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The Neighbourhood 03 - 2022-06-15 - Winn's History

2023-01-22 00:19:13

Discover how Winn's relationship with Jon and KC began - and enjoy a lot of sex between Winn and Jim, with some role-play thrown in.

Your opinions matter, so comments with your thoughts are welcome. Constructive advice preferred, of course.

Each chapter is labelled with the themes in that chapter. There are a lot of other themes to this tale as the chapters progress, including: anal, BDSM, blowjob, BDSM, bondage and restriction, cheating, discipline, domination/submission, first time, group, humiliation, incest, lesbian, oral sex, pregnant, romance, teen, threesome, toys, voyeurism, virginity, wife, young. XNXX doesn't have a theme for 'poly' or 'polyamory', but that's in here too.


Full Disclosure:

This is a set of fantasies. Fantasy characters do things that are immoral, damaging, illegal, and (in some cases) impossible. This is a fantasy world that happens to look a lot like our world. For example, there are no sexually transmitted diseases, and the consequences incest and young sex tend to the pleasurable rather than the punitive or putrescent. In the real world these are among the most damaging perversions—abuses of power and breeches of trust. Don't confuse fantasies affairs, underage sex, and incestuous sex with reality—no matter how titillating or stimulating. There are things in this story that are horrifying libido-killers for me even in fantasy: as a writer, I follow the characters; I don't lead them. So don't fuck little girls or little boys; don't cheat on the people who care about you. Fantasy is not reality. If you read Tolkien and are tempted to pick up a sword and work your way through the Orcs in the mall, seek help; if you read this and are tempted to pick up some 12 year olds and work your way through their innocence, SEEK HELP. It's not real life! Don't force it on anyone! Now grab a phone and call for help, or grab some lube and start reading with one hand. Don't get the two confused.


Winn's History

An hour later, we were sitting at the patio table in our small backyard in the fading light, sipping wine and digesting some excellent kabobs. Winn had been telling me about her ex-husband, and how their relationship with Jon and KC started—and changed.

"We got married when I was 22," Winn said, "in 2008. Derek was a lot older than me—thirty eight—and had this house for a few years. We met when I was in third-year university, at a pretty wild party. People were drunk, high, taking ecstasy, just wild. By the time midnight rolled around there were people fucking all over the place. I joined in a threesome with one of my girlfriends and her boyfriend."

"Derek," I said.

She nodded, taking another sip. "It wasn't the first time I'd fooled around with a girl, but it was my first ménage à trois." I could see her nipples getting harder as she recalled the night. "I guess that was my first poly relationship, though it broke down pretty fast. Julie and I both got really jealous, and ended up competing instead of sharing."

"How did you end up winning Derek, then?" I gently stroked her thigh while topping up her glass.

"I don't think I won so much as she lost," Winn said. "Julie got really possessive and demanding. You know how competitive I am. It got me going, but I'm not possessive like she was. I didn't try to control him or his time, so he ended up spending more and more of it with me. I didn't really want a boyfriend, but it sure felt good when Derek broke off with her."

"I gather the threesomes stopped soon after the party," I said.

"Oh no," Winn said, smiling sadly. "We all fucked each other for almost six months before it went to shit. In retrospect, I don't think I really loved Derek. He was kind, open minded, and a good lover, but I thought of him as more of a fuck-buddy than a boyfriend. We picked up casual partners at parties and bars every few months, mostly girls. It was fun, but we were pretty exclusive overall. No girlfriends or boyfriends, you know?

"Anyway, when he proposed I was stunned. He did it at my graduation ceremony, and I kinda got caught up in the romance of it all." She laughed sharply. "My mother was out of her skull with glee. Dad was definitely not." I imagined her parent's reactions based on the video-chat's we had had. I would meet them in person in at Christmas, when they were flying over from New York. I couldn't imagine Winn's father being happy about her being with anyone.

"Neither of us was into big weddings and big plans and I don't like waiting for anything, so we got married about a month later. I moved in here officially that day."

I considered making a smartass remark about her demanding, impatient nature, but thought discretion was the better part of valour.

"Jon and KC moved in up the street in the middle of a nasty storm that winter, which is how I met them. It was snowing so hard it was almost a whiteout. I was walking Steve - the husky I had before Bandana - and I walked right into the back door of their moving van."

This time I couldn't edit myself – the image was so comical I burst out laughing. "Oh, baby! Did you hurt more than your pride?"

"I was fine," she said, smiling sweetly, "other than the bloody nose, concussion and almost dying from hypothermia." My jaw dropped and I stared at her blankly. She shot me a nasty glance, but I could see it was an act: she was enjoying the shock on my face. "The door had blown open, and no one was outside when I walked into it. That wasn't so bad, but I slipped, fell backwards and smacked my head. I don't think they would have found me if not for my dog. I slid down the hill, into the deep snow." Our street was very steep in front of Jon and KC's house. "I don't remember how I got inside their house, but when I came to I was shivering naked in a strange bed, between two naked strangers."

"Good lord!" I said. "You almost died?!"

"Yeah, well Jon was interning at the time, and knew what to do to patch me up."

I thought back to my days as a Scout, and the winter survival training I had learned. We had all scoffed at the idea of having to cuddle naked to save someone, until I pointed out that some of the girls in the Troop were worth a second look. "I guess that sort of introduction doesn't leave a lot of room for barriers or shyness, does it?"

"Well," Winn said, "it did help that they turned out to be very, very hot."

"I bet. What, they were about 20 at the time?"

"Twenty three. They were high school sweethearts, who split the summer before university. Their parents were all close friends, and were killed in a boating accident up North. They got together again soon after, and have been taking care of each other ever since."

"That's a hell of a love story," I said.

Winn nodded. "I woke up pretty slowly and was in a fair bit of pain, so I just lay there shivering, cuddled up, listening to them talk. Jon kept apologising, and KC kept saying, 'It's okay, I know you can't help it.' "

I imagined a naked Winn shivering against me. "Boner?"

She nodded again, smiling. "He's very long, but fairly slender and very perpendicular. It was sticking straight between my legs and poking KC's ass. He can put a couple inches inside her from that position."

I noted that she said "can", not "could have". °Your life got interesting pretty quickly today, didn't it Jim,° I said to myself.

"You'll love how she finally shut him up. I'll never forget what she said." Winn's posture and voice changed, to a very credible impersonation of KC. " 'Listen, idiot! I have a sexy naked girl pressed against me too! She's holding my tits, your cock is knocking at my door, and I have about a dozen 'romantic rescue' fantasies running through my head. It was hard enough to get her dried off the first time. Shut up about your goddamn boner so I don't soak her with pussy juice!' "

I cracked up. Through the laughter, I said, "Well, at least you knew where you lay with them!"

"Yeah. Right up to that moment I didn't realize I was holding KC's tits. I still pretended to be asleep, but of course now I had a dozen fantasies running through my aching head too."

"So despite a bloody nose, concussion and hypothermia, you were wet and horny." I shook my head. "Woman, I really do love you."

The evening was getting a bit cool, so we gathered up the remains of dinner and went inside, still talking.

"Derek was away on business at the time, and wouldn't be home for another week or so. They wouldn't let me go home to an empty house—Jon said that was too dangerous for a person with a concussion—so I ended up staying with them for the week."

"Let me guess: by the time Derek got home the three of you were sleeping together."

"Not that night, but that week, yeah. I did talk to him before actually doing anything with them, and they all met over Skype. He thought they were hot too, and was really looking forward to having some neighbours that we could play with."

We snuggled together on the long sofa, in much the same position that Jon and KC had been in earlier in the day. As we sat, I adjusted myself so my cock was upright, expecting a boner in short order. I caressed Winn's body as she talked, stroking her hair, her ass, her breasts... Her nipples were very hard.

"I snuck out of the guest room that first night, and watched them fuck like wild animals. They were both completely crazed with lust. Jon must have cum inside her six times." I reached over, pushing gently on Winn's top leg. Her skirt had already ridden up, exposing her naked ass. When she pulled her leg up toward her chest, my fingers had easy access to her wet pussy. "Mmmmmm," she moaned. "I jilled off the whole time." I pushed one finger, then two into her tight passage, masturbating her and playing with her breasts as I thought about our neighbours.

"It didn't take long before I started having real feelings for Jon and KC, and them for me. The four of us had some fun—until Derek realized he was being left behind." Winn shifted, until she was lying on her stomach, feet in the air, propped up on her elbows. She looked at me for a long moment. "He got angry and bitter and resentful and his whole life started to fall apart. Toward the end he was a real mess." Her voice got hard. "He was cheating on me, drinking a lot and doing all kinds of drugs. I called the police on him one night when he was getting crazy. They got here in time to see him throw me into the wall and get ready to rape me."

I stroked her hair softly, not knowing what to say.

"The cops broke in the door and beat the crap out of him. He just wouldn't stay down." She shivered for a moment. "In the end, he went away for a while. Jon and Christine helped me buy out the mortgage on this place. We haven't heard from Derek since that last time in court." She looked at me for a long moment, then got a wicked grin on her face. "You know, that's a pretty harsh end to a story on a very happy day." She shifted her position, until she was on her knees beside me, and started to undo my pants. "I love you, Jim. I love Jon and KC too. If you're willing to give us all a chance, I think we can work something out between the four of us."

I groaned as she swallowed the entirety of soft cock, right to my balls. "You're amazing," I said. "I wish you had told me earlier, but I can understand why you waited." I was getting harder and longer, pushing into her throat. "I don't know if I'll love them, but if they're anything like their first impression, I expect we'll be able to work something out."

Winn came up for air, stroking my meat. She kissed me with an intense look. "That first night, when Jon and KC took care of me? We're pretty sure that was the night Katie was conceived."

I did some quick math in my head. "Wait a minute. Katie's twelve?!"

"I know," Winn said, shifting her hips to remind me to keep those fingers thrusting. "She's so gorgeous it's distracting. KC developed really young too." She bent down and engulfed me again, thrusting my cock into the back of her mouth and cupping my balls. I reached over and resumed fingering her wet pussy, careful to avoid her abused asshole. I noticed my phone sitting on the table behind the couch, and grabbed it. I rested the phone against the arm of the couch pointed toward Winn's head. °This video is going to be awesome,° I thought. I hadn't filmed myself having sex very often, but this day was special all over.

When she came up for another breath, she said "I bet Katie would love to do this to you."

My hand kept moving, rubbing her clit, but my brain overloaded. I started to say "Katie...?" when she took a deep breath and pushed down until I was wedged hard into the back of her mouth. Our position and my stiffness meant she couldn't take me into her throat, but she held me for what seemed like forever. Her throat was spasming like crazy on the head of my cock; the feeling was incredible. "Oh, baby. Oh god!" I groaned. Her words had filled my head with Katie. I imagined her mouth working my shaft, my fingers thrusting into her pussy, rubbing her clit. Winn stayed down. She made a tight fist around the base of my shaft and started stroking hard, slow.

I was about to cum when she finally came up for air. Panting, Winn said, "You'd love to put this monster in her sweet cunt, wouldn't you?" She stepped off the couch long enough to straddle and mount me, pressing the head of my cock against her hole. "Will you do it to me, Daddy Jim-Jim," she asked in a little girl voice. "Will you fuck my little girl pussy?"

I was losing my mind. "Fuck, yes!" I cried, trying to thrust upward. I got a little farther in, but Winn was ready and raised herself up.

"Say my name if you want to fuck me. Tell me what you want." I looked at Winn, her face red with lust. She was biting her lip and looked a bit shocked at the fantasy she was leading. "I want to hear you call my name when you open me up. Say my name, Daddy Jim-Jim!"

Fantasizing about a little girl, no matter how ripe, was very different from role-playing that fantasy. I felt like something in my head came unhinged, leaving me crazed with lust. I don't know if I had ever been out of control like this before. "Oh, god, Katie, please!" I was panting, on the verge of cumming right there. "Katie, I want to fuck you. I want to fill you up. I want to feel your little pussy stretch around me!" Unable to contain my lust, I ripped open Winn's shirt, spraying buttons across the room, and grabbed her nipples in a tight grip. I pulled down hard as I thrust up hard. "Katie, fuck me!" I was still only half-way in her when I started to cum. She rode the top half of my pole fast, as if that was all her little cunt could take, moaning and shivering all the while.

As my orgasm was ending, hers began. "Oh, I love to feel you squirt inside me, Daddy Jim-Jim! I can feel your baby-juice inside me!" she cried. "I'm going to cum! Daddy, I'm cumming on your cock!" I gave her nipples another strong tug, sending her over the edge. Her orgasm seemed to catch her off guard, with empty lungs; she was trying to scream, but all that came out was a tiny grunt. Her face, already red, turned crimson, as she shivered and shuddered in pleasure. I kept twisting her nipples, trying to prolong her orgasm. Finally, she went limp, collapsed, and impaled herself on my cock.

After a moment of serious shock and fear I realized she had cum so hard she'd run out of air, and fainted. I held her body against me, buried to the hilt, feeling her semi-conscious gasping. It made her cunt wriggle, and all of a sudden I was getting hard again.

°You're a sick, sick fucker° I thought, but I was still out of control. I leaned back, giving myself some leverage to thrust up into her cum soaked cunt. I'd never really thought about fucking an unconscious woman before, but being literally thrust into it, I found it incredibly erotic. I liked being dominant in the sack and enjoyed tying my lovers up on occasion, but this was different. I certainly wasn't doing anything without consent—and yet I had her completely at my mercy.

Winn began to stir, breathing hard, but still out. With a surge of strength, I stood, lifting her off me. Her head lolled back, and she moaned. Working quickly, I put her on the couch, curled up in the foetal position, with her shins crossed and her knees pressed up against her breasts. I grabbed my previously discarded pants from the basement stairs a few meters away. I put the crotch of my pants behind her neck, and ran the legs under her knees. A quick reef knot later, and Winn was tied up with her knees pressed against her shoulders, and her sopping pussy very exposed. Her hips were perched on the edge of the low couch, putting her pussy in exactly the right spot for me to plunder while kneeling on the carpet. It was an amazing picture.

That thought reminded me of my phone, still filming at the end of the couch. I grabbed it, and took her in for a long moment, both through the camera and right before me. Once I was sure I had the picture framed well, I positioned my aching cock against her red pussy, and started thrusting, hard. She was incredibly tight in that position, bent in half with legs scissored shut. Holding the camera still lead me to discover that short, slow thrusts were amazingly pleasurable, especially in this position. I did my best to keep the camera steady, but after a short time I stopped caring about the recording, and put my phone down on the table behind the couch. Freed from any sense of responsibility for her pleasure, I struggled to hold back yet another orgasm. I quickly reached the swelling peak, but after a single spasm, I plateaued at this greatly increased intensity of pleasure. I slowed down even more. A few more agonizingly slow thrusts and I spasmed onto another plateau. I hadn't cum, but the pleasure I felt was every bit as intense as a powerful orgasm. My entire abdomen felt hot and tight with it. I drew back until the head of my cock was nestled between her lips. It was too much. I thrust into Winn with everything I had, a guttural roar torn from me as I tried to bury my entire body inside her. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had, head-and-shoulders beyond anything I felt before. I was aware of nothing but the sensations arcing through my body and mind: my flesh was on fire.

When I finally came down, my cock was nearly soft, and painfully sensitive. I slumped down, kneeling with my ass on my heels, my cheek resting on Winn's ass-cheek. I don't know how long I rested in that position, but it was a bit of a shock when she said, "I'm not sure how I got into this position, but your pants are beginning to chafe my neck."

"Shit!" I jumped up. Winn started laughing, making it difficult to untie her. In short order we were standing in the middle of the floor, hugging each other and laughing together.

"I don't know about you, stud," she said, leaning back to look in my eyes, "but that's the first time I've been knocked unconscious from sex!"

"You scared the hell out of me when you fainted," I said.

Somehow, with the arching of a single eyebrow, she was able to convey an entire sentence: Your professed fear is inconsistent with the position I found myself in upon regaining consciousness.

I answered her unspoken words. "I don't know what came over me when you started role-playing," I said, "but by the time you passed out with me buried me inside you I couldn't control myself. I desperately needed to use you for my own pleasure." I was still surprised by my own reaction. Not upset or regretful—just surprised. It must have showed on my face, because Winn reached up to stroke my cheek.

"Sounds like something we're going to have a lot of fun exploring, "Winn said. "Maybe I should stash nice soft ropes around the house just in case..."

I slapped her ass playfully, and kissed her hard. "I love you more than air, Winn. More than air."

Her face lit up with a smile that didn't move until morning.