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holiday black and fiancee

2022-08-03 00:00:03

Im twenty three and my fiancee is also twenty three,we had been goin out for four years and got engaged.
We always had great sex and i could please her at most things.
I was out of work and found myself with plenty of time on my hands so began watching alot of porn on the internet.I found interracial to be my favourite style and realy turned on watching how those big muscular black men would destroy white girls.I had always heard heard of black men being huge in the troauser department and it certainly seemed true in these clips.
I began realy enjoying it and when my girlfriend(not engaged at the time)was finished her college course and was due to graduate i went along to watch her in the ceremony.I noticed there was a black guy in her class and he was at least six foot three inches and very physicaly built.After the ceremony my girlfriend was getting photgraphs taken with class members and she got in a photo with the black guy by herself i began to feel my cock grow and began bulging in my trousers my mind was racing as i saw his big arm around her waist holding her close to him.I could not help but mentaly picture him on top of her and her loving it.
She had told me before in just general conversation she had never been with a black guy and wasnt realy attracted to them not racist just found it easier to get on with white guys as we are in a country where most of the black men would not be from here.
Weeks went by and i began fantasizing watching the interracial clips that it was my girlfriend that was with the black guys in the porn instead of the female.I was becoming realy into it and began sending pictures of my girlfriend to black guys online.
One night when we were after been out in a nightclub and came home we were both fairly tipsy from alcohol and bega getting it on in bed and while she was rubbing my cock and slowly kissing me she was talking dirty and asked what i would realy like and i was realy turned on without thinking blurted out "to see you get fucked by a black guy" she was bit stunned even though she was fairly drunk and replyed "what" I said "yeah a big black cock up you" she replyed "thats weird" I was so turned on I shoved my cock up her and began asking her how it felt and she replyed mmm.
The next day she reminded me that i must have been fairly drunk that I came out with some weird things last night.I said i kind of have a fantasy of seeing you with another guy and she didnt seem to weirded out,maybe she thaught i was messing also we are both fairly sexsual people but she said "haha would not bother me to have sex with somebody else but i dont think you would be able to just let some guy do that".
Time went by and i was still regularly getting my thrills out of imagining my girlfriend in place of the porn actress,I also had now when we were having foreplay (in my mind) imagining her with black guys and began staring at her while thinking of it and she would be looking with a dirty look smiling not knowing my thoughts.
We went on our summer holidays to Spain and where out sunbathing on the beach,my girlfriend in a bikini looking hot was realy racing my mind with all thoughts especially as there were a group of black men in the sea in front of us.My girlfriend suggested getting into the sea for a dip but i never realy liked swimming in the sea i prefer the pool so I said she should go il stay and mind the towels.
Like most people she stood at the sea entrance getting used to the coldness of the water for couple of minutes and she was only about ten feet away from the group of black guys.I began to get realy turned on when i noticed one of them taking an intrest in my girlfriend he kept glancing towards her in her blue and white bikini.
She got into the water fully shortly afterwards and began to swim.The guys were playing with a ball and went over towards her at one stage.The guy who had been glancing at her swam over to get it and my girlfriend handed it to him.He began chatting to her in the water and I felt myself ripe with jealousy but my cock was so hard that the jealousy was making me all the more horny.
A big wave came and caught her by surprise and knocked her over a little her bikini was now turned into a thong almost with her cheeks showing as she walked out of the water fixing to bikini back I could see the black guy staring with a smile at her ass.
When we got back up to our hotel room I immediatly started kissing my girlfriend and still on a hard began having sex it didnt last too long as I had been so horny from what i had just seen with her at the sea.
when we were finished she said "wow you were realy horny there weren't you".
She went in for a shower and I kept picturing what it would be like if that guy actualy did have sex with my girlfriend.
I decided to myself I had to find out so that night when we were going out I suggested to my girlfriend to wear something realy sexy.We were on holidays and she had quite a few short items with her but one stood out it was red dress but very short and revealing.She looked amaxing in it with heals.
We were getting two for the price of one drinks and getting well happy to say the least.
So i suggested we go to the beach and get naughty.She was all for it,so having a deck of cards in her bag she suggested we play strip poker.
When we got there the beach was emty so we began playing while sitting on to sunbeds.
She won the first two hands and i was down my shirt and shoes,a guy walked along the beach stopped about fifty yards away and began to take off his clothes,I noticed he was black and my girfriend eyes were fixed towards him,he stripped completly naked and jumped into the sea for a swim.
My girfriend stated that must be cold on his thing.
I won the next hand and she had to take her dress off.while she was removing it i suggested the loser had to jump into the sea naked.She was having none of it and we kept playing and drinking.I could see her peaking towards the black guy every so often and I got realy turned on.She was now topless and only a g-string and heals on.When she lost the next hand surprisingly she stood up and slowly pulled down her g-string man my cock bulged th sight of her in just heals with her red g-string slowly coming off.I could see the black guy looking and she noticed too it semed to realy turn her on.She lost the next hand and took off her heals and to my shock stood up and said looks like im getting wet and walked down and jumped into the sea near the black guy.
My heart was pounding with jealousy and excitement as my girlfriend was now naked beside a naked black man standing in the water.They began chatting and I just couldnt help but be so turned on.A minute or so later they both came walking back up from the water naked towards me,it was then I noticed that it was actualy the same guy who had been chatting to her during the day.He was fit like a scocer player body and his cock was about 10inches and thick it was so long i couldnt help but fix my eyes on it.My girlfriend had a huge smile to go with it.He went over to his clothes and my girlfriend shuttered oh its cold.
I knew it was now or never i had to go for it so i suggested you have to have sex with him.She gasped are you serious i saud definatly i so want to see it.She looked over at him and then smiling at me said if you realy want me to ok then.She called him over and he had his boxer shorts back on as he came over she said close your eyes to him and he looked bewildered but did it and she walked over began rubbing his body with 1 hand and reached into his shorts with the other i was so jealous but realy tunred on I didnt not know what to think.His eyes opened and at once he began kissing her running his hands all over her body,then kissing her nipples while she dropped his horts so that they were half way down to his ankles and his massive cock was semi hard in her hand.She then dropped to her knees and began pulling and staring at his huge cock before putting it in his mouth and sucking it the sight of her head going in and out and her lips wrapped around his cock his hand on the back of her head,she tryed to go deep but began to gaga as she could not get near fitting it all in,she stared up at him smiling and began licking and sucking his balls keeping her eyes staring up at him.After minute or two she got up he put her on the sunbed and she was on her knees and he began fucking her doggystyle from behind she was moaning so loud it was realy giving her some pleasure feeling his massive cock up her,she came very quick as i know her sighs when she is coming and heturned her over and got on top of her and stuck it in again and began realy giving her a seen to.she must have came 4 maybe 5 times in the half hour he was with her and then she called me over and put both cocks at her mouth and swapping sucking each then pulled both of us off on her chest all over her boobs
As soon as i finshed i got feeling that this was wrong and went realy quite i barely even remember the black guy leaving the drink was completly wore of on me and my girlfriend was cleaning herself off with my boxer shorts was when i thaught to myslef was this a right idea.But we went back to the room and immediatly she got down on her knees and began sucking my cock and we had great sex it has to be said.
To this day we have never spoken of what happened,i still fantasize about that night.