, she thought that would cut her swallowing quantities in half. But no, all she got this stupid tin can that took away the normal part of her job and left her with only the swallowing part.

Today the infernal thing printed out a memo before going about its task of filling the consumption table with vials of rejected seed: ‘Freezer 34 has malfunctioned overnight; the entire content needed to be disposed of.’

This was why she was downing bottle after bottle of chilled bovine semen while an assortment of vials was accumulating and getting lukewarm on the center table. Her pregnant belly was still hiding her cum-belly for now, but she was only a couple hours into her shift.

At the end of her worst day on the job (so far), Maya was staring at the last five vials on the table. Their mere presence was taunting her gag reflex. She was well into overtime, struggling not to throw up the last ingested liter of farm animal mix in her stomach.

The remaining vials’ labels were facing away from her. Maya had developed tasting expertise that would put sommeliers to shame and playing this game was the only way she could get through the end of her long days.

She was four in four when she drank the last sample in three gulps. Off-white color, nauseating smell, oily texture, revolting aftertaste… those attributes were always present, so she had to find the subtle nuances, and also to account for the contaminating flavor of everything she drank beforehand. The stuff had never stopped being disgusting but these days she had an easier time shrugging off the shiver-inducing feel of bestial slime running down her gullet.

American Quarter Pony was her guess.

“Fucking donkey? That’s some bullshit. No wonder it didn’t sell,” she said after peeking the label. Her frustration quickly dissipated; she could finally go home after all.

Maya waddled to the bus stop, interrupted every few feet by Brice throwing tantrums in her womb. He didn’t like sharing the limited belly space with an overinflated stomach full of thick sloshing liquid.

It was a shortcut to pass through the extraction park for grazing animals. In the patchy grass were propped dozens of padded logs like a gymnast’s parkour dream. She often saw some kids mess around in this wooden horse playground before and debated telling them what they were for and why they probably should avoid touching any of the holes. Going to work or going home, she was always too tired for that awkward conversation.

Off her feet for the first time at the bus stop, she became aware of the pastiness in her mouth. There was always a sticky film on her tongue no matter how often she swallowed. The first thing she usually did after kicking off her shoes at home was to brush her teeth and tongue for half-an-hour. If she was hungry for dinner, which didn’t happen every day, it would at least taste like mint instead of jizz.

The incoming bus illuminated the street in the distance. Seeing its bright lights was the only time Maya allowed herself to relax and leave her hard day behind excluding of the bad taste in her mouth.

A picture of Skyler making a funny face appeared on her phone. Maya’s thumb hesitated between red and green for a few rings before giving in to the pleas of the angel on her shoulder.

“Maya are you still near the clinic? We need you to come back; there’s an emergency,” Skyler said, the heartbreaking cries of a dog in the background.

“I know about the freezer, I already took care of it,” Maya replied over the screeching of brake pads.

“What? No this is something else. There’s a problem with a dog. I don’t have time to explain; just come to room 4,” Skyler said before hanging up.

It would have been so easy for Maya to text her friend/boss and say she was already on the bus. She was three steps away from it not even being a lie. But… she owed so many favors to Skyler by now, maybe it was time to get even on one of them.

The very confused bus driver left the very pregnant young lady on the bench. Maya felt the cum in her stomach slosh around as she stumbled to her feet. Her inflamed ankles painfully objected to the trip back but, with the last bus gone, it wasn’t just about helping a friend anymore, it was also about getting a lift.

Maya was needlessly worried about the room number that had escaped her preggers brain. The recognizable miserable doggy whines could easily be followed to the correct door.

Her cold cum basement felt like her personal hell sometimes, but the chills that the desperate cries sent down her spines told her she would fare much worse up here amongst the sick and pain-ridden animals. Being a veterinarian or a real veterinary nurse must be much harder than taste-testing farm-fresh baby batter.

The puppy whines made Maya’s ears ring once the door no longer muffled their sounds. The scene before her was of a nurse holding down a big black dog on an examination table. Skyler was on her knees listening through her stethoscope and a civilian man, presumably the owner, was sobbing and praying in the corner.

None of this she noticed right away... It took several seconds for her eyes to unfocus from the main event of room 4: the dog’s red rocket fully erect, bubbling translucent gel at its tip. It was so massive it matched the length of the dog itself. Its knot was like a crimson cantaloupe and only eclipsed in size by the giant pair of furry balls that Skyler was examining with a look of great concern.


“Maya, thank goodness you’re here. We’re short-staffed; I need another pair of hands,” Skyler said.

“Sure, tell me what I can do to help,” Maya said.

“I need you to gratify that dog before his sperm ducts rupture.” The dog’s owner wailed upon hearing Skyler say rupture.”

“What do you mean?” Maya asked.

“We can talk about how unreasonable this request is later. This dog needs to ejaculate in the next 2 minutes or...” Skyler spared the owner more anxiety.

Despite her understanding of the emergency, a very tentative Maya reached for the spongy red mass with her hands. She recoiled at the viscous texture when clear seminal fluid squeezed between her fingers.

“Maya, I know how this is going to sound, but you gotta pretend you’re trying to end a bad date. That half-ass jerking isn’t going to work. There’s no time so put it in your mouth if you have to... or that dog is going to die.” Skyler whispered the last part.

“Is my Buddy going to be OK, please tell me.” The man was looking a bit to the left of anything visually relevant with eyes glazed over. That’s when Maya noticed the cane and her heart broke in two additional pieces. This was his service dog...

Maya’s maternal instincts kicked in. She had her wild college days; she knew how to make men cum and could only hope her skills translated to the animal kingdom. The reveal that the only human male in the room was blind gave her the confidence to unleash her full maternal potential. With no time to unfasten every button, she lifted her loose pregnancy shirt to her neck and did the same with her bra covering her engorged breasts.

She had wasted enough time hesitating. The only thing she was still careful of was the position of her belly. Once she found a good angle where it wasn’t pushing against the table, Maya put the rocket’s fuselage deep between her breasts and wrapped her lips around the warped cockpit. Like operating two luffas, these titties rubbed that shaft like a deep-pore massage with precum as the oil. And she sucked on that crest like using a straw too small in a milkshake too thick.

‘Labrador’, she thought when canine semen began inundating her mouth. It was too late to ask Skyler if she had to swallow this too. The answer was probably yes. It was the same foul taste she had gotten used to and couldn’t decide whether being fresh and warm made it better or worse. What definitely made it worse was that after swallowing a mouthful of dog jizz, her mouth instantly refilled. And again. And again, six more times.

Maya was cum-drunk and barely responsive when a tail started tickling her tummy, wagging up a storm. Buddy had stopped whining, he seemed overjoyed. When the nurse released her hold, the relieved pooch went right for Maya’s face with a flurry of excited licks until the owner staggered to his side and got his share of the happiness.

Skyler’s face appeared over Maya’s, who, even after the dog had left the room, was still laying down on the floor waiting for all that new cum to settle in with the old. “You really pulled through for me back there, Maya. I know this job hasn’t been as glamorous as you hoped, but you made a difference today.”

“Can I ask you one last favor, though?” Skyler continued. “Buddy isn’t out of the woods yet. He needs to stay under observation tonight and he’s going to need your special touch a few more times until I can figure out what’s wrong. I swear I’ll call every vet in the country. I’ll create a treatment myself if I have to… You won’t have to do this for long.”

“I don’t think I can drink anymore cum today.” Maya wasn’t lying; she was holding her belly, which seemed to have gained an extra trimester in liquid weight.

“Just do your best. For now, that’s all either of us can do,” Skyler said with honest empathy.

Buddy was excited to see his helper from inside the cell they had moved him to. He didn’t seem to be in pain right now, but Skyler said that would quickly build up. From the size of that cock and balls, the ‘build-up’ was well underway.

Maya wanted to wait until it was absolutely necessary to perform but was entertaining the logistics to be prepared. Without a nurse holding down the dog on his back or any furniture to lean on, this was going to be tricky for her beachball belly to find a safe, comfortable position. It took a lot of effort to get down on all fours, or all fives if you counted her navel grazing the floor. She then rolled on her back to see if there was a chance she could get cozy on the cement floor. No chance. But speaking of chances, Buddy seized his.

“Ow, careful!” Maya exclaimed in the incomprehensible human tongue. Facing the other way, the dog had jumped on her chest, his front paws digging into her tender and swollen breasts. His enlarged appendage was dripping secretions in her eyes. With most of his blood collecting between his leg, Buddy stopped thinking and started humping. At first, he was only penetrating the air, occasionally poking a blinded Maya in the face but, with a stroke of luck, his mindless jabs eventually found a proper opening, when Maya’s thick lips shaped the ‘o’ in ‘stop it,’ or, as she said it: “StoGLUK.”

Maya was pinned down. She didn’t have the strength to push the beast off and didn’t have the figure to wiggle herself free. All her hands could do was push back on the canine’s balls so they would stop slapping her face like a wrecking ball with every ramming attempt at her throat.

Once the cock reached depths enough for the knot to kiss Maya’s lips, Buddy’s thrusts became more shallow and insistent. Locking that bulbous thing into a tight fuckhole was his main ambition even on a normal day. He was oblivious to his new ridiculous proportions and the challenges it presented. What Buddy lacked in perspective he made up in perseverance. Ignoring the squeals and gags of his bitch, he bumped those juicy lips with his knot over and over until the perfect combination of angle, natural lubricant, and jaw fatigue lodged the rubbery ball firmly against the wide-eyed girl’s soft palate.

With the bulb of the dog’s penis filling her mouth so completely, Maya had a panic attack from the low amount of oxygen her compressed nasal cavity was allowing past the fleshy gag. She knew only one thing would make the doggie back down. Sexual gratification might have saved Buddy’s life earlier, but now a speedy climax might save hers and that of her little one.

She sucked as best as she could and massaged the balls that were rubbing against her face until Buddy pushed his knot against the back of her throat and curled his nails deeper into her sensitive milk bags.

The ejaculation went on beyond Maya’s stomach capacity, which expanded until her belly button popped into an outie. Maya fought off the urge to pass out during the two minutes of nonstop spurting for her chance to spit out the spherical muzzle as soon as the penis softened.

Buddy sat down after shaking the last drops of sticky jizz out of his urethra. He was satisfied for now, thinking he had fulfilled his evolutionary purpose of making puppies. Maya dislocated her jaw around the deflating pomegranate. She stared at it cross-eyed while breathing around the 20 inches of fat shaft still in her throat.

Buddy got up and Maya thought it was finally time to call this a night. Then, the knot plopped back from whence it came. Her jaw had gotten so loose, it no longer offered resistance. In and out, the knot recklessly popped past her teeth. It was now a simple extension of the shaft from a dog going balls-deep on every thrust. For the rest of the night, Maya alternated between gargled wheezes and desperate heaving depending on whether the knot was penetrating her mouth or erupting from it.

There was no window or clock in the room and Maya quickly lost her time perception. Her boss, once again, found her comatose and inflated on the floor.

“Thank goodness you were able to get some rest, Maya. Things are getting crazy; there are two new cases this morning. We’ll put your basement duties on hold for now. I need your expertise in the clinic all day today. We’ll come up with a system to maximize your time.”

Maya’s answer was just cum oozing from her mouth. She didn’t realize Buddy had moved on to licking his balls in the corner of the cage at some point while she clocked out. She remembered four traumatizing ejaculations, but her cum-distended belly disagreed with that low estimate.

No basement today? That robot cum-butler was probably already piling up samples on the table. Hopefully, Skyler would have her down there again before it got bad enough to have to do one of her weekend swallowing blitzes.

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