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My Raped Daughter

2023-01-24 00:08:40

NOTE: Remember this is a work of fiction. Rape is not one of my favorite subjects but this story just went that way. I am treating it in a mild way with more dignity than it really deserves. Rape is wrong on so many levels and the girl has to live with it for the rest of her life! Remember this is only a fiction story. If this is not your cup of tea please DO NOT read it and then get all upset with yourself for reading it in the first place.

My Raped Daughter

I got a phone call one Saturday evening. It was the police and they had found my daughter and she was at the local hospital. I rushed there just to be detained by a police officer while my daughter was being taken care of.

Betty Jo was only fourteen years old and had been repeatedly raped. From what the officer told me it was two young boys about her age and they took turns raping her for most of the day. I told him that she had gone to girlfriend’s house as she usually does on a Saturday morning and that she was to come home sometime this evening. I hadn’t even started to miss her yet.

Soon I was allowed to see my daughter. A woman police officer was in her room at the time and had finished taking her statement. The nurse told me that I could take her home whenever she wished to go. Betty Jo really wanted to go home and started to remove her hospital gown. The two police officers then left the room embarrassed. Betty Jo stood there naked, facing me. She picked up her panties and started to put them on when the nurse reminded her that I was still in the room.

Betty Jo said, “So what! Two guys fuck me eleven times and about ten people looked my pussy, examined it, and probed me here too, does it really matter if my father sees me naked now!”

The nurse smiled at me and silently left the room.

I watched as Betty Jo put on her bra, hooked the ends together, and twisted it around behind her back before picking the cups up over tits, pulling the straps over her shoulders, and they adjusting each tit in place. She didn’t care in the least what I saw but I got semi-hard and that concerned me. She put on her jeans, her cute top, and her shoes. Betty Jo gave me a long tight hug and kissed me very nicely. Then she took my hand and headed out into the hallway. I had to sign some papers and then a nurse insisted that Betty Jo be taken out in a wheelchair. Of course she resisted but I talked her into cooperating.

Once we got outside I went to get the car. I pulled up to the hospital entrance, got out, and opened the door for Betty Jo. The nurse told me to keep an eye on her for the next few days and to call my doctor if I felt anything was wrong. Then I drove us home.

Betty Jo was very quiet on the way home but once we were inside the house she didn’t seem to want to shut up so I just listened to her talk.

Betty Jo told me about her walking to her girlfriend’s house. Two boys grabbed her and took her into an alley. Then they took her into an old abandoned building and threatened to beat her up real bad if she didn’t cooperate. They demanded that she remove all of her clothes which she did while crying. Then she allowed them to feel her up. They pinched and twisted her nipples until she cried. They squeezed her breasts like they were water balloons. They probed her pussy and asshole with their grubby fingers. They then asked her if she was a virgin. When she told them that she was they got very excited and then had a hard time deciding which one of them would get to fuck her first. The blond headed boy won the argument and got to fuck her first. He roughly fingered her virgin pussy, forced her to spread her legs out wide, and then forced his stiff cock into her pussy. She said that it felt strange to have something real in her pussy for the very first time and admitted that it had really felt good. She said that she had gotten a dildo from a girl friend and that she shoves it into her pussy every single night while she plays with her clit until she falls asleep. She kept stressing the fact that she liked his real cock in her better and that she had really enjoyed being raped. She had kept track of the boys and the blond boy had fucked her pussy six times and that the dark haired boy had fucked her only five times. She admitted that she had worn them out. She even told them that she wouldn’t tell anyone and that she would let them fuck her again next Saturday if they just let her go.

Well they didn’t just let her go. They found some old rope lying around and tied her hands behind her back. They tied her feet together too. Then they shoved her own panties into her mouth and pushed her out the door onto the sidewalk. Betty Jo hopped around out there until someone noticed her and came to her aid. With her being completely naked, tied up, and gagged with her own panties of course the police were called. Then she obviously was obligated to tell the police about the incident.

However she really had liked being fucked by both of those boys and had been looking forward to doing it again the following Saturday too. But the two boys fucked that up. Then she asked me how I had manage to survive without sex since my wife had died a few years ago. Well I told her that it wasn’t easy but when you don’t get it for a while you sort of don’t want it as much. She thought that was stupid. Then shyly she said that we could take care of each other’s problem. I really didn’t have an answer. She had caught me completely off guard.

Betty Jo went up to her bedroom to take a shower and to freshen up. I went to the kitchen and started a late dinner. Shortly Betty Jo came down in a very sexy and very transparent negligée that I recognized as one of her mothers. Betty Jo had nothing on underneath it and everything she had was visible me. She looked real good even though I had seen her naked a couple of hours ago in the hospital. Somehow she looked even better to me.

When she noticed me staring at her almost naked body Betty Jo asked, “Don’t you want to fuck me daddy?”

Of course I did. But I just couldn’t. After all I was her father. Besides she had just been raped. What to hell could I do?

During dinner Betty Jo made sure to get up every few minutes and go to the refrigerator to get something out or put something back just so that I would have to look at her exposed body. She bent over every single time to show me her bare ass, her puckered asshole, and the lower half of her pussy. Needless to say I got a tremendous erection. When dinner was over and I stood up Betty Jo noticed my hard cock and giggled as she offered me her body again. Of course I said no but it was so difficult to say it. Betty Jo helped me with the dishes and got her negligée all wet and it became even more transparent if that was possible. Then she took it off since it was wet and put it over the back of a kitchen chair. I watched her wash the dishes naked while I dried them. Looking at Betty Jo like that sure stirred the blood in my cock until it was twitching constantly. After she washed the last dish she drained the water and cleaned out the sink. Meanwhile I was still drying and putting away the dishes. Betty Jo backed me up against the counter and rubbed her pussy into my throbbing cock. I damn near cum in my pants. Once again she offered me her body.

I don’t know what possessed me to do it but I picked her up over my shoulder in a fireman’s carry and rushed up to my bedroom. Betty Jo just giggled and said that she really wanted my cock in her. I stripped out of my clothes, jumped between her legs, and shoved my throbbing cock into her mercilessly. Betty Jo wrapped her legs around my waist and crossed her feet at the ankles so that I couldn’t pull my cock out very far. I had no intention of pulling my cock out until I had my fill of her scrumptious pussy. I had to admit that I hadn’t had a piece of ass in about fifteen months and that was a one-night stand with a drunk that I picked up at a local bar. She even passed out before I came but I finished and politely left.

However shoving my cock into my daughter seemed to satisfy her needs. Betty Jo kept thanking me for fucking her. During her orgasms she shouted out, “Oh God! Rape me, fuck my tiny cunt with your big cock, make me your little whore!” Betty Jo apparently had learned a few new words during her rape. Finally I filled my daughter with her daddy’s cum. All I could think of was how glad I was that she was on birth control pills.

As I lay there next to her Betty Jo talked more about the rape. The boys had made her use every dirty word that she had ever heard. She said that it seemed to excite them more. I told her that it excited me more too. Then Betty Jo asked me if it was all right to swear around the house in front of me and of course I told her that it was okay.

Then she invited me to take a shower with her. We had sex one more time before she fell asleep in my bed. I cuddled into her ass and held her breast as I fell asleep.

The next morning was Sunday. I started out by fucking her before either one of us had a chance to take a piss. Betty Jo asked me if she should get dressed or just stay nude for me to use whenever I wanted too. I told her to get dressed up really nice and to put on her makeup and even some perfume too. I told her that I wanted her dressed to kill so that I could admire her and then fuck her too. She giggled and started to put on her makeup as I dressed and went down to start breakfast.

When Betty Jo entered the kitchen I was looking at her in an entirely different way. I was looking at my daughter as if she were my wife. She was absolutely beautiful and extremely desirable. I asked her to get me a glass out of the cupboard. As soon as she turned around I pushed her tits into the counter, lifted her short skirt, dropped her panties, and shoved my cock into her as fast as I could.

Betty Jo said, “That’s it Daddy! Fuck me hard! Push my cunt lips all the way up inside me with your big cock! Don’t be nice to me! Rape me daddy! Mash my tender tits into the counter! Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me Daddy!”

Fuck her I did. It was hard, fast, and ruthless for all of about three minutes. While I was filling her pussy I even slapped her ass cheeks a few times. She shyly pulled her panties back up and lowered her mini skirt to eat breakfast.

Betty Jo said, “That was very nice Daddy! Thank you! It really felt like a rape!”

I replied, “Yes it was very nice! I’ll have to do things like that more often!”

Betty Jo said, “Yes Daddy! Rape me anytime that you want too! Even in the middle of the night when I’m asleep! I like it rough and unexpected! You can even let some of your friends rape me too if you want!”

Even though the idea of my friends raping my daughter excited the hell out of me I couldn’t help but be selfish and want to keep her all to myself. But out loud I said, “Maybe! We’ll see!” But in my heart I wanted to be the only man to rape her again. I just needed to keep it new and exciting. How many ways could I rape my fourteen-year-old daughter and still keep her happy?

I was definitely going to fine out!

The End
My Raped Daughter