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The Things We Do at Home - part 4

2022-06-27 00:00:03

The Things We Do at Home - part 4

An Original true story by Starrynight.

It took me a while to get all the facts straight for this chapter.

Thanks Jessica and Chris.

Hope you enjoy.

A refreshing numbness made Jessica smile as she woke up in the morning, before even opening her eyes. She was in that brief blissful state, moments before consciousness, but when she opened her eyes, her smile quickly evaporated, and the sickening sensation in her stomach returned. She closed her eyes, praying for sleep to take her back, but it was no use, she would have to start the first day of the rest of her life knowing she had sex with her brother.

Chris woke up late, the knot in his stomach from the previous night still there. He wasn't trembling anymore, the initial shock of his acts worn off, but it did little to help his shame and disgust. He refused to leave his room, taking a quick trip to the bathroom only when it became unbearable. Other than that, he stayed in his room, the thought of his act erasing his appetite.

As Jessica finally dragged herself out of bed, her mind still running, she told herself there was nothing else to do. She went down to eat, but kept to herself all through the day, staying mostly quiet when she was around her mother and uncle. She was relieved when she didn't run into Chris, and as she came to grab a quick lunch, her mother expressed her worry.

A sickening wave shot through Chris as a knock on his door came that afternoon. He was in bed, mindlessly looking at his phone, and grunted an incoherent approval before the door opened.

"Chris honey, are you okay?" His mother asked worried and looked at him from the door.

"Not feeling too well." He lied and watched her as she stepped over. She took a seat on the bed next to him, and Chris could smell the scent of her perfume as she put the back of her hand on his forehead.

"Oh dear." His mother said worried, and Chris found himself glancing at her cleavage. "I don’t think you have a fever." She said sounding relieved and Chris turned his head away, disgusted with himself.

"I'll be fine mom; I just need some rest." He said weakly.

"Do you want me to bring you anything to eat?" she asked, and Chris shook his head. She gave him another studying look, placed her hand tenderly on his shoulder, then left. Chris rubbed his eyes, cursing, and pulled the covers on, hoping to fall asleep.

"Is Chris alright?" Shawn asked around the dinner table, when it was just his sister, niece, and him.

"He's not feeling well." Laura said and looked over at her daughter. "Are you feeling alright honey? You've been awfully quiet today." She asked.

"I'm fine mom, just a little tired maybe." Jessica lied and took a few more bites of dinner. She heard her mother and uncle talk, their voices drowning out, and kept thinking about her brother.

Laying alone in bed, with nothing better to do, Jessica sought out refuge by reading erotica. She wasn't particularly horny, but she needed the distraction. She started going over sex stories and was hit with a pang of disgust every time there was an incest story about brother and sister. Thinking back to all the incest stories she read, she realized there was no way that any of them were real, even the ones that claimed so. She went over the disgustingly hot tales portrayed there and found herself thinking what people would say about her own life, her own story.

Jessica settled on a more romantic, boy meets girl, story. It was sweet and tender, like young love can be, and as the story progressed, got more intense. She thought about her awkward first time as the story described the couple losing their virginity to each other. It was a long story, and by the time she was done, it was already late, and she was tired.

The following day, after Jessica finished eating breakfast, and as she was climbing up the stairs, she glimpsed her brother entering the bathroom. Her eyes caught his just as he got to the door, and he had a shameful expression as he quickly vanished inside. Jessica sighed to herself, a flush creeping to her face, and entered her room, wondering what she could do.

Chris's shame, though somewhat lesser, was still burning inside him on the second day. It was two days since his sister and he did the unthinkable, and it still made his stomach churn. Yesterday, he didn't leave his room unless he absolutely had to, and he had gone down to grab something to eat only when it was late. Today, he knew he had to eat, and waited until his sister was back in her room before he climbed down the stairs.

"Are you feeling better sweetie?" Laura asked her son as he walked into the kitchen.

"Yeah, a little better." Chris said in a hoarse voice and made for the fridge.

"Good, I'm glad." Laura said with a sympathetic smile and studied her son as he made himself breakfast. They sat in silence around the table as Chris ate, Laura going over some old newspaper recipe clippings. She looked up occasionally, studying her son, but said nothing, only glad that he was feeling better.

Jessica finally built up the nerve and went back to reading incest stories. She still could not bring herself to read brother and sister stories, but she did find that her libido was back to itself as she read a story about two cousins having sex. She played with herself, touched and fingered, closed her eyes and clenched her teeth as her first orgasm hit her, making her toes curl under the covers.

Chris knew he would have to face his sister eventually and decided it was better to do it sooner than later. His heart raced and his face flushed as he climbed down the stairs for dinner that evening. His sister was already sitting at the table, and the knot in his stomach tightened as she looked up at him.

"Feeling better champ?" Uncle Shawn asked as his nephew took a seat.

"A little." Chris croaked and looked at his sister from the edge of his vision. He talked little, but ate quite a bit, realizing that he barely ate anything over the past day. He nodded his approval once or twice, grunted it a third time, and quickly made his way up to his room when they were finished.

Jessica was nervous as she stood outside her brother's room later that night. She was wearing a plain white t-shirt, a size too big, and loose yoga shorts. She took a deep breath, then knocked on the door. She waited for an answer, but nothing came so she took a deep breath and knocked again, a little louder.

"Yeah." Chris squeaked nervously as someone knocked on his door. He put down his phone and watched the door opening. When he saw his sister standing there, a small wave of nausea hit him. "Jess, please go." He said in a weak, tired voice.

"I have to show you something." Jessica said in a small apologetic voice. Her entire demeanor was humbled, remorseful, a little shy even.

"Don't, just go, please." Chris said, barely able to look at her.

"I think it might help you feel a little better about…about…what happened…." She said.

"I don't think there is anything that could help me feel better, unless you have some drugs." Chris said, not sounding like he was joking.

"It'll just take a sec, then I'll leave. I promise." Jessica said earnestly.

"Fine, what is it?" Chris snapped, knowing that he would be rid of his sister faster that way.

"Give me your phone." Jessica said. Her brother looked at her surprised but unlocked it and handed it to her, nonetheless. He watched her look at the screen, typing away, then handed it back to him.

"What the hell is this?" Chris asked alarmed and confused.

"It's an erotic stories site. Try reading some of the stories on it." Jessica said, blushing.

"What? Why would I do that?" Chris asked, still puzzled.

"I know it might sound weird but just try reading a few stories, make sure to look at the top-rated ones." She said.

"How will that help?" Chris asked, looking up at his sister, the image of her moaning naked body under his suddenly flashing through his mind.

"I can’t say for sure that it will but try." Jessica said hopeful. She gave her brother a final look, then turned around and left as fast as she could. She felt nervous tears fill her eyes as she closed her own bedroom door behind her, breathing heavily. It had been two days, but she still could not accept it happened, could not believe she did that with her own little brother.

Chris stared at his phone speechless for a few more minutes after his sister left his room. He didn't understand any of it and blinked down at the screen. His entire body tensed, and upon noticing it, he tried to relax, exhaling in slow breaths. He didn't understand why his sister brought up a sex stories site on his phone and hadn't the slightest idea why she thought it would help. He sat there staring, until the initial shock wore off, then out of curiosity, started scrolling down.

As Chris looked over the titles of the stories, he didn't see what the big deal was. He never entered a site like this before, but looking at the latest published stories, everything looked disgustingly expectable. He brought his right hand up and rubbed his eyes with his thumb and index finger, then looked back at his phone and clicked on the top-rated stories section.

Chris raised an eyebrow as he read the first title, the highest rated story. He was also surprised as he went over the second title, and after seeing the third, fourth and fifth titles, his eyes went wide. "WTF!" he mouthed to himself as he continued going down the list, shocked. He could not believe it and looked at the number of views next to a random story, then scrolled back up, shocked. In the top-rated stories section of the site, the stories were all about incest. Out of what Chris assumed were thousands of stories, maybe even more, the ones people considered the best were incest stories, with millions of reads.

Chris could not believe it as he scrolled down the list a second time, reading the short summaries under each one. There were stories of cousins having sex, of mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, and so many more combinations. He felt a pang of uneasiness every time he saw a story about brother and sister, feeling of disgust along with a barely unnoticeable sliver of arousal. They were all popular, every disgusting incestuous combination possible, but brother and sister, was right there at the top.

Chris put down the phone, his head spinning as he processed what he was seeing. He found himself wondering if some of the stories could be real, and quickly picked up the phone. He scanned the titles again, and his heart skipped a beat every time he saw "true story" written next to one of the titles. He told himself he was not going to read any of them, that they were all disgusting, but in the end he couldn't resist. He clicked on a highly rated story about father and daughter and started reading.

The next day, Jessica was surprised to see her brother around the table, joining her for a late breakfast. It was just the two of them, and they barely exchanged two words, but Chris seemed much more composed then he had the day before. She wondered if he read any of the stories, and if they affected him the way she hoped, but was too embarrassed to ask him about it.

Disgusting thoughts ran through Chris's mind as he read story after story of taboo acts. It was clear most of them weren't real, it was easy to tell who was writing from experience, but even the fictional ones got to him. He read stories about cousins hooking up, fathers screwing daughters and mothers fucking sons. In many of the fictional stories Chris thought he could spot a longing in one of the characters. A nephew with an unrealistic crush on his aunt, a father fantasizing about his hot daughter, or a virgin son spying on his mother. The stories were getting him incredibly aroused and he found himself stroking his cock without even noticing.

That night, Jessica was laying on her bed texting her friends and boyfriend. Her boyfriend was being nasty again, and after texting for a few minutes he asked for her to send him a sexy picture. Jessica knew she shouldn’t, but she was bored, and the thought of it excited her. It was a warm night, the open window letting in a gentle breeze, and Jessica smiled to herself as she pulled her t-shirt and shorts off. She was wearing red cotton panties and a blue bra, and enjoyed the warm air caressing her bare skin as she laid back down. She looked down at her boyfriend's lewd text request and opened the camera on her phone. A sneaky smile spread across her face as she lowered the camera until it caught her body from her neck down. She studied herself in the screen, then slid her free hand down her chest. She hooked her free index finger into the cup of her bra, and before she would regret it, pulled it down and snapped a picture.

Jessica smiled to herself shyly as she looked at her picture on the phone. She looked so sexy, her right tit exposed, and her nipple looking so cute. She gave it another thought, thinking maybe she shouldn't, then clicked send quickly, giggling to herself. She waited for her boyfriend to text back, but after not receiving a response for a few seconds, she resumed texting one of her friends. When her boyfriend finally texted back, she quickly turned back to their conversation, curious.

"Oh god!" Jessica giggled in amusement, shaking her head as she opened the picture her boyfriend sent her. It was a close-up of his hard dick, his hand around his shaft. It was covered in cum, running down his shaft, on his fingers, and splattered around the base.

'You’re so nasty.' Jess texted him with devil emojy and didn’t admit to herself that it turned her on.

'Miss you babe.' Her boyfriend wrote. 'I'm gonna fuck you so hard when this all ends.' He added. Jessica looked down at his text a little disgusted. She wasn't surprised by what he wrote, but it made her wonder, yet again, if she should end things with him.

After going through some social media, Jessica couldn't resist a good sexy story. She entered an erotica site and browsed until deciding on a story. It was about a guy having sex with his stepmother and stepsister, and she lapped it up, finishing it forty minutes later.

The warm night and the hot story were making Jessica hot and sweaty, and she needed a drink of water. She reached for the water bottle on her nightstand and was frustrated to find it empty. She sighed, sitting up, and took a deep breath. Jessica was still just in bra and panties as she got to her feet. It was late, she was getting tired, and she needed a drink of water. She stared down at her shirt and pants, feeling too lazy to pick them up, and decided to go down dressed like she was, figuring it was late enough.

Jessica quietly opened her door, her water bottle in hand and looked at her brother's door. Light was seeping from the crack under the door, and she wondered what he was doing as she turned to go. The wooden stairs creaked under her bare feet as she slowly descended, one hand on the railing. She cringed with each step, feeling nervous, as the quiet creaks thundered in the dead silence of the night. She exhaled in relief when she finally reached the bottom of the stairs and headed for the kitchen.

The sound of the running water, bubbling as they poured into Jessica's water bottle, filled the still night. Jessica did not bother turning the lights on, and jumped, freighted when everything went bright.

"Oh sorry." Shawn mumbled as his niece squeaked in surprise when he entered the kitchen. The light blinded him for a moment, but a flush crept up on him as soon as his vision adjusted.

"Oh my god, uncle Shawn!" Jessica said in a high-pitched voice as she turned around surprised. "What are you doing here?" she asked, staring at her uncle.

"Same as you are…I guess." Shawn mumbled as he looked at his barely clothed niece. They were both scarcely dressed as they looked at each other awkwardly. Jessica was wearing only bra and panties, and Shawn could not look away from her perfect teenage body. He studied her long smooth legs, her flat stomach, the curve of her hips and the shape of her cupped breasts. She was his sister's daughter, but she grew up into such a sexy little minx, and he was quickly getting excited. Jessica returned his gaze, looking at her uncle as he stood in front of her in just a pair of loose grey boxers and nothing else. She looked over his smooth chest, down his stomach and over his sexy abs. She could see his package clearly outlined in his boxers, and quickly turned around blushing.

"Sorry, I didn't think anybody would be up this late." Jessica said, blushing. She turned back to fill her bottle and folded one arm across her chest.

"Yeah, me neither." Chris said as he scratched the back of his head guiltily. He tried to shift his boxers, to make his semi-erect penis less noticeable, and couldn't look away from Jessica's young ass, looking so good in the panties. They stared at each other awkwardly as Jessica filled her water while her uncle grabbed a glass. When she was done, she moved aside, screwing on the cap while Shawn poured himself some water. They exchanged an awkward goodnight, then walked back to their rooms. Shawn was unable to resist a final glance at his niece's sexy behind, swaying seductively as she climbed the stairs and he turned around casually, biting his lower lip. He thought she didn't notice, but she did.

Jessica reached her room flustered, embarrassed by the encounter with her uncle. It wasn't the first time he saw her in her bra and panties since he came to stay with them, but with him wearing only boxers, it was awkward. Jessica found herself thinking back to a story she read, about uncle having sex with his niece, and instead of the thought disgusting her, it might have turned her on, making her blush. She picked up her phone and started looking for a sex story about uncle and niece to read before going to sleep.

The same world of sexual stories that Jessica had come to enjoy was now open to her brother. He entered it timidly, dipping his toes in, but it didn’t take long for him to dive in. He was shocked and disgusted as he discovered how many people enjoyed tales about incest, but also turned on. The night his sister introduced him to it, he started reading. At first it was mostly stepfamily, but with every story he would read something a little nastier. He continued to stories about fathers and daughter, then mothers and sons, trying his best not to think about his own mother, and only after a full day of reading, did he read his first brother sister story.

It was incredible for Chris, as he read, to think how screwed-up people were. He was amazed that so many fathers imagined having sex with their daughters, sons wanted their mothers, and brothers and sisters fantasized about each other. His mind kept wandering, thinking about Jessica as he read the first brother sister story, and when he finished it hit him that he was one of those screwed-up people. He was even worse because he didn't fantasize about having sex with his sister, he actually did it.

By the end of the third day of reading, Chris's mind was in turmoil. He had just finished reading a story about two brothers fucking their sister, and his dick was throbbing in his pants. His mind naturally went to Jessica and what they did, and he noticed the thought didn't sicken him as much as it did the previous times. Suddenly, the question she asked him the other night, made much more sense. After reading all those stories, he couldn’t help but wonder the exact same thing.

Jessica woke up the next morning with a naughty smile on her face. She threw on a light tube top and some yoga shorts and washed up before going downstairs. Her mother was in the living room organizing old albums, and Jessica bid her good morning as she fixed herself a light breakfast.

"Morning." Chris mumbled as he joined her around the table a few minutes later. He was wearing a white t-shirt, shorts, and looked sleepy. He yawned as he grabbed a plate and some toast and joined his sister around the table. They talked a little as they ate breakfast together, more than they have for the past days, then returned to their rooms to another day of quarantine.

Chris was in his room reading, deep into one of the stories. It was a story about a family living on a remote farm where the parents decided to take each of their children's virginities once they turned eighteen. It was a disgusting concept when he first read it, mother taking her sons' virginities and father taking his daughters', but as soon as he started reading it, it was so hot, he could not stop. He was already on the fourth chapter, reading with one hand in his pants, stroking his hardon.

A frustrated groan escaped Chris's lips as his excitement got the better of him. He did not mean for it to happen, but the story was so hot, he stroked himself over the edge. He sensed it was too late to stop, the blissful pleasure hitting him, and continued stroking. He awkwardly tried to pull his shorts down with his free hand, leaving just his boxers on, and grunted as he started cumming. He whimpered with pleasure, still lost in the incestuous world of the story, and looked down at his boxers as he filled them with sperm. The warm batter shot out, staining the fabric, covering his hand, crotch and cock. Chris continued stroking himself, the pleasure too great to feel disgust until it was all over.

Chris shook his head, looking down at the mess he made, and was mad at himself for his lack of self-control. He was glad that at least he managed to pull his shorts down in time, keeping them from getting stained with cum, but was still frustrated about his boxers. He pulled them down, grabbed a handful of tissues, and wiped his hand and crotch. He cursed silently as he grabbed a clean pair of boxers and put them on, pulling on his shorts, then went back to read the rest of the story.

The music was blasting into Jessica's ears while she relaxed on her bed listening to it. She did not hear the knocking on her door and jumped when she opened her eyes to see her brother standing in the doorway staring at her. She paused the music and removed the earphones before sitting up.

"Sorry, I knocked." Chris said as he looked at Jessica nervously.

"That's okay." Jessica said, looking at her younger brother unsure. "Did you want something?" she asked.

"Yeah, can we talk?" Chris said quietly and took a step in.

"Um…okay." Jessica said surprised. It was early evening and her mother and uncle were downstairs, wide awake. "Is it about…you know?" she asked quietly.

"Uh hu." Chris said nodding and entered her room, closing the door behind him. "I started reading the…stories you told me to, and I really have to talk to you about it." Chris said, taking a step closer to his sister.

"Okay, but let's try and keep our voices down. I wouldn't want mom or uncle Shawn overhearing us." Jessica said in a hushed tone and gestured her brother to the chair next to her. "So, what did you think?" Jessica asked, whispering, studying her brother.

"At first I couldn’t believe it. I mean, it's crazy…all those stories…about…you know…" Chris whispered back.

"I know," Jess said "I was shocked too at first." She added. "Do you think any are really true?"

"I think most aren't but some for sure are." Chris said confidently. "Can you believe how many of them there are? How many people read them? I never thought so many people thought or…fantasized, about doing stuff like that."

"Yeah, It's crazy." Jessica admitted, glad to be able to talk to her brother about this, especially after what happened. "Did it make you…um…feel any different about… what we did?" Jessica asked her brother nervously.

"Ye..yeah…may…maybe…I don't know." Chris mumbled, turning red. "What we did was really fucked up, and I thought we were really fucked up for doing it, but now, seeing so many stories about people who want to do it, and some even doing it for real…I don't know what I feel." Chris said in a hushed tone, the frustration clear from his voice. "I do get why you asked me that question though." Chris added after a pause.

"What question?" Jessica asked, not understanding what he was referring to.

"The other night, before we…you asked me if I thought incest was really that bad." Chris said and Jessica nodded. "I was really surprised and like…disgusted when you asked me, not sure how you could even think it, but now, I get why you did." Chris said nervously.

"And…do you still think it's that bad?" Jessica asked, her voice weak and small.

"I really don't know." Chris admitted, looking deep into her eyes. They stared at each other in silence for a few moments, like they were trying to read each other's minds.

"Are we good now?" Jessica finally asked, almost afraid of the answer.

"Yeah, I guess we are. At least as good as we can ever be after doing what we did." He answered her. She smiled at him, relieved, and Chris smiled back at her. They both kept staring at each other, not knowing what more to say. Finally, Chris got to his feet, gave his sister an understanding nod and left, feeling strangely at ease but also confused.

Around the dinner table, Chris and Jessica talked cheerfully, to each other and to their mother and uncle, like nothing ever happened between them. They teased each other, like siblings do, and climbed the stairs back to their rooms together.

Chris was eager to get back to reading the next chapter in the series from earlier. He made a mental note to keep himself in check this time and climbed into bed with his phone. He moved to the next chapter, a strange excitement taking hold of him, and his penis already began to harden as he read the first words.

Jessica took a quick shower after dinner and walked back to her room, a small towel wrapped around her hair and another one around her body. She sat down at the edge of her bed, drying her hair, then hung the small towel on the chair. She rose to her feet, running her fingers through her moist hair and released the towel, hanging it on the chair. Her nipples hardened as the warm air kissed her naked body, sending a shiver down her spine, and she walked over to her large mirror. A sensual heat ran through her body as she looked at her naked image, the sight turning her on. She studied her bare breasts, pinching her hard nipples as she let out a little squeak. She slid her fingers down her body, the feel of her naked flesh exciting her, and ran her hand over her prickly mound. She turned around, studying her round butt, and spread her cheeks, the sight of her pink pussy from behind delicious. She rose to the tip of her toes, making her butt stick out more, and smiled before managing to pry her hands away. She grabbed a loose pink cropped t-shirt and put it on, not bothering with a bra, then slipped into a black thong, and loose grey boy shorts.

Jessica jumped into bed, a naughty smile on her face, and grabbed her phone. She was extremely horny and was eager to rub one out while reading another sexy story. She pulled the covers up to her waist, pulled the shorts down to her knees, and started looking for a story to read, the wetness already growing between her legs.

A story about two cousins fucking at their family reunion put Jessica in the mood. She pulled her panties to the side and caressed her slit as she read the story. It wasn't very long, and Jessica immediately continued to another story. This one was a longer story about a mother offering her body to her two sons. It was tender yet hot, and so very believable, Jessica quickly had a finger up her twat. She fingered herself as she read how the two sons double penetrated their mother, and she had an orgasm with that disgustingly erotic image in her mind.

Jessica finished the second story flushed, the effect of the orgasm still lingering. She took a deep breath, squinting her eyes back into focus, then returned to her phone, looking for another story to read. She finally clicked on an old top-rated, brother-sister story with over a million reads. It was a slow-paced story, written very vividly, and Jessica enjoyed how it slowly built up. She read, teasing her pussy, as brother and sister's normal sibling quarrels turned into something more. She discovered how sister felt and what she thought the first time she saw her brother naked, by accident, and what brother felt when he saw his sister naked for the first time, and not by accident. She played with herself as she read how they crossed the lines of socially acceptable, seeing and touching each other while on vacation, stuck sharing a bed. She caressed herself as she read how the following night, sister and brother orally pleasured one another on the same bed, going even further, and finally, Jessica fingered herself as she read of their incestuous first time, the night they returned home.

Jessica was pretty sure it wasn't a true story, it seemed too perfect to be real. Their first-time having sex was so hot and sensual, the two passionately going at it, and Jessica knew, from experience, it was very unlikely. Still, the story was a huge turn on, and Jessica could clearly see it in her mind. Her arousal was growing as the siblings in the story were breaking the ultimate taboo, ravishing each other's bodies shamelessly until they were done, and Jessica's own pussy was left dripping wet.

Chris's bedroom door opened without a knock, making him jump. He was shirtless on the bed, one hand holding his phone while the other groped his shaft, and looked up, surprised to see his sister standing there. They looked at each other in silence for a moment, neither one saying a word, then Jessica stepped into her brother's room and closed the door behind her.

Jessica looked at her brother, noting the hard shaft in his shorts, and studied him. She tried to read him as he stared at her surprised, then, with her body almost moving on its own, she began taking her clothes off. Her entire body was warm, her heart beating loudly in her chest, and nervous butterflies fluttered around in her stomach. She pulled her shirt off, standing upright as she brought it over her head and tossed it to the floor. She was not wearing a bra and her brother's eyes instantly moved to her breasts, her bright red nipples like two small pebbles. She took a deep breath, her nervousness growing along with her arousal, and pulled her loose boy shorts down, stepping out of them. She waited for her brother to say something, but he just watched her, speechless, and after another deep breath, she pulled her black thong off, exposing her sexy pink pussy to her brother, her vulva covered with a thin layer of dark stubble.

"Jess, what…?" Chris croaked, his heart racing and his cock throbbing, as his very naked sister closed the distance in a few confident steps. She climbed onto the bed, staring into his eyes, then down at his bulging shorts.

"It's okay." Jessica said in a deep soothing voice as she slipped her hands into the waistband of her brother's shorts. She started pulling, not saying a word, and on que, Chris lifted himself. Jessica's body was possessed with arousal as her brother's shorts and underwear slid down at the tip of her fingers. In seconds, his erect dick sprung out, and she stared at it with a mixture of desire and fear, pulling his pants the rest of the way down.

"Jess, we can't." Chris whispered, confused, scared, horny, as his sister climbed next to him and pushed him to his back, making him lay down. "Oh god!" he moaned as she grasped his rigid manhood, her hands soft and warm. He watched, almost trembling, as his sister carefully ran her hand up and down his cock. He wanted to say something but was too caught up in looking at his sister, studying her naked body, and stared in shock as she leaned down. He watched her eyes move up to his, a rebellious gleam in them, and watched her lips part as she lowered them onto his penis.

Her brother's thick shaft entering her mouth almost made Jessica cum on the spot, and her pussy tingled as she closed her lips around it, just below the head, and pulled them off slowly. She squeezed his penis, feeling it pulse in her hand, then stuck her tongue out and licked the head. She wanted to look up at her brother, but was too afraid of what he would say, afraid he would stop her, so she leaned back down and took him in her mouth, deeper.

Chris moaned as watched his older sister giving him a blowjob. It was disgusting and wrong, he was told so his entire life, but it felt so good. He was frozen as the pleasure grew, her full red lips hugging his shaft so sensually, feeling amazing as she slid them along. He listened to the sounds she made as she sucked him, almost as disgusting as what they were doing, and even hotter. He watched, unable to move as she continued blowing him, then suddenly pulled her mouth off and straightened on the bed, looking at him.

"Jess, we can't." Chris said as his sister flung her leg over his body, straddling him. Speaking those words seamed to cause Chris pain, and he watched his sister as she sat down on his legs. He watched her as she grabbed his throbbing shaft, pressed it flat into his stomach, then slid her body up and sat down on it, pressing her warm slick pussy onto his cock.

"Why not?" Jessica asked her brother, an innocent, begging look on her face. She placed her palms on her brother's chest, and started to slowly move, grinding her pussy along her brother's dick. "It's not like we haven’t done it before." She added with a naughty smile and easily pulled herself along his length, making her brother moan. She angled her hips, pressing her protruding clit to her brother's erection and continued grinding, rubbing her clit along his shaft. She closed her eyes, letting out a sexy little moan, then opened them and looked down at her brother, the desire for him to be inside her stronger than she ever thought possible.

Chris stifled his moans, his entire body in a state of excited arousal. He looked up at his sister's hot body, her wet pussy sliding along his cock, lubricating it, and the feeling was amazing. He stared up at her gorgeous breasts, and realized she was right. It would not be their first time, and even if he put a stop to this now, he could not change the past, and would still live with the burden of knowing he had sex with his sister. All the stories he read over the past few days started mixing with everything that happened between them, and at that point he understood he wanted it, he wanted this to happen with his sister just as much as she did.

"Do you have a condom?" Jessica asked in a sweet voice, still grinding on his cock.

"Yeah, over there, in the nightstand." Chris said pointing, his voice hoarse. Jessica climbed off him and reached for the nightstand. She opened the drawer, rummaging inside, and pulled out the shiny wrapper. She sat on her brother's lap, his cock almost touching her pubic mound and fumbled with it until she tore it open. She held the rolled-up rubber between her thumb and index finger, gave her brother's dick a few quick tugs, then placed it at the top and gently rolled it down his shaft.

Jessica and Chris looked at each other, their naked bodies burning with arousal. Jessica held her brother's shaft in her hand and raised herself to it. She let out a little moan as her dripping pussy hovered over it and she slid the rubbery tip along her slit. Brother and sister's lust for one another at that point was stronger than anything they could imagine, and with their gazes locked, Jessica positioned her brother at her opening, and slowly impaled her wet vagina on his hard penis.

"Oh fuck!" Chris moaned as he watched his sister sliding her pussy down his cock. He watched incredulous, as his cock parted his sister's labia, exposing her pink interior, and stretched it as she inched him into her. "Fuck you’re tight." Chris let out between clenched teeth, his sister's forbidden hole snugly closing around his shaft. He watched her sliding down, the tightness intensifying with each passing moment, until he was all the way inside her. He watched her as she placed her hands on his chest, still not able to believe his penis was inside his sister's forbidden hole, again, then started rocking her hips.

"Fuck Chris, this feels so good." Jessica said pouting as she began riding her brother cock. She could feel it pulsing inside of her, filling her up so well, and closed her eyes. She rolled her hips along her brother's dick, making it rub along her insides in delight and moaned from the growing pleasure. Shen leaned into him, opened her eyes, stared straight down at her brother, and pressed their merging bodies tightly together. Jessica was so turned on by the thought that it was her brother's manhood inside her, her body unbelievably hot. She groaned, pressing her begging clit into her brother pubic bone, then let out a slow breath as a tremble of pleasure went through her body.

The weight of her naked body on top of his, the warmth of her skin touching him, her adorable moans, and her pussy around his dick. It was all his sister, Chris knew, but instead of denying it like their previous encounter, he embraced it. A shiver ran down his spine as he had to tell himself again that it was his own sister on top of him, riding him, her tight snatch around his dick. He looked up from her pink pussy, running his eyes along her stomach, her abs rippling as she moved. He looked up at his sister's tits, bouncing right above him, her nipples hard. He wrapped his arms around her, grabbing her bubbly butt and squeezed her orbs. They both gasped as she leaned down even more, her swaying breasts nearly smothering him, and he dug his fingers into her luscious ass.

"Oh my god!" Jessica whimpered as her brother started kneading her ass. She pressed her clit into him, his stick still deep inside her, and looked down at him. She slid herself up his body, his shaft pulling out, then pressed herself back onto it, sliding his cock back in and shoving her clit into him. She let out a whining moan, her teeth clenched, and repeated the motion, slapping her body onto her brother's shaft as her face contorted in pleasure. "Mmm…fuck!" she called out, her entire body tensing, then groaned as Chris plunged his dick into her.

Jessica let out a shaking groan as her body erupted in pleasure. She pressed her legs into her brother's sides, clutching him as her body began to shudder. She closed her eyes, grimacing as the first wave of pleasure took her, then stifled a deep grunt as it engulfed her entire body. Her thighs began trembling as the second wave hit her, an agonizing torrent of pleasure starting at her core and shooting to every corner of her body. She slid her body up again, pulling half of his shaft out, then pressed her pussy down hard, trying to take him as deep as she could. She moaned as her body shivered with bliss, her pussy convulsing around the thick shaft. It felt so good, cumming on a man's cock after so long, and the fact that it was her brother's cock did nothing to diminish the pleasure.

Chris watched aghast as his big sister writhed on top of him. She was having an orgasm, his own sister was cumming on his cock, the disgusting taboo of it still somewhere in the deep corners of his mind. He could feel her tight pussy convulsing around his penis, her insides growing even wetter and her walls clamping down on him. His body tensed too, his palms tightly squeezing her butt, keeping her from moving as she squirmed.

"Oh my god, that was so intense." Jessica said, her voice raw and low as the last of the agonizing pleasure dispersed. She looked down at her brother, her face red and her breathing strained. She slowly sat up on top of him, his cock deep inside her, and took a deep breath. Her brother made her cum, the same little twerp that had bugged her his entire life, had grown up, so did his cock, and he even managed to get her off with it. She looked into his eyes, his gaze hinting at his ongoing internal struggle, and she decided to put an end to that struggle.

Chris watched his sister as she moved her legs on both sides of him, until her feet were flat on the bed. She moved to a crouching stance, her knees bent and pointing outward, spreading her pink pussy even more, his dick still lodged inside. She placed her hands on his chest as she steadied her breath, then looked at him and started raising herself. He watched her pussy reluctantly pull off, sliding up his cock, and moaned as it slipped out completely. He watched her cunt hovering seductively over his twitching erection, just barely touching the tip of his dick, then Jessica moved her hands to his stomach, placing her palms on it, and with a smirk on her face crashed herself down onto him.

Their bodies collided in sexual glee as Jessica took her brother's full length into her in a quick powerful motion. He moaned aloud as she did this, her pussy rubbing along his dick fast enough to light it on fire before ending with an echoing slap. Jessica grunted as the pleasure rushed through her, the sensation dizzying, then paused for a quick breath and repeated the action, only much slower.

Chris placed his hands on his sister's legs, just above her folded knees, and watched her pussy stretch as she started bouncing up and down his cock. She was going slow, enough for him to try and calm his excitement down, and he took deep breathes as he slid his hand up. Goosebumps covered his sister's smooth thighs as he ran his hands along them. It was a slow, deeply sensual motion, and Jessica shivered as he tenderly moved higher. She continued moving, sliding her velvety snatch along his shaft as he slid his warm strong hands up, and felt another shiver as they reached her crotch. Jessica moaned, her brother's hands like molten lava on her bare skin, and looked down, seeing his thumbs slide into the grove at the top of her thigh, less than an inch from her pussy. He pressed his thumbs into her delicate skin, making her moan again, and as Jessica looked up, her lips parted, she started moving faster.

"Ugh fuck!" Chris groaned as his sister began bouncing faster on his shaft. It felt amazing, her tight vagina briskly sliding along his cock, and on instinct he bucked his hips hard, trying to push into her harder as she slid down.

Jessica let out a loud grunt as her brother rammed his cock into her from below. It hurt, having his shaft thrust into her so aggressively while she slid down it, and after sliding herself all the way down on his cock, Jessica stopped moving, her entire weight on top of him. "Mmmm." Chris moaned, his arousal almost painful, but Jessica just sat motionless on top of his shaft, wincing.

"Don't do that." Jessica said sternly, still wincing from the sudden pain.

"Sorry." Chris said awkwardly. He was dying for her to continue, his arousal so strong he was tempted to just grab her and start thrusting into her, but it was his sister and he had hurt her, and that moment between them was a painful reminder of who she was. He watched as she took a few breathes, her expression relaxing, then she went back to it. She started with a few slow bounces before picking the pace back up.

Brother and sister's naked bodies adjusted to each other as they partook in the most unspeakable of acts. Jessica's vagina stretched to her brother's girth, and her tightness eased, still hugging her brother's shaft but not as constricted. The sounds of their merging bodies, slapping to their moans and groans, continued, and the taboo pleasure of it was growing with each passing second.

Jessica groaned on top of her brother, deep guttural sounds as she impaled herself onto him. Her brother's moaning was growing too, his face contorting in sickening pleasure as he enjoyed the feel of her most prized and sacred possession. She slammed her pussy down onto his shaft harder, pounding herself onto it, and her brother groaned loudly, his eyes going wide.

"Oh my god Jess!" Chris said grimacing as his sister hammered her cunt down his cock relentlessly, her naked body going up and down him like a piston. He watched the pleasure on her face as she moaned, her round boobs bouncing uncontrollably, her stomach clenched, her unblemished thighs tense as her legs moved, and her pink pussy lips part, taking his shaft inside and leaving it glistening with wetness with each upward motion. He groaned as the pleasure was slowly becoming unbearable, then looked up into his sister's eyes. She had a naughty gleam in them, a side of a sister no brother should ever witness, and it was enough to make Chris explode.

All thoughts of right and wrong vanished from Chris's mind as his orgasm took him. Pleasure started flowing through him, overloading his senses, and he tried to stifle a loud moan, closing his eyes, as he came inside his sister. Jessica slowed down, her eyes not leaving her brother's eyes for a second and watched him writhe, with satisfaction, as he came. His cock twitched madly inside of her, filling the condom with load after load of his incestuous sperm. His moans became raw as she continued to ride him, her pussy milking every last bit of cum from him. It continued squirting inside of her, each load less powerful than the previous. He moaned louder, more in pain than pleasure as she continued riding him as his orgasm faded, his cock raw and sensitive. She looked at him, spent, then crashed down into his chest, his cock still inside of her.

Chris gasped for air as his sister laid on top of him, her naked body pressed to his. They were both hot and sweaty, and he could feel her warm breath on his neck. They stayed like that for a few seconds, Chris's cock beginning to go soft inside his sister, then she rolled off him, his cock slipping out of her drenched twat.

They laid on Chris's bed together, staring up at the ceiling in silence. Jessica rested her head on her brother shoulder, her left hand on his knee, gently rubbing it. Chris had his hand wrapped around his sister, his palm on her stomach, tenderly running his fingers over her soft skin, caressing her from naval to the top of her pubic mound. They stayed like that, neither one saying a word, their fingers mindlessly moving along each other's bare skin.

It was so different from their previous time, every part of it. Even now, after it was over, they were laying naked in each other's arms, like long lost lovers, instead of running away shamefully. There were still hints of awkwardness between them during their second act of incest, their sibling relationship hovering over them like a noose, but it far from how their first encounter was, their bodies, despite of it all, engaging passionately, instead of being shy and apprehensive.

Jessica was thinking over it as her brother's fingers caressed her pubic mound. She thought of the last story she read before coming over to see him. She was so overcome with lust, her body just acted. At first, she didn't realize what she was doing, she just knew that she had to see her brother, maybe masturbate together, but once she was in his room, seeing his bare chest and the bulge in his pants, everything just clicked into place and nature took over. It would not have happened without all the circumstances leading up, everything that happened over the past weeks. Watching porn with him, seeing each other naked, masturbating together, sharing the incestuous stories she was reading with him, and their horrifying sexual encounter. It all led her to her brother's room that night, for a second chance at committing incest with him. It was the most ambivalent sexual act she had ever experienced, disgusting in a way, yet so passionate and beautiful it almost brought her to tears.

Chris's mind was numb at first, recovering from the orgasm inflicted upon him by his sister. He was conscience, but his mind was blank. As the lust induced fog began evaporating, his mind cleared, and he started taking in what happened. Her head was on his shoulder, her hair spread on the bed next to his head. He could clearly distinguish every place their naked skin was touching, a hugging warmth where her neck rested on his arm, her ribs touched his side, and her hand was on his thigh. He continued to mindlessly stroke her soft skin, tracing his finger only an inch or two above her slit.

"We…we had sex." Chris said, more of a thought, not meaning to say it out loud. He was still processing it himself and felt his face grow warm.

"Yeah." Jessica said, her voice small and raw, her tone almost surprised. Her eyes glanced at her brother's limp cock, the condom almost slipping off. She turned her gaze away, looking up at the ceiling and sighed. "It was…it was better than last time." Jessica said after another long quiet pause.

"Last time…fuuuccckkk…" Chris exhaled, almost forgetting it was not their first time together.

"What, you don’t think so?" Jessica asked in a sweet voice. She sounded surprised and a little hurt and turned her head to look at Chris's face.

"Agree with what?" Chris asked. He was still a little dazed from what happened and was not taking everything his sister said, in.

"That the…sex, was better than last time." Jessica said shyly, the words sounding strange, definitively not something she ever thought she would say to a family member.

"Um, Yeah, I guess it was." Chris mumbled nervously. "Oh god, I can't believe we had sex…again. We are so fucked up." Chris said and took a deep disgruntled breath.

"Did you like it?" Jessica asked, her brother's demeanor confusing her.

"Did I like it? Having sex with my sister? What kind of question is that?" Chris said nervous, his voice going high.

"Come on Chris, don't kid yourself. Having sex once, yeah, that could be an accident. We were both horny, naked, watching porn and it just happened, but us having sex twice? That doesn't happen without both of us meaning and wanting it." Jessica said haughtily, looking her brother in the eyes then turning back.

"You're right." Chris said, watching her beautiful breasts move up and down with her breathing. "And yes, I liked it, I liked having sex with you, fucking my own sister, I loved every nasty perverted second of it." Chris spat, almost angry at himself for it being true.

"Hey, it okay." Jessica said calmly. "I liked it too in case you were wondering. I never thought I would cum on my own brother's cock." She admitted, giggling shyly and Chris cringed at her words. "It was like something out of one of the stories in the site." Jessica added, then turned silent.

"Hey, how did you even get into reading…incest stories in the first place?" Chris asked his sister. It was something he'd been wondering ever since she showed it to him.

"I only got into reading them a week or so ago. It was after we started…fooling around, and I just kind of stumbled onto one of those sites. At first, they really grossed me out, but I got curious, and after I read the first one, I was hooked." She confided in him; her voice low. "What did you think when I showed them to you?" She asked, curious.

"Well, I was still really disturbed by…you know…us having sex, when you showed me and didn't really get why you wanted me to see it. I started looking over the stories and didn’t get what the big deal was at first, then I went to look at the top-rated stories and I was like…what the fuck. I was really disgusted by it at first, surprised by how much people liked and read those stories, but I was also curious, especially after what happened between us." Chris said. He paused as he thought back to it, it was strange to think that it was only a few nights ago.

"And?" Jessica urged him to keep talking.

"And after reading the first one I just couldn't stop. Along with being fucking hot, reading the stories kind of made what you and I did seem like less of a big deal. I'm guessing that's why you had me read them." Chris said and sighed.

"Yeah, I'm glad it worked." Jess said. "They are hot, aren’t they?" She added right after, smiling to herself.

"Fuck, I never thought I would get so turned on reading about a dad fucking his daughter, mom fucking her son, or you know, brother and sister going at it." Chris told his sister, it was something he never planned on saying out loud, and it felt liberating to tell his sister.

"Which stories did you like best?" Jessica asked casually.

"Let me think," Chris said, pausing, "there was one about brother and sister who started fooling around while they were reading their grandmother's old diary." He said blushing.

"Yeah, I read that one, it's really hot." She agreed with him. "Did you read the story, well no, it's a serious actually, about the parents who decided to have sex with each of their kids when they turn eighteen, taking their virginities?" she asked.

"Yeah, that's what I was reading when you came over." Chris said.

"No wonder you were so hard." Jessica said, giggling, and squeezed her brother's thigh tenderly. Chris chuckled, nodding, and sighed again. He slid his hand to her right thigh, the skin so soft and warm and began caressing it.

"Do you think what happened between us could be a good story?" Chris asked his sister after another silent pause.

"I was actually wondering the exact same thing, even before tonight." Jessica said. "Why?" she asked.

"I don’t know, it might be cool to get it out there." Chris admitted shyly.

"What happened to 'this is so wrong?' and 'I can't believe we had sex?'?" Jessica asked, mimicking her brother's voice.

"I don't know." Chris said, shrugging. "I guess it already happened, nothing we can do about it, and I'm kind of curious to see how people will react."

"You really think people will want to read it? They'll probably think it's made up." Jessica said.

"Maybe, but even if they don't believe, it will still be a good story." Chris said, the idea of people reading what they did exciting him.

"Let's do it then, let's write it." Jessica said, the idea exciting her too. "But you're going to have to do the writing, I suck at things like that." Jessica said.

"Me?" Chris asked surprised, "I'll be lucky if a get a C in English, no way I can write something good." He said frowning. He looked down at his sister and she turned to look at him, pouting.

"So, there might be something else we could." Jessica said, still thinking it over, and turned her gaze back. "In one of the last chapters in the 'parents teaching their kids sex' series, maybe it was even the last one, the author wrote that if anyone wants help writing a story or has a good story for him to write, they can contact him."

"Seriously?" Chris asked, his eyes going wide.

"Yeah." Jessica said, not sounding very enthusiastic. "I wouldn't get our hopes up just yet, but it might be worth sending him a message. What do you think?"

"Wow, yeah, let's do it. His stories are awesome. What did you have in mind?" Chris asked.

"Maybe just send him a message first, write in general what happened and ask him if he would be interested in writing it as a story." Jessica said, thinking out loud.

"Sounds good." Chris said, excited.

"How about we talk tomorrow and write the message together?" Jessica offered and Chris nodded.

They had been laying there naked in each other's arms for over an hour when Jessica started moving. She grunted as she sat up, pulling her body away from her brother's warm embrace. The condom slipped off his cock when it was soft, and now, looking down, it was a little harder, just under semi-erect with the head covered with his cum. Chris moved his hand away as his sister sat up, watching her breasts, then placed his hand tenderly on her bare back.

"I better get to bed." Jessica said, sounding reluctant.

"Okay." Chris said, sounding disappointed. He watched her as she slowly rose to her feet, wobbling slightly, and gazed at her sexy ass.

"Good night." Jessica said, turning to look at her brother, then leaned down and grabbed her clothes off the floor. She gave her brother a final look at her butt, swaying as she moved, then slipped out and into her own bedroom. Her body was glowing, her post orgasmic state almost like being high. She smiled as she looked at her naked body in the mirror. What happened that night was wild, better than she could even image, and she wondered how long it would be before one of them would find his way into the other's bed again. She pulled on her black thong, the shirt, and slipped under the covers. A flush crept through her as she thought about how she grinded her pussy on her b