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The Hunt Part 2

2023-01-21 01:33:36

The Hunt

by Vanessa Evans

Part 02

What I hadn’t thought about was if I slept after dawn. How would I get back into the woods without being seen. Thankfully the birds singing woke me just as dawn started to break. I quickly climbed out and stuck my head out of the door. I didn’t want to go back the way I had got there just in case a hunter was around so seeing no one I ran passed the end of the outhouses, over a gate into a field where I saw a horse, then I carefully climbed over a wire, then a wooden fence and I was back in the woods.

Then I slowly went in a big semi circle round the gate and finally got back to the place where I had been hiding the previous evening. My backpack, water bottles and food was still where I left them and the place looked undisturbed so I crawled back in, lay on the backpack and ate what was left of the food.

I had been there for something like an hour when I heard talking and then a girl screaming to be let go.

“That’s the second capture.” I thought, then wondered if any had been caught during the night. Maybe it had got too cold for them and they had given themselves up. Maybe I was the last one left? Obviously I couldn’t answer my questions and I watched as the naked girl was carried on a pole like the first one I had been.

I had another vision of a naked girl standing in a big pot of water on an open fire and smiled to myself.

The girl was screaming all the way into the house and I wondered if she would get the same treatment as the first girl. If she was, maybe that would mean that some of the hunters would be occupied for quite some time and therefore not out looking for me.

I don’t know if I was just lucky or if the hunters just didn’t believe that a girl would hide right under their noses but the sun had travelled right passed it’s highest point before I heard then saw another girl being carried in.

“Nearly made it girl.” I thought. “Maybe you’re the last of the other girls or there’s just one more to be captured before I’m £10,000 richer.”

My right hand went to my pussy and started rubbing. I might have been covered in mud but I was happy.

The sun moved further across the sky and I decided that when I heard the siren go off I wanted to be carried in on a pole like the other girls I had seen. I didn’t just want to walk the few metres to the gate and announce that I was the winner, so I crawled out, picked up the backpack and started heading in the direction of the middle of the woods.

I must have been getting a little careless because after about an hour I heard a man shout,


“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” I said to myself as I started running. On and on I ran as I heard a whistle blow 3 times. Grateful that I was reasonably fit, although running through a forest in bare feet was a bit painful, I just hoped that there weren’t any broken bottles around where I was heading, not that I knew where I was heading.

Looking back over my shoulder I couldn’t see the hunters and I stopped to get my breath. I saw movement in the distance and started running again.

“Shit!” I said when I saw 2 more hunters in the distance in front of me. They were just walking and not in my direction so maybe they hadn’t seen me so I changed direction and kept running.

In the distance behind me I heard the hunters talking when I stopped to get my breath again.

I’d just started running again when I heard the siren.

I stopped, bent at the waist and put my hand on my knees to help me get my breath back.

“Well that’s one hell of a beautiful sight.” I heard from a man behind me and realised that he was probably looking at my bare butt and slightly spread pussy, but I didn’t care, in fact I felt that familiar tingling start and my vagina producing copious juices.

I stood up and turned around to see 4 hunters standing there looking at the naked me. For some crazy reason I said,

“Okay guys, you got me, but before you string me up can I just do one thing?”

I didn’t wait for an answer and my right hand went to my pussy and started rubbing. The 4 guys just standing there watching me with smiles on their faces.


“Where’s the pole?” I asked when the waves of my orgasm had disappeared.

“What pole?” One hunter asked.

“The one that you carry the naked girls back to your camp before you put her in the boiling pot.”

“You’ve been watching too much television girly.” One hunter said.

“No, I saw you with another of the girls.”

“Sorry girly, no pole, we’ll just take an arm or a leg each, give me your backpack.”

And that’s what they did, marched out with me spread eagle between them. I guess that I should have been concerned that the 2 holding my legs had a great view of my pussy, but I wasn’t, in fact every time I saw one of them looking down at me made my pussy tingle some more as get wetter.

I had nothing to do for the good 15 minutes that it took them to carry me out and I did a lot of thinking. Apart from getting very aroused I decided that I had enjoyed the last 30+ hours. As well as being fun Charles was right, it had kept me horny for most of the time, I’d never thought about my pussy so much before. And I was really enjoying those 4 guys looking down at my naked body.

“Maybe I should walk around naked more often?” I thought, “or just wear very revealing clothes, clothes that border on indecency. Maybe stop wearing underwear all the time, not just when I go out on the pull. It wasn’t like I needed to wear a bra, my tits weren’t big enough to need one and after the last 30+ hours without knickers did I really need to wear any ever again. Okay, I’m definitely going to wear really short skirts from now on and if anyone gets a flash of my pussy it would be just an accident, I can’t get arrested for having an accident.”

Also as they walked one of them asked,

“How come you’re all covered in mud? We had trouble seeing you.”

“That was the idea.” I replied.

“Clever, beauty and brains.”

As we got closer to the gate I heard, and saw, another girl being carried back to the house on a poll. I panicked a little wondering if she’d been caught before the siren or given herself up after the siren.

“Was my £10,000 at risk, what would happen, would Charles split the prize between us? Well, I guess that £5.000 would be nice.”

It was a while before I found out the answer to that. When we got back to the front of the house Charles was waiting, The 4 guys carrying me walked right up to him and the 2 holding my ankles stood either side of Charles. He just looked at me for a few seconds then said,

“Is that you under all that mud Julia? Oh yes it is, I’d recognise those nipples and that clit anywhere. Have you been rolling in mud or something?”

“Actually yes.” I replied.

“Well you aren’t coming into the house like that, follow me round the back guys.”

I was carried round the back to the stable and put down on the ground. When I got to my feet Charles told me to stand against the wall and as he got a hosepipe out he told the 4 hunters that he could manage and that he was sure that I wouldn’t run away.

As I stood there waiting as Charles got the hosepipe working I realised that I liked being naked and having Charles look at me. I wanted him to fuck me.

My arousal quickly disappeared as soon as the jet of water hit me. Thankfully it was a warm day and the water wasn’t that cold. Charles turned the hosepipe nozzle to ‘shower’ then he used one hand to help the water get all the mud off me. I moaned as he paid particular attention to my little tits and pussy.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you Julia?”

“Yes, I quietly replied.

Once my front was clear of mud Charles told me to turn around and he then did the same to my hair then my back. Again he took his time cleaning my butt and between my legs even though he’d cleaned my pussy quite thoroughly from the front. How I didn’t cum I will never know.

“Wanting it are you Julia, how many times did you make yourself cum while you were out there?” Charles asked when he told me to turn back to face him to give me a final rinse.

“I don’t know, I wasn’t counting.”

“That many? I told you that you would.”

Charles backed away a little then turned the hose nozzle to ‘jet’ and told me to spread my legs. I did then the jet of water went straight to my clit. It took literally seconds for my orgasm to hit me like a train. Somehow I managed to stay on my feet but my whole body was racked with spasms as the jet of water kept pounding my clit.

“What’s all the noise?” I heard a female voice say when my orgasm finally started to subside.

I looked and saw Red Rose walking over to us. She was wearing just an opaque summer minidress and in the bright sun I could see that she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“Hi Andrea, this is Julia, remember her from Friday evening and yesterday morning. She made it to the end without getting caught but she was covered in mud. The dirty girl orgasmed as I was hosing all that mud off her.”

“You mean you jet washed her pussy until she came Charles, not that I blame you, she does have a nice clit. Bring her to the house we have a little problem that we need to resolve.”

As the 3 of us walked to the house I was rubbing the water off my body with my hands and Andrea said,

“So Julia, you fancied a humiliating weekend for a few bucks?”

“I can live with a bit of embarrassment for £10,000” I replied.

“Well you might not get all of it, we’ve got 2 winners.”

My heart sank. In my head I had already spent most of the £10,000 .

I was taken into a big room where I saw the other 4 university girls, still naked, and all the hunters. Charles and Andrea quietly talked for a couple of minutes then Andrea left the room and Charles started talking.

“Well everyone, as I’m sure that you know by now, 2 girls hadn’t been caught when the siren sounded. As there can only be one winner we have a dilemma as to which girl gets the 10K. We don’t want to just toss a coin so we have decided to have a little competition between the 2 girls. It’s going to be a ‘best of 3’ competition, a jill-off.

The 2 girls will get on a table and masturbate to an orgasm 3 times. I’m sure that you are all thinking that girls can fake orgasms, and so did Andrea and I so this is what will happen.

Andrea has gone for 2 heart rate monitors and one will be put on each girl’s wrist. These will talk to the laptop that Andrea is getting and we will be able to see when the girl’s heart rate suddenly goes up and she orgasms.

The first girl to orgasm is the winner of that round. Both girls will the go and swim 4 lengths of the pool then come back for round 2. The little swim should cool them down so that they start from square one for the next round.

If the same girl wins round 2 there will be no more swimming and no round 3 as we will have a winner. If the other girl wins round 2 it’s back to the pool then round 3.

I trust that that sounds fair to Julia and Mary?”

I looked at the other girls and saw Mary nodding her head. So it was Mary who had survived. I felt a bit sorry for the other girls, but hey, it was a competition and it wasn’t like they were going home empty handed or empty pussies and I was sure that there would be some fucking at the promised party.

Just then Andrea returned with a laptop and 2 watch like things in her hands.

“Gentlemen I think that it would be better doing this outside, plenty of bright light to make your videos look better.”

“They’re going to video us?” Mary asked.

“Is that a problem for you Mary?” Charles asked.

“I guess not.”

Charles looked at me and saw that I was smiling. He didn’t ask me.

“Before we get started has anyone got any questions?” Charles asked.

The only question came from one of the girls,

“When can we get out clothes back? The door to the room where they are is locked.”

“That’s to stop any of you sneaking in and putting something on, you’ll get your clothes back when you get your money which will be around midnight when the minibus will be leaving to take you back to the university.”

When Charles decided that there were no more questions he said,

“Okay guys, 3 tables and 1 chair out the front please?”

Everyone followed the furniture movers outside and Andrea setup the laptop on a table that was at the ends of the other 2 tables. Then she put one of the watch like things on Mary’s and my wrists.

“Right girls,” Andrea said, “look at the screen, those waves are your heart beats. We’ll know when when you cum because the wave will spike somewhere around twice the average. I know that it works because Charles and I have tested it.”

“Okay girls,” Charles said, “up on the tables and make yourselves comfortable.”

As I lay back on the table and spread my legs wide I saw that all the guys had moved round to near our feet and got their phones out. Charles checked that Andrea, Mary and myself were ready then he shouted ‘GO’.

My hands got busy as I remembered the feelings I had when Charles was rubbing the mud off me and then making me cum with the hosepipe. Both Mary and I were soon moaning but it was me who told everyone quite loudly that I was about to, then did cum.

Andrea confirmed that my heart rate had suddenly jumped to 133 bpm.

I was feeling happy as Andrea took the heartbeat monitors off our wrists them led us round the back of the house and into the swimming pool room. Needless to say that everyone followed us and watched, and videoed, us as we dived in and swam the 4 lengths.

“No need to get dry,” Andrea said, “the sun will take care of that and you might be back here in a few minutes anyway.”

“Charles was right, my arousal level had dropped to virtually nothing, even though there were loads of guys looking at the naked me.”

I wondered if I was getting too used to being seen naked.

Back at the tables Andrea strapped the monitors back on us then Charles started us off again.

It took longer with more effort this time, my fingers getting a little tired and I wasn’t making much progress. Even when Mary announced that she was going to cum and my fingers worked faster I couldn’t catch her and Andre announced that it was one all. There was going to be a decider round.

It was when we were walking back after the 4 lengths of the pool that Charles walked alongside me and whispered,

“I’m going to chew that clit of yours and those nipples until after you have begged me to stop, then I’m going to fuck your brains out Julia. Then I’m going to do it all again.”

Well, by the time I was climbing back onto the table those thought had really got my juices flowing. I wouldn’t be needing to lick my fingers before rubbing my clit or plunging them inside me this time.

What also helped was that just after we got started a big van drove up and stopped not far away. A middle-aged man got out and went and stood next to Andrea. She was talking to him whilst keeping one eye on the screen and the man had one eye on Andrea and the other on what was going on between Mary’s and my legs.

I was the first to announce that I was well on my way, and then actually cumming and I collapsed with my hands by my sides and my legs still wide open, I heard Andrea confirm my win and then tell the man what was going on.

I looked around and saw that some of the guys were still videoing Mary and me but I didn’t care. I looked for Charles but couldn’t see him at first then he appeared and told Mary and me that we had to move because the tables were wanted for food and drink which had apparently arrived in the van.

I sat up and saw the middle-aged man and another similar aged man carrying plastic trays over to the tables. I slid off and went to console Mary. As we hugged, my first ever naked hug, I told Mary that she may have better luck the next time.

“You think that there will be another event like this?” Mary asked.

“I hope so,” I replied, “it’s easy money even if you get caught on the first day.”

The 2 men who’d brought the food also brought loads of booze and when they were leaving Charles announced that everyone could eat, drink, swim and fuck as much as we liked until it got dark. Only then would he start looking for the girls for the minibus to leave to go back to the university.

“When do we get our money and clothes?” One girl asked.

“When it gets dark I will unlock the room with your clothes in and I’ll give you your money as you get on the minibus.” Charles replied.

Within minutes everyone was stuffing their faces, holding bottles of booze and talking to each other. It was no longer hunters and the hunted, just around 15 young men and 5 naked girls, none of whom seemed that bothered about being naked. Oh, plus Andrea who was still wearing the opaque dress that everyone could see through in the bright sunlight.

A couple of the guys started talking to me asking me question like,

“What’s it like being chased around the woods when you are naked?”

“What are you going to do with the money?”

“Were you horny all the time?”

“How many times did you masturbate?”

“Can I fuck you?”

“What’s it like masturbating with lots of guys watching you?”

I also got compliments about the size of my nipples and my clit. One also said that he liked my small tits.

I was starting to think about taking up the offer of a fuck when Charles appeared in front of me. He didn’t say anything at first, he just put his hands out and tweaked my already hard nipples.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since I first saw those in the pub last Friday evening.”

“You saw my nipples in the pub?”

“Yes, you were wearing a loose fitting top and you kept leaning forward.

“Wow,” I thought, “had I been subconsciously flashing my tits and maybe my pussy without me realising it? Maybe I was just coming out as an exhibitionist without realising it.”

“So when are you going to fuck me Charles?”

“In a few minutes, do you remember me telling you that I was going to chew your nipples then your clit Julia?”

“I do.” I replied as I felt my nipples and clit get even harder and my juices flow faster.

“Well that time is right now, push those plates along that table because my food is your pussy.”

I eagerly made space for me on the end of the table as Charles took his shirt off then lifted me up and put me down on my back, me spreading my legs as wide as I could.

Charles alternated between chewing my nipples and playing with my clit and hole, and eating my pussy and using his hands on my tits. I just didn’t care that there we people around eating, talking and watching us.

Charles certainly knows how to eat a pussy and it didn’t take him long to take me to the edge of an orgasm. He could tell when I was getting there and he backed off leaving me begging for him to continue as he just stood beside me looking down at me with my legs spread wider than a woman does when she’s having a gynaecological exam. I could feel my juices escaping and running down my butt crack and dripping onto the table.

Charles was teasing me and I both loved it and hated it.

Three times he did that to me, the third time he even turned to one of his mates and asked him what he thought of my pussy. I lay there desperate to cum as they talked about my clit, my almost lack of inner labia and my gaping hole that so desperately wanted Charles’ cock in it.

It only took one squeeze of my right nipple and his teeth gently touching my clit for an orgasm to explode out of me. The spasms and jerks moving my body about on the table.

As the waves kept hitting me Charles must have taken his shorts off because I felt his cock enter me then start going in and out getting deeper and deeper inside me with each push.

As I felt his pubic bone hit mine his pushes became thrusts and they got more powerful. I could feel my head getting closer to going over the side of the table which meant that my butt was getting pushed further onto the table and our of reach for Charles’ cock, but he realised that and I felt my hips being lifted and pulled nearer to him.

On and on both Charles’ thrusts and my orgasm went for what seemed like hours until finally Charles stopped and I felt his warm cum being pumped deep inside me.

My orgasm finally started to recede and I just lay there looking up at Charles who was also getting his breath back.

I vaguely became aware that Andrea was standing next to Charles when I heard her say,

“Wow bro, you gave Julia one hell of a fuck, you both must have been really desperate for it.”

Charles finally replied,

“Are you jealous sis? Go and find a cock of your own, there’s plenty about.”

“There is bro, but none of them will be as good as you.”

I wondered if that meant that Charles was fucking his older sister, but I said nothing.

Charles turned his head back to me and said,

“Well Julia, that’s got our urgent needs taken care of shall we make love slow and gentle now? Have you ever been fucked in a swimming pool?”

“Wow, so may firsts this weekend.”

I thought as I sat up. Charles stepped between my legs and leant down putting his arms round my back down by my butt, then lifted me up. My legs wrapped around his waist and my arms around his neck and he carried me round the back of the house to the swimming pool. We were kissing all the way and as he walked I started to feel his cock touch my pussy as it started to get hard again.

We were still kissing as Charles jumped straight into the pool, us not breaking the kiss as his feet found the bottom and he just stood there chest deep in the water.

The end of his cock was still touching my pussy so I eased my grip on him and slowly slid down impaling myself as I went.

Charles slowly walked to where the water wasn’t so deep and when it was just about up to his balls I let go of him and floated with his cock still inside me.

Charles started slowly pushing me away a little then pulling me back onto him. This was going to be a long, slow, relaxed fuck with me looking up at him and him down at me.

“Is this what you do with Andrea?” I asked.

“Sometimes.” Charles replied with no hesitation.

“Do you two fuck a lot?”

“Sometimes, it depends on where we both are. Not so much lately because I’ve still been at uni and she is learning the family business, but now that I’ve finished uni it might become more often again.”

The was a few seconds pause before Charles continued,

“Unless you decide to spend the summer with us.”

I was stunned. As I slowly went back and forwards in the water on his cock and I was thinking.

“Are you inviting me to spend the summer with you, here? You hardly know me.”

“I think that I’ve learnt one hell of a lot about you this weekend Julia, you’re resourceful, you’re clever, you appear to have a lot of common sense which is rare these days, you have amazing nipples and a clit to die for, and you’re obviously happy to be naked and let lots of people see you naked and even fucking. What more could I want from a girl to spend the summer with? Put you in a very skimpy dress and I can take you anywhere and let everyone see your amazing body.”

“I, I don’t know what to say Charles.”

“You don’t have to say anything right now, when I drive all you girls back to the university you can get out with them and we may never see each other again, or you can stay in the minibus and I’ll drive to your dorm room where we can collect all your belongings and then come back here.”

I was stunned – again. Charles and I were still fucking but my mind was in turmoil and not concentrating on our fucking.

My thoughts were broken when Charles moved a hand to my pussy and held my clit between a finger and thumb.

“I can guarantee a lot of action for this little girl.” Charles said as he waggled my clit from side to side.

“Hmm, that’s nice. It’s a very tempting offer Charles but I need to think about it. I’ve already made plans for the summer. You’ll know my answer when we get back to the university, Now can you just fuck me hard, I need your cock.”

“I just knew that you’d need lots of sex Julia. We’ll talk more when you’ve cum again.”

“You as well I hope.”

Charles’ slow fucking changed to hard thrusting and we both orgasmed quite soon.

As we got out of the pool I looked around and saw another girl and a guy fucking like we had been doing. We walked back round the front in silence and when we got there I saw a group of the guys standing watching one of them fuck a girl who was on a table like I had been.

Charles and I went over to the well manicured lawn and sat down.

“I hardly know you Charles.”

“Well that will be put straight in the next few weeks.”

“What about your parents, don’t they live here as well?”

Charles went on to explain that his parents were away on a 3 month holiday. They had left the family business in the hands of Andrea, himself and mobile phone calls. Now that Charles had finished university he was going into the business and the 2 siblings would run the business together. Charles explaining that it would be very easy for either sibling to get in touch with their parents to resolve any issues.

I asked about the house and was told that there would just be the 2, hopefully 3 of them there over the summer, the only additions being the housekeeper and a gardener, neither living on-site.

I asked about the £10,000 and was told that it was already mine, just a case of handing it over.

“What about the holiday I was planning?” I asked.

“You can still go on it or you could go away somewhere with me. Now that we’ve established that you are an exhibitionist I’m sure that we can find somewhere where you can flaunt that amazing clit and nipples of yours.”

“So you believe that I am an exhibitionist do you Charles?”

“All 5 of you girls are, but you more so, The number of times that you’ve made yourself cum since you got here tells me. Hell, you even got the guys you surrendered to to wait whilst you rubbed one out for them. And look at you now, laid there with your legs wide open for everyone to see.. Julia, you ARE and exhibitionist.”

“I think that you are right Charles. You know that until this weekend I’ve never even been naked anywhere other than my bedroom and bathroom.”

“That doesn’t surprise me, millions of girls are just waiting for the something to happen that will bring out their true selves. It just took Andrea skinny dipping in the pool when she thought no one else was home and I caught her for her to realise that she like to be naked in front of men.”

“Did I hear my name? Are you guys talking about me?” I heard Andrea say then I saw her walking over.

“Just telling Julia that you too are an exhibitionist sis.”

“And what makes you say that brother?”

“Look at you sis, you are as naked as the day you were born.”

“Okay, you got me there. Do you 2 know that you look like you’ve just had a marathon sex session.” Andrea said.

“You don’t look much better sis.” Charles said, “how many guys have you fucked?”


“Well I suppose that you have your reputation to keep up.”

“How many guys have you just fucked Julia?” Andrea asked.

“One, Charles.” I replied.

“Bloody hell girl, what’s wrong with you? With your body I’d have fucked most of them by now. Should we have made the hunt longer to get you more horny?”

“That’s my fault sis, I asked her to come and spend the summer with us and she’s thinking about it.”

“Oh, that explains it, but Julia, this may be your last chance to get gang-banged before you go back to uni. Charles and I won’t mind watching you get gang-banged, will you bro?”

“Not at all, in fact I was expecting it.”

“You won’t think any the less of me?”

“Fuck no.” Charles said. “You go for it girl. It will give your brain time to think about the offer.”

“So the offer of spending the summer with you will still stand if I go over there and ask all those guys to fuck me?”

“It won’t be one offer Julia,” Andrea said, “it will be 2, I’m offering as well. It might mean that my pussy doesn’t get as sore. Have you ever ridden before Julia?”

I knew what Andrea meant, I’d seen the stable and the horse but I looked at Charles’ soft cock then touched it and said,

“Only these when they get a bit harder than this one.”

“Yes,” Andrea replied, “it does look better when it’s hard but I meant horse riding.”

“I know, I’ve seen your horse.”

“I could teach you, it’s not difficult.”

“You mean bare-back riding sis, and I’m not talking about without a saddle, You should see her tits bouncing about Julia, they look really painful.”

“Well I don’t think that I’d have that problem.” I replied as I put my hands on my tits and tried to wobble them.”

“Maybe your clit would stab the horse’s back and we’d have to put a band-aid on it.” Charles replied.

“It’s not that big, is it?”

“No, it’s a lot bigger than average but it’s not that big.” Charles replied, “Just right for a good chew.”

“I’m looking forward to doing that.” Andrea added.

I didn’t reply but I did think that if I took them up on their offer I would probably be having another first, a threesome.

I turned onto my side and gave Charles a quick kiss then got to my feet. As I walked over to where the guys were still screwing one girl I shouted,


Some of the guys started walking over to me as I climbed up onto a table and arranged myself so that my pussy was right in one edge and my head was hanging over the other side. I wanted to be throat fucked as well as pussy fucked.

Just as the first guys touched me I heard Andrea say,

“I’ll get a camera.”

Another first for me as I was gang-banged at both ends at the same time. I was experiencing something that I had always fantasised about and I was really happy as the first 2 cocks entered me.

I felt like a filthy whore, a happy filthy whore, as more and more guys came and deposited their loads deep inside my pussy and stomach.

It was starting to get dark when the last guy pulled out of me and I just lay there revelling in the debauchery that had just taken place. After a few minutes I felt someone stroking my hair. When I looked up it was Charles smiling down at me.

“Are you okay Julia? You looked to be really enjoying that.”

“Yes, I was, it was a dream come true.”

“Good, but you look a mess, covered in sweat and you’ve got cum all over you face and hair.”

“Can you blast me with that hosepipe again please?”

“No, I’ve got a better idea.”

With that Charles picked me up and carried me inside the house and up to his bathroom where he put me in the shower, dropped his shorts and joined me.

After covering me with his shower gel he unhooked the shower head that was on a flexible hose and pointed it at my pussy.

“That’s nice I said,” then took it off him and unscrewed the head.

Holding the end of the flexible hose I held it to my vaginal entrance and let the warm water fill my pussy.

“Flush me out.” I said to the bemused looking Charles. “I don’t want the sperm of a dozen guys to seep out of me all the way back to the university, I haven’t go any knickers to absorb it. Besides, if someone else wants to fuck me and I don’t want them to have very sloppy seconds.”

“You could have used the bidet for doing that Julia.”

“I saw that but I’ve never used one before, the shower hose has always worked for me.”

“I’ll show you sometime.”

“So are you going to fuck me in here Charles?”

“I thought that I’d let your pussy have a bit of a rest, it looks quite inflamed and maybe sore.”

“Thank you, but I would have put up with the pain for you.”

“You’re not a pain slut are you Julia?”

“Not that I know of.”

“Have you ever been spanked?”

“No, but I’ve often wondered what it would be like.”

“If you come here for the summer I’m sure that I can give you another first, You’re doing good at collecting those.”

“I am this weekend and that’s all down to you and your crazy ideas Charles.”

“Are you complaining Julia?”

“Hell no.”

“Okay, no fucking for now, let’s get dry then get some clothes on. I guess that the other girls are wanting to get back to their dorm rooms.”

Charles got dressed and I followed him downstairs. The door to the room with our clothes in was open and inside the other uni girls were mostly getting dressed. I say mostly because Mary was just sitting there still as naked as I was.

“Are you okay Mary?” I asked.

“Yes, just knackered.”

“Didn’t you get any sleep last night?”


I put my sandals on and picked up my dress and bag. I decided to ride in the minibus still naked.

As the 3 dressed girl started to leave I held out my hand for Mary.

“Not putting your clothes on Mary?” I asked.

“No, can’t be bothered. You?”

“No, not yet.”

I picked up Mary’s clothes and we walked out together. At the minibus the still naked Andrea gave out envelopes to each girl, including me. I climbed into the front with Charles who asked me if I was going to be okay in the front dressed as I was.

“It’s dark so I should be, I’ll put my dress on when we get to the university.”

The drive back was in total silence, the girl probably being too knackered, although I did a lot of thinking because of the decision that I had to make.

As the minibus pulled up outside the university the side door opened, the 3 clothed girls got out and I could hear Mary putting her clothes on. I picked up my dress and as I was putting it on Charles said,

“Have you made your decision Julia?”

I opened the door and got out. Mary was out by then and I said goodbye to her as I pulled my dress straight then I got back in. Shutting the door I turned to Charles and said,

“Take me to my dorm room please Charles, then can you help me pack?”